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7 Dream Of Can’t Open Eyes Meanings

It is a well-known fact that your dreams subconsciously represent what is going on in your mind. This is why, if you pay attention to your dreams, it can hint at the changes you need to make in your life and help with your overall mental health.

It is actually very common for us human beings to have episodes where we can’t open the eyes of our dream body. This can be daunting to experience and hinder our good solid sleep, but many of us fail to realize that it is a gift.

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History of Dreams Where You Can’t Open Your Eyes

This kind of dream where we can’t open our eyes is something that we have been experiencing since historic times. It can be interpreted in both a positive and a negative way, depending on your current and past affairs.

This could have something to do with your personality and represent a trait you are conscious of and want to change. But it could also mean that the dreamer has a bold and strong character.

Ancient cultures believed that your eyes are a window to your soul, so dreaming about eyes is a sign of being more in tune with your environment and seeing things from a fresh perspective.

Can’t Open Eyes in Dream: Common Meaning and Interpretations

While many people disregard the dream as a result of poor sleeping habits or not getting enough sleep, you should understand that this dream serves as a rude awakening to get in touch with your true self.

We all must understand that dreams do not fall into a particular category. If you look carefully, you’ll be able to see a reflection of tiny pieces of your life in dreams.

By only paying attention to details, you will be able to truly explore your emotional abilities and get rid of painful memories. While this may feel like black magic, these are just some proven facts about the meaning of dreams.

Let’s look at how not being able to open your eyes can help you understand yourself better.

1. Not Being Able to Open Your Eyes Because They Are Bleeding

In today’s world, we often forget to look after our mental health. While advancing our professional and personal lives, setting aside some ME time is essential.

Bleeding from your eyes is a horrific experience. It is your subconsciousness telling you that you suffer from some type of sickness (physical or emotional) and are heading in that direction.

Perhaps you’re working on a project that will help you secure promotion but comes at the cost of sleep deprivation, or maybe you’re riddled with depression without even realizing it.

Not being able to open your eyes in the dream because they are bleeding signifies your connection with your emotions.

You cannot see anything, and the only thing you feel is something dripping down your closed eyes.

2. Not Being Able to Open Your Eyes Because There Is Too Much Light

We all have had a dream where a harsh ray of light blocks our physical vision.

It means that a significant challenge is coming your way, and you’re not equipped enough to deal with its magnitude.

Maybe it’s religious corruption, or your painful memories may manifest themselves into reality again.

You’ll need excellent intuition and wisdom to counter the challenge coming your way, and only by adapting steadfast perseverance will you be able to live through it. So you should learn from this dream experience by looking at it from the eyes of a human being who has much to learn and needs some new skills so that they can be more prepared to face challenges.

3. Not Being Able to Open Your Eyes Even If You Are Trying to Very Hard

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Life is a series of challenges, and what may often seem like a simple task can greatly affect our emotional well-being.

Your subconsciousness knows when you’re shying away from success and understands how to remove the white veil of insecurities you hide behind.

When you aren’t able to open your eyes in a dream, even if you try really hard, it means that there are only a few steps left between you and your destination.

If you have been leading a religious life, the dream signifies that your spiritual vision is aligning with your superior vision.

Even with your eyes closed, you managed to maintain the perseverance to keep going, and you’ll receive your reward soon.

4. Not Being Able to Open Your Eyes Because You Have an Eye Infection

This kind of dream has two possible meanings. You can easily tell which one fits your situation by connecting it to your waking life.

One of them is that if you are currently undergoing financial uncertainty or losses, this dream is a sign that you will quickly recover from these losses and become more financially stable.

It can be said that your financial situation has been ill for quite some time and is now recovering from the setbacks.

Another possible meaning is that if you have been unwell, you will soon recover from this sickness and be back in good health. It is also a wake-up call that you need to prioritize your health.

5. Not Being Able to Open Your Eyes Because They Are Glued Shut

It is not uncommon for us to find ourselves in situations where we feel like we have no control and are totally helpless. If you dream of your eyes being shut, your subconsciousness sends a message that it is time to reach out to someone for help.

Perhaps you have suffered from a breakup, or maybe a loved one passed away.

This dream could also symbolize that you do not have a light of clarity about the situation you are in, but you should not look at this as one of your weaknesses. Instead of trying to handle it all on your own, you should reach out to friends and family so that you can have a support system to help you.

6. Not Being Able to Open Your Eyes Because You Are in Pain

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Pain: The one emotion we all desperately find ourselves running away from but many of us fail to realize that if understood correctly, it can become our greatest strength.

Not being able to open your eyes in a dream because you’re in great pain signifies that you are in some sort of emotional distress and are trying very hard to repress your emotions. These anxieties mean that you are feeling hopeless about your life, not just your present but your future as well.

Understand what caused you pain and remove the causing factor from its very root. It is possible that a family member, friend, or maybe an ex-husband or wife is causing you pain, and you need to take an active step to confront them. It means that sometimes we need to open the eyes of our real-life bodies and start facing challenges head-on instead of hiding from them.

7. Not Being Able to Open Your Eyes Because There Is Sand or Dirt in Them

This dream has many positive connotations because it means you are trying to protect or guard yourself against anything that could cause you harm. This is a sign of independence; you have the eyes of a ruler and are set to take care of yourself. This is why this dream does not need to be interpreted as unfavorable.

It means that you have sharp sight and are perceptive to possible dangers you could experience. It also shows you have the strength and will to defend yourself from these dangers.

How to Recover from the Dream

Waking up from a dream where you can’t open your eyes is always frightening. There are a few tips on which we can tell you how to recover from this dream.

You should try to regulate your breathing by taking long deep breaths and looking at the situation through the eyes of your heart. The 4-7-8 breathing technique produces positive results almost every time.

Calming yourself before going back to sleep is crucial. If you are still frightened from the dream, you could have sleep-related issues like sleep paralysis and narcolepsy. And trust me, an episode of sleep paralysis is much harder to recover from than waking up from a nightmare.

You should also try to stay in bed after the dream so you can go back to sleep quickly. Do not turn the lights on as it could disrupt your ability to go back to sleep. Instead, try to focus on your breathing and relax your muscles.

This will help calm you down both physically and mentally. You must clear your head and recover from the dream before going back to sleep.


If you have dreams that you can’t open your eyes, you now know it has a more profound meaning.

You should pay attention to your dreams so that you can be more receptive to the messages that your consciousness is sending you.

Have you ever had any dreams where you couldn’t open your eyes? You should tell us your own experiences and see if anyone else also relates to you in the comments below!

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