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10 Dream Of Stabbing Someone Meanings

Dreams can be a gateway into our subconscious, revealing things about ourselves we didn’t realize. So when we experience violent dreams, we can become concerned quite quickly.

If you dream of stabbing someone or getting stabbed, you will no doubt become concerned quite quickly. Does this mean you’re in danger? Or dangerous to be around?

Not quite. Dreams have several meanings and often are never meant to be interpreted literally. This article will help dispel many myths about dreaming of stabbing someone. We will explore several meanings to this experience and highlight ways you can change your thinking to put future disturbing dreams to rest.

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Ten meanings of stabbing someone in your dreams

1. You’re angry with someone – try to get over it

Although they can feel incredibly surreal and unnerving, stabbing dreams often stem from anger that has built over a long period.

You may feel upset and frustrated about something, and your adrenaline gauge has shot out of control. Your subconscious mind allows you to blow off steam at the person or thing causing you a problem.

By stabbing them, you’re relieving yourself of pent-up irritation that would otherwise cloud your mind. The only concern you should have is upon waking; what will you do to channel this rage?

Your dream has allowed you to vent, but in the waking world, it’s time to think of positive, healthy, and safe ways to deal with your problems. Finding the root cause is the first step in this journey.

2. You will experience betrayal

Stabbing is one of history’s most common symbols of deceit and betrayal. Even in the dream world, piercing someone can come as a complete surprise to the victim.

Especially if you stab them in the back, and they cannot see you coming, your dream may foretell that you will do something that will annoy and offend someone and is preparing you for the eventual aftermath.

If you feel remorseful after the attack, this can suggest that you didn’t mean to cause any harm and that the person’s feelings will be hurt regardless of your actions.

That said, if you feel justified in your actions, your dream symbolizes you are acting out of revenge and acting out of anger towards that person.

Your dream warns you to pay attention to any relationships that are suffering right now and work towards improving them. This should alleviate any worries you have and ensure the betrayal never materializes.

3. You’re frustrated with your own life

One of the most common (and confusing) dreams to experience is stabbing yourself. First, this does not imply you’re suicidal or will self-harm in your waking life.

But it does suggest you are miserable, even depressed, with your current situation. You’re frustrated by life events, and a feeling of inadequacy is growing. Your dream allows you to take out your anger on the only person you think is accountable – yourself.

But often, we feel frustrated by things we have no control over. And following this dream, you should try to cut yourself some slack. If problems are annoying, sharing these with a close friend or family member can help you gain a different perspective and alleviate the burden. You are not alone.

4. You are going to get retribution over a past wrong

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Sometimes, we have to take justice into our own hands. And while your dream is not suggesting you attack someone, it is subconsciously foretelling that you will be able to get justice over someone who has hurt you in the past.

While stabbing someone may seem extreme, in the dream world, it is merely a symbol of you physically taking back control over a past wrong. You are trying to rid yourself of regret and guilt.

If you move on from the stabbing in your dream, this suggests that you will be able to close that chapter of your life for good. But if you feel remorseful in your dream, you may not get the closure you were hoping for.

5. You are becoming proactive – but thread carefully

A stabbing dream can indicate that you are becoming more assertive, confident, and proactive. This is especially true if you don’t know the identity of your victim.

This action shows that you are getting ahead of problems before they surface, and you have that “killer instinct” to get work done promptly and effectively. But don’t go too far. Sometimes, this killer instinct can isolate us from our loved ones, who see us as cut-throat and ruthless.

Try to balance ambition and passion, and don’t act too quickly in every situation. Reign in your vast expectations, and strive to become a little more realistic. You may mistakenly jump the gun too early, which will blow back in your face.

6. Don’t be jealous of someone else’s life

If your dream sees you stabbing someone you know personally in real life, it can be a sign of jealousy. They have something you want or have a skill you covet.

Perhaps they’re a competitor at work, and you want to be like them. Or, they could be in a relationship that you are envious of. By harming them, you’re trying to teach them humility. But will it make you feel any better? Probably not.

Instead, try to calm your negative thoughts by focusing on your own life. Seek ways to improve your productivity at work or romance so that you no longer feel; the need to stab or steal what you want.

7. You’re going through a period of change

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Dreaming about stabbing someone can be an emotional, often horrific experience- especially if the victim dies. However, death should never be taken as a literal thing in dreams.

Instead, death symbolizes the end of something in your life. By killing someone in your dream, you could be killing a “part” of you that you no longer want there. You may also be attacking yourself in the vision, further suggesting you want to improve yourself in some capacity.

See this as a good sign that will reward you in the future. Look at how you can adopt small changes that make a huge difference to your waking life.

8. You’re about to end a bad relationship

Dreaming about harming your other half can be a tell-tale sign that there’s already a wedge forming between you both. You may have become distant, cold, and unapproachable to one another, and a definite power struggle is at play.

This dream is a bad omen that your relationship may be ending soon. The resentment you share could be too strong to rectify, and your unconscious mind is preparing you for this split.

If you knife that person in the heart, this disloyalty is the root cause of your love problems. Stabbing them in the stomach suggests you’ve grown apart from one another for some time.

9. You are looking out for yourself

Dreaming of stabbing someone can be a metaphor for protection, guidance, and fortification. This is especially true if you act out of self-defense in your dream. Someone tried to hurt you, and you retaliated in kind.

If the culprit of the attack is familiar to you, then this suggests you need to be on guard with them in your everyday life. They want your downfall. Keep an open mind about their true intentions, and be ready to fire back any malice they send.

But if the culprit is a stranger, this suggests that hidden obstacles in your life will come as a surprise. Again, keeping your guard is the best defense in this scenario.

10. The weapon used matters

Although we often think of a stabbing involving a knife, the dream world can be a creative place where any sharp object can appear. Paying attention to the weapon used can help you work out the relationship you share with the victim.

While a knife requires being up close and personal with someone, a sword is bigger and requires more strength and control. It also offers the victim a small chance to fight back, symbolizing a power struggle between you.

A spear is more long-ranged and can even be thrown at a distance, suggesting the culprit wants to keep their actions a secret.

Finally, examine how comfortable the culprit is with the weapon. Using it skillfully suggests that their betrayal or act of violence is deliberate and that they are at ease with their actions.

But if they show signs of reservations, remorse, or fear, perhaps their act of violence is random, unplanned, and accidental.


As we know, a dream can have several meanings. And dreaming of stabbing someone is no different.

The most important thing to remember is that you will not commit a heinous crime. Your consciousness is simply showing you your inner turmoil and frustration in the guise of a violent dream.

Examine who the victim is in the scene and how you feel before, during, and after the ordeal. This can give you vital information on what to expect in the coming days and weeks.

By isolating your emotions, you may be able to hone in on what is causing you these disturbing experiences. Only then can you work towards stopping them from happening again.

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