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8 Dream of Vomiting Meanings

In real life, vomiting is your body’s natural response to expel unwanted substances that you have consumed. Vomiting is an uncomfortable sensation, and dreaming about it can often mean that there are negative things in your life that you need to get rid of.

However, that’s only one of many possible dream interpretations about vomiting. To understand your dream better, note down as many details as you can so we can fully explain this grotesque dream.

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Spiritual Meanings When Dream About Vomiting

1. You Are Losing Control or in Discomfort

Ancient books about dreams typically correlate vomiting with control. Dreaming about vomiting can mean that you are losing control of some things.

Alternately, if you see your own vomit, it usually means that something in your life is putting you in discomfort. You might be going through an emotional time right now or maybe you are suffering a certain illness that is stopping you from doing things, and you are trying to get rid of the negative energy that is plaguing your current situation.

There are also times when vomiting also indicates that you are consuming an unhealthy amount of something. It doesn’t have to be food, but rather certain luxuries and items in life that you might be overindulging in nowadays. Your subconscious mind is telling you that you might be getting a bit too much and that you might need to let go of some things.

2. Someone Might Betray You

If someone else is vomiting in your dream, then that may mean that you are about to get caught up in a bad situation or a scandal with that person. Most of the time, this person is often someone that you trust a lot, so you might want to brace yourself for a betrayal. You might feel that this person is about to make a mistake, and you will get entangled in the mess that will ensue.

If a drunk person is vomiting in your dream, this is also an indication of a possible betrayal in the future.

If many people are vomiting at once in your dream, then it might be that a group of people will collectively betray you or sweep you away to a major scandal. You may have a lot of fake friends around you, and this might put you in a future situation where you’ll feel helpless being around them. Make sure that you slowly pry yourself away from these false friends.

If you are cleaning up the vomit during the dream, this shows that you are a truly caring person. However, you need to be wary because this can mean that you are going to be taken advantage of. It might be good that you remain vigilant of the people around you and don’t put your full trust unless you have determined that they truly deserve it.

Spiritual Meanings When Dream About Vomiting

3. It Might Be Related to your Childhood

There’s a special case for your children vomiting in a dream. It can be seen that you have something you’d want to go back to in your childhood. It can be that you want to resolve a situation back in your formative years or you just want to simply relive those childhood memories.

4. You Might Have Health-Related Concerns

Blood is often the object being vomited in these kinds of dreams. Having blood in your dreams signifies something about your health. Much like vomiting blood in real life, dreaming about it can mean that you are particularly vulnerable and weak right now, especially regarding your health.

Vomiting guts in a dream means that someone in your family may also die. This is a truly gruesome dream that signifies nothing but despair and sadness in the upcoming days. You might want to check up on your sick family members, and perhaps spend more time with them so that you will not be left with regrets later on.

5. It Refers to your Guilt and Attitude toward Others

Vomiting fruit pits implies that you are feeling guilty about something that happened in the past. It usually reflects your treatment of someone or certain things in real life. It might be a good time to reflect on your behavior and try to be a better person, especially toward others.

If you dream of vomit all around you, perhaps it’s telling you to be more flexible. Vomit around you indicates that you are unwilling to accept other people’s opinions and beliefs. You have to acknowledge that other people’s opinions, despite being contrary to yours, are still valid.

6. It Is A Reflection of Your Internal State

Just like in real life, vomiting in a dream in public is an embarrassing situation. This can be a reflection of your internal state of mind. You might be feeling helpless or you feel that you look ridiculous in front of a group of people. This can stem from your low self-esteem or incompetence, so you might need to encourage yourself more.

If you are vomiting in buildings, this means that the dream reflects what is happening in your life right now. Buildings and homes often represent our current state of mind when they appear in dreams. In these kinds of dreams, the walls represent the state of our intangible aspects, like our mental, psychological, and spiritual well-being.

Being unable to vomit is an uncomfortable feeling, and that might be what your dream is trying to express. Oftentimes, this uncomfortable feeling comes from anxiety and worry that may be troubling you lately.

Holding back your vomit in a dream can also mean that you are keeping in some negativity that you need to release. This may be a good time to see what you need to let go of in your life before it becomes a problem for you.

Can Actually Be A Good Sign

7. It Can Actually Be A Good Sign

Although uncharacteristic of a dream about such a disgusting phenomenon, this can also mean that things might be turning around for the better. If you are vomiting to the floor, that means that you have gotten rid of the negative stuff around you. When waking up from this kind of dream, you might even feel some kind of strangely positive feeling.

This is especially true when you see jewels in your dream. Vomiting jewels is often treated to be a good sign in dreams. Jewels indicate that a stroke of sudden good luck is about to come to your life, while silver is a sign of pregnancy, that you or someone around you is about to bless the world with a new life. Vomiting gold can also indicate that you will receive unprecedented luck in your financial life.

Alternately, if you see an unknown child vomiting, it may also signify that something good is coming your way. It may be a sign of new beginnings, or that something will finally work out well in your life.

8. If You Are Vomiting Animals…

Vomiting animals may be especially rare, so they can truly mean something else. Vomiting cockroaches or mice indicates that you want to get rid of negative thoughts, like anxiety and unnecessary obsessions.

Vomiting fish signifies that you are unable to accept the most recent news that you just heard.

Vomiting worms indicate that you want to get rid of something that is holding you back and dragging you down.

As with most interpretations of vomit dreams, vomiting animals is a bad sign for you. You should be careful of the things that each dream signifies before they escalate into a worse situation.

Other Possible Meanings for Vomiting Dreams

Seeing the flow of vomit can be a warning sign for you, as seeing it in a dream means that you are likely to be caught doing illegal acts soon. You must double-check all your transactions and activities to see and avoid being in such a position.

If you are vomiting on clothes, it often indicates that there is someone around us that might need your help. You usually have this dream because you are best positioned to reach out to this person and assist them with their issues and worries.

Another possible meaning of vomiting blood is that you may be losing motivation. Blood is the symbol of passion, and dreaming of expelling blood out of you may signify that you are losing the energy and motivation to pursue your passions. This is a good time to realign your life and try to make some time for the things that make you enjoy life again.


Of course, not all dreams have to have a deep spiritual meaning beyond what you see. You may have seen someone vomiting in real life beforehand, and the incident made quite an impression on you.

Additionally, even though dreaming about vomit is often repulsive and disgusting, it may not always mean to be a bad thing for you. You also need to consider your previous experiences and current status in life to fully deduce the meanings of these unlikely dreams.

Dreams are often thought to be ways that your subconscious mind uses to tell you certain things. The language and contents may not always be pleasant, such as vomiting, but a lot of them can actually hold a lot of meaning that is not always consistent with that of others. Make sure to understand your current situation as you inspect your dreams.

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Godfrey thomas

Monday 12th of June 2023

I dream that i am vomiting a ball of hair with wire and smsll chain in it.