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11 Dream of Chasing Someone Meanings

Have you ever had a dream where you were running after someone or being chased by someone? This can be a really common dream, and it can also be really weird. But the good news is dreams like these often have a lot of symbolism and can be really helpful for self-discovery and personal growth.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the interpretation and symbolism of chasing someone in your dreams. We’ll figure out what it might mean for you and offer tips on using this dream to your advantage. So, let’s get started!

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Spiritual Meaning Of Chasing Someone In Your Dream

1. Emotional Attraction

If you’re attracted to someone, it’s natural to want to get their attention and try to win them over. This is often referred to as a love chase. In other words, you’re trying to catch their eye and get them to notice you. Doing the same in your dream could signify that you’re interested in them but have difficulty expressing your feelings.

It may feel like a struggle to get their attention and connect, but this dream confirms that you have a strong affection for the person and motivates you to make moves in the real world. Express your emotions, and let the person know where you stand. You might be scared of rejection, but you will never know until you try.

2. Protection

If you sense danger in the path a friend or loved one is following, your instinct will be to chase after them. In the same way, dreams of chasing someone can symbolize you are trying to protect them in real life.

There are times when the people we care about are oblivious to the danger ahead and sometimes require the help of someone to stop them before they self-destruct.

For example,  someone in your life could be making wrong life choices in their behaviors, relationship, career, or even finances. If they continue on the path, the end could be catastrophic. Check on your close friends and family. Try to have a deep and lengthy talk with them to know who might need saving.

The dream can also be an opportunity for you to save someone who is considering ending their life. So, check on everyone you feel might be going through tough times. Encourage them and assure them you are always available if they need you. Your little input might save a life.

3. Delayed Success

A chase dream can symbolize set back in your life. There is a certain level that you should have attained, but it has been difficult to conquer.

The person you are chasing stands for different goals that have been unattainable in your life. This delay is causing you anxiety that has found its way into your subconscious. You might be keeping a calm countenance as a disguise but disturbed within.

If that’s the case, you seek help while you continue seeking your desires. The dream indicates that the delay affects you more than you are willing to admit. As much as it is good you are keeping a good countenance; you must ensure your mental health is in good condition.

Remember, the delay doesn’t mean denial. You will get all you are due for and more. Ensure you are consistent in the chase. The delayed growth will soon be a thing of the past.

4. Low Self-Esteem

Dreaming about chasing someone can mean threading in another person’s shadow. Instead of owning your journey, you are blindly following someone else.

This is usually an indication of low self-esteem. You do not believe great things can happen through you. As a result, you feel the need to engage in self-doubt, and you will rather follow a path created by someone than take your time to figure out your journey.

Having a self-demeaning usually leads to destruction, as no one can live your life better than you. It is good to have mentors and role models, but you must remember those people did not attain such heights by blindly following others. If you had this dream, it should prompt you to believe more in yourself and your abilities.

5. Aggressiveness

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If you see a stranger running at you in your waking life, your first instinct will be to run to safety (this is subjective to the location). You feel the need to run to safety because you feel the person might pose a threat to your well-being. This is the same way people will feel if they see you dashing at them.

Chasing someone in your dream can symbolize you have a high level of aggressiveness in you. Dreams sometimes are means of self-appraisal, and this dream, in particular, is making you aware of who you are. You have a temper that needs to be checked.

However, in some instances, the dream doesn’t mean you generally have an aggressive nature. It could be that you harbor anger for a certain person because of something they did. In this case, you must talk things through with the person in question. As this hate can spread to other areas of your life.

6. Goal Driven

Dreaming about chasing someone can often symbolize your determination and drive. It indicates that you have a goal-oriented mindset and are always looking for opportunities to grow and improve.

This kind of dream can be interpreted as a positive sign, suggesting you set a high standard when picking your life goals. You don’t go for things that are easy to get. Rather, you set goals that are difficult to achieve but with high rewards.

Running in that dream is an indication of the work you put into achieving the set goal (the person you are chasing). So keep up the challenging energy. The reward of the high goals you set for yourself will soon be available for everyone to see. All of your sleepless nights won’t go to waste.

Specific Dreams About Chasing Someone And Their Interpretation

1. Dreaming About Chasing Someone And Not Catching Up.

This kind of dream has a bad omen and means you may encounter disappointment if you don’t change your life and start managing your time and resources more effectively.

This kind of disappointment can be associated with any aspect of your life. For example, it can come from failing to meet a given target at work or finding it difficult to meet a saving plan needed to execute a particular goal.

The dream is meant to prepare you for the unknown to help reduce the impact on your mental health. If and when it happens, this dream should not cause you anxiety. Rather, it should prepare your mind and look into possible alternatives should your plan fail. But, unfortunately, life isn’t a bed of roses. Hence, you must learn to deal with disappointments when they come.

2. Dreaming Of Hiding While Chasing Someone

Dreaming of hiding while chasing someone is indicative of an indecisive personality. You may find it difficult to make a plan and stick to it. When you set out to pursue something, you can often find yourself getting distracted or not seeing it through to the end.

If this is a frequent occurrence in your life, it can be beneficial to assess the situation. Ask yourself why you’re feeling so unsure and what could be causing these feelings. Are there any external factors that could be influencing your decision-making?

Once you understand the source of your indecisiveness, you can begin to create a plan that addresses these issues and provides clarity on how to move forward. Even small steps can help you build confidence and make progress.

3. Dreaming About Chasing A Stranger

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This could mean that you are playing an important role in the stranger’s life. It could be that you are providing guidance and advice to them or encouraging them to make changes in their life.

The dream also symbolizes your need to take a new direction or journey in your life. The stranger could represent something or someone that you need to confront or accept to progress.

4. Dreaming of Chasing a Villain and Catching up

People naturally avoid a face-off with villains. So if you find yourself chasing after one in your dream, this is because you are not scared the villain will overpower you.

The villain represents the challenges and obstacles you are currently facing, and your subconscious gives you the assurance that you have what it takes to overcome them.

It means tough situations do not scare you. Instead, you face them with a mindset that you will conquer. This is the mindset of people who achieve great things; they do not harbor fear. Instead, they take risks.

5. Chasing Someone In A Car

This type of dream could symbolize that you are putting a lot of effort into something that won’t yield the results you’re hoping for. It could be a sign that you need to re-evaluate your current situation.  Are you focusing on the right goal? Is this something that is achievable within the parameters you set for yourself?

You need to take a step back and reassess your strategies. It’s important to remember that success doesn’t happen overnight, and sometimes it takes a bit of trial and error to figure out what works best for you. Don’t be afraid to take a break or try something different.


It is always a good idea to reflect on your dreams and identify any underlying themes or messages that may be present in them. The process of self-reflection on dreams about chasing someone can help you gain insight into your unconscious mind and understand your own motivations and desires.

Have you dreamt about chasing someone recently? Share your experience in the comments, and we’ll help you understand what it means.

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