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12 Dream of Money Meanings

Dreams let us know information and desires from the subconscious. The meaning of dreams is related to the depths of our being, which manifests desires without censorship.

The dream with money is usually related to prosperity, good health, self-worth, good fortune, financial status, and achievement of goals. Have you had this kind of dream? Would you like to know the meaning of dreaming about money?

In this article, we will give you guidance and insight into the most common meanings of money so you all can become dream experts.

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12 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Money

1. Success in life

In general, dreams that are related to making money should not be taken literally. However, they are a sign of good luck and a good omen. They want to tell you that you are about to live a stage of abundance in your life.

But abundance does not necessarily imply financial stability or material wealth. It can also refer to your love life, a better job, or better personal relationships with your family and friends.

It is usually a message from your subconscious mind that tells you that you have been doing things well and the positive energy that you have been attracting with your actions will now bear fruit. You will live a very happy stage where you will not lack anything in the different fields of your real life.

2. Self-confidence and self-esteem

When you dream of material gain, it is important to be attentive to the scenarios that may arise. If you dream of a lot of money, it means that you have high self-esteem or that your self-confidence is growing a lot.

This usually arises from self-love and from going through a process where you learn to love yourself and value yourself as a person in your daily life.

But if you dream of little money or see how money is slipping out of your hands, this refers to the low self-esteem you have. It is necessary that you learn to value yourself in the different aspects of your life.

3. You must pay your debts

Dreaming of paper money is not a good dream. It usually refers to the fact that you have many unpaid debts and have been omitting or postponing that responsibility.

Fix your debts in your personal life, since not doing so can lead to worse situations in the future.

4. Love and support from your loved ones

Money also represents wisdom, love, and everything related to spirituality. Receiving a large sum of money represents the love and affection that surrounds you.

It is possible that you are going through a difficult time or that in the future you will have to face problems in your life. This dream tells you that for those difficult moments, your close friends and family will be the key to getting out of your problems. They will give you the help and support you need.

You are a person who is surrounded by a lot of love and that is the least you will lack in life. True love is much more valuable than a large amount of money.

5. Fake people around you

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If you dream of fake money or old money, it is a bad omen and you must take certain measures to protect yourself. It means that someone in your circle of trust is not being sincere or showing their true colors.

This person is likely to betray you and that will bring you many worries and headaches in the future. But remember that dreams are present to warn you so that you can take the necessary measures before something bad happens.

Check your circle of friends and family members. Analyze who is capable of betrayal or wants to hurt you. Many times we open the doors of our hearts without paying attention to the details and we can end up with an unpleasant surprise.

6. You made the best decisions

If in your dreams a person who is dead appears to you and begins to give you money with generosity, this means that in the past you have made important decisions that have changed the course of your life.

Those good decisions have had incredible repercussions, of which you are not aware, but they have generated great benefits in your life.

This dream is a confirmation that you are doing things right and that you have the good judgment to get out of complicated situations. Keep it up, acting with discretion and good judgment in your life.

7. The death is close

If, on the other hand, it is you who is giving money to a dead person, then be careful because this dream is a bad omen.

It is usually related to death. It may be the death of the dreamer or that of someone close to your circle of friends and family.

8. You must balance your life

A dream associated with losing money may be telling you that you need to find balance and harmony in your life. You may have been experiencing a lot of stress and don’t know where to go in your own life.

This is due to the imbalance and the little harmony in which you have been living. It can also refer to some addictive behavior that you cannot control.

Remember that it is always necessary to find the middle point in our lives, in order to be in balance and be able to lead our lives responsibly and lucidly.

9. You are experiencing a love breakup

Another meaning of dreaming that you give someone money or that you lose a lot of money refers to the emotions that you may be feeling after having ended your relationship with the person you love.

Breaking up a relationship is not easy. It is a process that you must go through even if you don’t like it and along the way, we must learn to accept things as they are.

We may initially resist and that makes the breakup much more painful and traumatic. We must learn to let go of what is not for us.

If it was us who ended the relationship, we are most likely aware that that person was not for us. But if it was the other person who ended up with us, as much as we love them, we must understand that for them, we were not the person they need right now.

10. Your family will grow

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If your dream does not have to do with giving or receiving money, but rather with investing it, this means that your family is going to expand. Someone in your family may get married. It also speaks of the possibility of receiving a new life in the family.

So if you have been wanting to have a child with your partner, this may be the sign to keep trying as a baby will soon be born to brighten up family life.

11. They are taking away your independence

Another very frequent dream related to money is to dream that all your money has been stolen. This dream has several interpretations but one of the best known refers to the loss of independence or authority.

It is possible that you are having problems at work and someone wants to undermine your authority or replace you in the position.

If you are about to get married or start a love relationship, the dream may be telling you that this person is not the right one to establish a relationship with.

But not all interpretations are bad since this dream refers to prosperity and material prosperity in the financial environment. If you are thinking of opening a business or a venture and you dream that your money is stolen, then it is a sign of good luck and you should continue with your idea as it will be successful in the near future.

12. Follow your heart’s desire

If, on the other hand, it is you who is stealing money in your dreams, do not be scared because this is not a negative dream, quite the opposite.

It symbolizes your audacity and your desire to do what your heart desires, despite the opinion of others. If you have a desire but the people around you think it is not a good idea, it is better that you ignore them and follow what your intuition tells you.

This dream is the confirmation that your ideas and intentions are correct and even if you receive many negative comments about it, it is best that you continue with your plans since success is assured.


Dreaming of money does not always refer to financial stability or material abundance, it is often a projection of our feelings and emotions toward certain situations.

In most cases, it announces abundance in other areas of life such as love, family, or work. It can also be a reflection of our high or low self-esteem and confidence.

Have you ever had dreams about money? Tell us what your dream was and what your subconscious wanted to convey to you.

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Monday 17th of July 2023

I recently broke up with my boyfriend about 2 days ago and I had a dream of him with 3 large stacks of cash and one small stack of cash that belonged to him. I was amazed at the amount of cash that was his. The cash was on a side table. I was just wondering what this dream meant. Thank you