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15 Dream Of Being Ignored Meanings

What does it mean to dream about being ignored? One thing’s for sure, it doesn’t feel nice in our waking life, but these dreams are considered common.

Since dreams often display ideas, themes, or situations in a symbolic way, it can be hard to make sense of them. If you have no idea of what the dream could mean, it can leave you confused, frustrated, and clueless.

So if you’re experiencing these feelings because of your dream about being ignored, let’s see the possible meanings behind it.

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What Does it Mean to Dream About Being Ignored?

Being ignored isn’t nice, but what does it mean to dream about it? Well, the answer can depend on what else happened in the dream. So here we take a closer look.

1. You Think You’re Unaccepted

When you dream of being ignored, it symbolizes your need to be accepted in the real world. You want to be accepted for who you are. However, you hide some parts of yourself from people since you’re afraid of rejection.

Focus on improving your self-confidence since it could be the root of your feeling of not being accepted. Learn to love yourself first, or at least think of yourself more positively. Also, embrace and accept all your qualities, no matter what these are. Don’t pretend to be somebody else.

2. You Can’t Express Emotions Fully

When it comes to the subconscious mind, it often consists of repressed feelings and emotions which you can’t really process. Dreams usually bring out these repressed emotions and appear as specific themes you should focus on and pay attention to.

Dreaming about getting ignored is likely related to your inability to express, or understand, your emotions. Or in your waking life, you feel or assume that you’re just being taken for granted by someone you’re trying to please.

Simply put, such a dream is a way to tell you to acknowledge these repressed feelings and express them appropriately. If you’re repressing feelings of love towards someone you shouldn’t even love, then you’ll need to stop. Work and focus on getting rid of these feelings since pursuing the person could hurt you and maybe even your loved ones.

3. A Family Member Being Passive Aggressive

If you dream of a family member ignoring you, it means someone in your family is being passive-aggressive toward you. They don’t intend to hurt you, so they choose to ignore you instead. Try to talk with your family members to find out the issue. Remember that communication is key to resolving issues.

4. It’s Time to Give Yourself Attention

Do you have a crush? If you’ve dreamed of them ignoring you, it could mean you’ve been ignoring yourself lately. Your self-negligence is manifesting in your dreams as the person you like is ignoring you. Give yourself the attention you deserve!

If you have siblings and you see them ignoring you in your dreams, it means you need to reflect on your actions. Think of the things you’ve done in the past since you need to reevaluate them.

Those actions may be the cause of conflict between you and your siblings. Correcting your mistakes is the only way to fix your relationship with them.

5. Your Life Has Been Stagnant

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If you’re ignored by a teacher in your dream, it means your progress is stopped at your current stage. You’re not experiencing advancement and personal growth since you aren’t engaging in productive activities.

Dreaming of being ignored may be associated with your emotional detachment from others. It’s probably because of past events that greatly hurt you, which caused you to feel safer when there are no attachments.

Being emotionally detached may be your comfort zone right now, but you could end up lonely. Humans are social beings, and you probably want to be closer to others, even if you don’t admit it. So, let go of your fears, and don’t be afraid to open your arms for attachments and good relationships.

6. Conflicts with Friends

If you dream of being ignored by friends, it means you have conflicts with your close friends. You probably feel that your presence in their lives doesn’t matter, especially as things change over time. This dream may be a sign that’s telling you to accept these changes and find new people to bond with.

Being ignored in a dream signifies feeling out of control over your life. However, the interpretation of this dream may differ depending on the person you saw in your dream.

We must learn to accept the things we can’t change since we can’t control everything. Instead, focus on the things you can change to improve your life. Trust that the things happening in your life come with something good in the future. It’s likely the universe’s plan to lead you there.

7. Your Needs Aren’t Met in Your Relationship

Dreaming of your partner ignoring you means your needs aren’t met in your relationship. In your waking life, your significant other is probably taking you for granted or not giving you enough attention. You may even be experiencing verbal abuse from them.

If you’re going through this situation in real life, you’ll need to address this via communicating with your partner. You’ll need to be honest and courageous enough to face the consequences. If there are no changes after talking it out, you might need to consider ending your relationship.

8. Dare to Act on Your Creative Ideas

Dancing is a form of expression. If you were ignored at a dance in your dreams, this could signify your creative block. It may also reflect your fear to express your creative ideas.

This dream is a sign for you to nurture your creativity and dare to build something. You’re talented, and your creativity deserves to be shown!

Also, note down all important details about your creative lifestyle. This will help you record data and prevent you from losing your creativity.

9. Increasing Self-confidence

In a dream, if everyone you know is ignoring you, this could signify an increase in your self-confidence. It suggests that you’re having a good time or having sweet moments.

However, it could also mean that you’re being too confident. As a result, you might be missing out on details that could be essential in major situations. So while confidence is good, remember that being too confident can also be your downfall.

10. You aren’t Listening to Your Intuition

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Dreaming of being ignored at home means you’re not listening to your inner voice. As a result, you end up being on a different path, rather than where you’re supposed to be.

This dream could be a message telling you to learn to trust your intuition. Try meditating or practicing mindfulness to focus on your inner voice. Following it will allow you to find more success and happiness in your life.

11. An Inner Turmoil

If you dream of attending a reunion and everyone ignores you, it could be a representation of your inner turmoil. This scenario appeared in your dream since this conflict is slowing down or worse, stopping your personal growth.

You’ll need to find out what’s causing it so you can address this and start moving on. Otherwise, you won’t experience growth and progress.

The dream could also be a sign that you’re working on restoring your relationships by being more supportive and emotionally available.

12. You’re Frustrated and Angry with Your Daily Life

Dreaming of being ignored on the phone by the person on the other line is a reflection of your anger and frustration. You may be dealing with a lot of responsibilities and feeling overwhelmed by everything you need to accomplish.

This dream could also be linked to serious issues like drug or alcohol abuse. It may represent your guilt for letting your loved ones down. Despite the disappointment they feel towards you, don’t be afraid to reach out since they’ll always be happy to help you.

13. You Lack Power and Authority

If you are teaching in a dream and your students are ignoring you, it is a reflection of your lack of authority. You probably do not have enough confidence or power somewhere in your personal life or at work.

Always remember that it’s best to set clear boundaries among the people around you. By doing this, people will not take advantage of you.

14. You Don’t Feel Appreciated

Dreaming of being ignored by your colleagues could symbolize your feeling of not being appreciated at work. It reflects how unhappy you are with how you’re treated in your workplace.

This dream could be a sign for you to leave your job and find new opportunities. However, this problem is likely to happen again if you aren’t assertive. Try working on expressing your opinions confidently to make your colleagues or leader pay attention to you.

15. You Feel Your Life Doesn’t Have Direction

If you dream of being on the road and the driver is ignoring you, it represents your restlessness. You feel disturbed and everything seems lost and chaotic. Also, you probably feel like your life has no direction and things aren’t going your way. This dream could reflect how overwhelmed you are with your current situation in your waking life.


Ironically you need to pay close attention to a dream about you being ignored. Those extra details are key to unlocking the mystery of your dream. After reading through our interpretations above, you should have a clear idea of what your dream means.

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