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9 Dream of A Black Horse Meanings

Some people consider dreams about animals strange and ominous, and we totally understand that.

It’s funny how we are quick to attach negativity to anything black, and well, no one is to blame. Because time and time again, black has proven to be a color of doom and sadness.

However, is that the same for black horses? What comes to mind when you have a dream about a black horse? Delays? Bad luck? Illness?

White horses signify purity and good luck, but does a black horse mean spell doom?

Let’s find out;

9 Dream of A Black Horse Meanings1

Spiritual Meanings Behind Dreaming About a Black Horse 

Black horses are mysterious and spike up a lot of questions when they appear in dreams. It’s usually a sign of hidden truths, and that you need to delve deeper to understand things better.

Here’s a look at some other interpretations;

1. You Lack Empathy

When you find yourself riding a black horse in the dream, it’s a reflection of your selfish personality.

Remember that at some point in time, you’ll most likely need help from people and you won’t find it because of how you’ve treated them in the past.

Riding a black horse is an indication that you care so little about the feeling of others when it’s time to make a decision. You do not understand the worth of others, hence you make choices that’ll only benefit you and maybe your loved ones.

Life doesn’t work that way, no man is an island, and there’s always a blessing attached to helping others reach the top.

On the other side, if you are a lady and you find yourself riding a black horse in the dream, it’s an indication that all of your big aspirations are about to be fulfilled, so relax and embrace the new changes coming into every aspect of your life.

2. A Moment of Transformation

Transformations are sometimes necessary to reach a higher level in life. naturally, a black horse is seen as a mystic creature that undergoes different transformations in life to be the best version of itself.

So, if by any chance you keep seeing a black horse in your dream, then that’s a sign that you need to let go of whatever is not benefiting you at the moment. It could be your job, friends, or even a personal item.

Getting rid of people in life is sometimes a necessity, as some of them only bring negative energies around you, and this can weigh you down more than you know.

However, in your process of transformation, it’s important to be humble and not get carried away by how beautiful your life is becoming.

Pride goes before a fall, and the black horse isn’t any different. Strive to make yourself better, but make sure it’s not at the expense of other people.

3. It’s Time to Set Yourself Free

Dreaming about letting a black horse go is a reflection of what you need to do to yourself.

To succeed in life, you need to break free from certain limitations, it could be cultural or even religious limitations.

You have put yourself in a cage as a result of the numerous ropes you have tied, and sadly it’s already taking a toll on you.

For some people, the black horse might be their spirit animal, and if that’s the case with you, you need to be more flexible in your beliefs and be more spiritual. The essence of doing this is so you can have a closer relationship with your maker.

4. You Are About to Receive Good News

Waking up in the morning after dreaming about a black horse is usually a good sign because it mostly means you are on the right path and about to have a terrific day.

The funny thing is a lot of lucky events will happen to you, that’ll make you marvel at the spirituality of life.

There’s every possibility that the contract you have been tirelessly waiting for is about to be signed because the black horse represents “lucky money.”

So, if you are in a position where you’ve been praying for a financial breakthrough, the time is here and your wish will be granted in full.

9 Dream of A Black Horse Meanings2

5. A Warning to be Alert

There are times when you might not even see yourself in these horse dreams, but someone very close to you.

In this case, if you see someone riding a black horse in your dream, that’s a warning that you need to be more careful in your dealings with those around you.

Not everyone who calls your friend cares about you, and it’s time to be wise in communication. Don’t be in a rush to tell people about your adventure or the good things you are about to embark on.

Keep your secrets private; because some people are positioned already to use those secrets against you.

They plan to infiltrate your life, get you to trust them, and use whatever information they can get to ruin your life, or hijack your rewards.

However, the reason you are getting this dream is that the universe is on your side and believes that what’s meant for you must get to you.

But you need to play your part as well, so you don’t carry away and manipulated into taking actions that you naturally won’t take.

6. A Sign of Hope

It’s easy to become wary and faithless when we are going through a hard time in life, especially when we are used to the easy life.

You need to understand that things will not always be rosy and you must keep your faith active regardless.

If you dream of horses when you are going through a rough phase, it’s a good omen and a reminder that you need to put your faith in God.

The black horse is an embodiment of energy, and it’s time for you to draw from that energy and renew your faith and hope.

If you feel you cannot handle the burdens or hurdles alone, find a group of friends who share the same faith with you, and communicate your worries to them, you’d be surprised at how lighter the burden will become.

7. Someone Important is About to Leave Your Life

There are times when we get so occupied with activities around us, that we lose track of our friendship with others.

Regardless of how busy you may be, it’s always advisable to create time for the people you love, because they are your backbone.

However, when you see a black horse dying in your dream, it’s an indication that someone very close to you is about to walk out of your life as a result of your nonchalant attitude.

If you are having this dream for the first time, try and reevaluate your friendship with those around you before it’s too late.

On that note, when you try persuading them to stay and they do not agree, you’ll need to take it in good faith and act better next time, or else people will keep walking out of your life.

9 Dream of A Black Horse Meanings3

8. You Need to be More Determined

Seeing a black horse in your dream means it’s time to buckle up and face things head-on in your waking life.

To get the best out of life, you need to be determined and focused, or else you’ll miss out big time. Trust your instincts and explore your creativity, and trust the universe to provide you with guidance.

You are probably finding it hard to stay focused on a particular project or career, and that’s why you are seeing the black horse regularly in your dream.

The universe is sending you a message that serves as a reminder and warning even, that you need to be strong and intentional if you wish to achieve any of the goals you’ve set for yourself.

You need to be resilient in succeeding at all costs; burn midnight candles if you must, go out of your way and meet people, make connections and explore every option you have.

Remember, you can only succeed if it’s your passion and you put in your best.

9. You Need to Harness Your Inner Strength

Seeing a black horse in your dream represents hidden strength, courage, and masculinity, especially when you see the horse in the water.

It’s possible that you are currently in a very tight situation and you have no idea the next step to take; the universe is imploring you to tap into your hidden potential and draw strength from there.

You need not be afraid of anything or any situation, and trust yourself to always make the right decisions,

Remember that we also said, the black horse symbolizes mystery, so maybe you need to explore things you otherwise would have ignored because therein might lie the answer to a lot of things you are curious about.

Your subconscious mind might be dwelling on something important, so take out your time to think thoroughly.


There isn’t just one black horse dream interpretation, as it can mean different things. Horse symbolism comes from its nature, as it’s a creature of great mystery and an indication of a cycle of change that’s about to occur.

The best thing you can do is figure out how it affects you, take note of every other action that happened in the dream, and that way you can get a clearer interpretation that’s particular to you.

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