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14 Dream of Aliens Meanings

Have you ever had a nightmare about being abducted by aliens? This could mean more than you think. Find out what dreams about aliens might mean here.

Aliens are living creatures that allegedly live in a different world from human beings. Some people consider their fiction, while most believe they are real.

The universe is full of mysteries, and the possibility of a more intelligent life form thought to live out there causes a lot of wild imagination and sometimes leads to people dreaming about them.

According to recent studies, researchers from the International Journal of Dream Research established that most people who believe in aliens and claim to have been abducted by them do so due to lucid dreams.

Such encounters encourage lucid dreamers to think that aliens are real.

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What Do Dreams About Aliens Mean?

Rarely do people dream of aliens. The only exceptions are people actively seeking out extraterrestrial life and believing it exists. They’re so overloaded and preoccupied with the knowledge that they have nightmares about it.

People who don’t care about aliens find them unusual, and dreams like them can symbolize various things. Dreaming of aliens could be a gateway to higher realms and existence.

Additionally, they could be a sign of isolation and loneliness. If so, this dream should remind you to establish relationships with others and expose more of your vulnerability.

Below are some of the possible interpretations of alien dreams. However, remember that not all dreams mean the same thing since the understanding varies from one person to the other depending on personal experiences and culture.

1. Dream of Flying Saucers and Spaceships in the Sky

This is a clear sign of broadening your perspective and consciousness. Dreaming of flying saucers in the sky indicates that you need to be more aware of your surroundings and place in the world.

If you maintain the same viewpoint or practice antiquated beliefs, you will be constrained and prevented from growing. Face your apprehension of this unique experience.

You can accomplish this by trying new things such as traveling, making new friends, reading new books, and seeing new films. But most importantly, broaden your perspective to include areas of who you are that need to change.

2. Dreaming of an Alien Invasion

While many individuals are intrigued by aliens, many more are deeply afraid of the unknown and being dragged into an unsettling or dangerous environment. A typical representation of this anxiety is through an alien invasion dream.

Such dreams represent other, more commonplace aspects of your life that you find weird or intimidating. Aliens might stand in for a new location, for instance, if you are relocating there and have conflicting thoughts about the relocation process or the area. This is most especially if you do not want to go there.

3. Dreaming With Aliens and Fire

A dream involving aliens and flames indicates the coming of pleasant news and a gift for your family.

However, this is if the fire in your dream can’t burn or hurt you. If it does, your family will experience conflict as a result of your poor decision-making.

What Do Dreams About Aliens Mean

4. Dreaming of Being an Alien

Your subconscious is trying to communicate with you when you dream that you are an alien. It is trying to convey a hidden or unmet part of your life or even your desire to change and shift reality.

Unfortunately, it also implies that you feel estranged from your loved ones as if you are not a part of them or are entirely different from them.

If you find that the case, consider expanding your circle of friends and finding people who either share your interests or with whom you connect. Sometimes, these kinds of dreams may be a reflection of your social anxiety.

5. Dreaming of Aliens in Your House

Aliens appearing at your home indicates that you desire to begin a new stage in total seclusion. It also means that other persons or circumstances that interfere with your home’s comfort make you uncomfortable.

Further, terrible news affecting your family may be on the way.

6. Dream of Fighting Alien Species

Dreaming that you are fighting aliens indicates experiencing a moment of depression due to your job and personal problems.

You’re currently frustrated because you can’t seem to solve the problem. You need to be fiercely driven to win in order to deal with a difficult situation. You should also try to change your attitude.

7. Dreaming of Alien Abductions

The dream of being abducted by aliens indicates that you will need the help of your friends or family members to get through future challenges that will cause you to feel depressed and lonely.

If aliens kidnap you and others, this suggests emotional investment and self-preservation. You could need a holiday to unwind or to celebrate a key occasion.

8. Dreaming Of a UFO in the Sky

Your mental condition at the moment will determine the significance of this dream.

If you have a fearful or worrisome dream about a UFO in the sky, it is a sign that you will experience periods of loneliness and despair in the future, as well as a lack of cooperation from close friends.

If you’re at peace, you must explore new possibilities and work on building relationships.

9. Dreaming That Aliens Are Looking at You

A dream in which aliens see you frequently represent feeling vulnerable and conscious of your visibility to others. This can be because you lack self-awareness and cannot stand your ground.

You could feel like you don’t fit in with a particular group due to contemporary society’s social (and self) alienating factors.

A loss of self-esteem, lack of confidence, and feelings of vulnerability can result from bullying or the fear of rejection. Such feelings may be reflected in this dream.

10. Dream About Being Examined by Aliens

If you see an extraterrestrial examining you in your dream, it represents disappointment in your waking life. Perhaps you had great expectations of a scenario, a person, or a project. However, despite your best efforts, it disappoints you. You need more energy to start from scratch.

Additionally, if the aliens abuse or attack you in any manner, it demonstrates your ability to handle challenging circumstances despite numerous disappointments. The dream could also be a warning to persevere even in the most trying circumstances.

Dream About Being Examined by Aliens

11. Dreaming With Friendly Aliens

The most optimistic type of extraterrestrial dream is one in which an alien is friendly since it symbolizes socializing. You might have dreamed that you met an adorable alien that was more than a little eccentric to learn about the world. You can be confident that your dream represents good in your life.

Other specialists suggest that friendly aliens in dreams can signal you will have several social gatherings coming ahead. Even if you typically feel alone, having this dream indicates that you’ve made the necessary steps to become a social butterfly.

Additionally, a close friend might soon offer their assistance.

12. Dreaming About Alien Apocalypse

Dreaming of aliens and the end of the planet indicates that you are trying to make changes in your life but cannot. You are nearing the conclusion of a crucial phase of your life.

This is a caution that without achieving another objective, your adventure will end. This dream also represents your insecurity. You must think about fresh concepts and ways to safeguard against potential difficulties.

13. Dreaming With Alien Zombies Chasing You

When alien zombies chase you in your dreams, it suggests that you are avoiding your daily obligations. This dream is your subconscious mind advising you to confront them head-on.

You may have lived too easy and been unaware of how reality operates. Your dream tells you to stop living in a dream and improve yourself before it’s too late.

However, if you also dreamt that the extraterrestrial zombies were ill, this is a sign that you may soon get a mild illness. Additionally, if the zombie aliens spread, your loved ones will support you.

14. Dreaming of Falling In Love With an Alien

This dream can reflect a hidden or unacknowledged aspect of who you are. Dreaming about love could reflect your self-love or a reminder to do so. It could be that you are discovering a new element of yourself or how to love and accept yourself.

When you dream that you are in love, it represents how you feel about someone in real life. You are content with your life and the people in it.

Otherwise, if you experience a lack of love, your dream reflects that you require love.


Dreaming of UFOs or alien encounters symbolizes exploring areas of yourself that you find challenging to identify with. How foreign the characters in your dreams appear will indicate how you feel about your sense of difference from the group.

Being abducted by aliens implies that your anxiety about fitting in and not being honest is kidnapping you. Trying to fit in with the group can frequently cost you your true self. These situations can potentially lead to a personality disorder. Consider the parallels between your daily life and the details of your dream. Your personality won’t change.

Have you recently had a dream about aliens? Were they friendly or evil? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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Thursday 26th of October 2023

I've dreamt about aliens since I was a kid. The dreams are always nightmares. Sometimes it's a UFO outside searching for me, and sometimes the aliens are coming for me themselves, they are always the cliché skinny aliens with big heads.

Last night, I dreamt that the aliens were trying to take me. I walked outside and I started floating up and I was screaming for help. My husband helped pull me down and I told him "see? Now do you believe me when I said aliens have been chasing me?". We ran and hid in my grandma's old house. We hid under the table/table cloth by the front screened door. The alien walks up to the door and I can see its silhouette. I'm scared. At cat walks up to the door and the alien takes two long fingers and gently pets the cat. I'm scared for the cat. I yell at my husband that I am so tired of being scared, I want this to end. He rushes out the door, and I follow with intent to kill the alien. It's hideous and scary looking. I start hitting at it and grab its spindly arms and start bending them in halves to break them in pieces like branches while clawing its face. It's screaming in pain and fear, I'm screaming the same scream at the same time. I wake up totally scared. The dream really freaked me out because normally I only run from them and I've never seen them so clearly..


Sunday 15th of October 2023

I dreamt that aliens were handing out something.. they were tall greyish looking. When it was my turn to receive what was been handed out my alien was a cute baby looking alien. Handed me a pretty red and black feather. I felt rather disappointed 💖


Thursday 10th of August 2023

So I just woke up from a dream that I was some place I don't know where and all of a sudden I and multiple people started to witness military air crafts chasing Ufo's and trying to be spotted by those huge spot lights but nothing to be availed and then all of a sudden they came out again with multiple lights and yes this is gonna sound weird but they started raising up with alot of people and cows under their saucer and when taking off weird things started to happen where somethings would fall causeing damage to homes and when it would a black hole would be opened in that area and sucked up anything close to it and that's where I witnessed a gentleman get sucked into it while trying to hold his door closed. I woke up like what the heck is going on and why am I dreaming this.


Sunday 16th of July 2023

I don't remember much but I remember seeing an alien's eyes and face hiding it was really weird I have never ever dreamed with an alien before. I seem bit scared to even walk close by it. I think there was fire and water.


Friday 7th of July 2023

This is the first time i dreamt of aliens, where ever i went in my dream they seemed to know and pop up and be landed. I have been told im a empath so im not sure if that changes things.