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16 See A Black Butterfly Spiritual Meanings

When you get to see a butterfly, you would wish that it would land on you. However, did you know that these insects represent meaningful messages? In many cultures and legends, like in the Philippines, butterflies are associated with the soul of a dead person.

Aside from this, there are other messages when you come across a butterfly, and in this article, we will discuss the symbolism of butterflies and what it means when you run into one.

16 See A Black Butterfly Spiritual Meanings1

Black Butterfly Symbolism: General Meanings When You See One

Butterflies are good-looking creatures. They are usually associated with witchcraft and magic. Besides, they teach us many life lessons. 

In this section, we will tackle butterfly meanings and symbolisms.

1. Symbol of Transformation

There are different butterfly species and some of the common ones are obsidian butterflies, monarch butterflies, Atala butterflies, and black swallowtail butterflies. 

They come in different colors. The most common ones are red butterflies and brown butterflies. 

They are also capable of going through distinct life changes. First, they start as an egg, then become a caterpillar, and will be followed by the pupa stage. Finally, they will learn to spread their wings and will finally be called a butterfly. Because of these, they are known to be the symbol of transformation. 

In Christianity, this metamorphosis is related to the resurrection of Jesus. This is the reason why Christian tombs are usually decorated with flowers and butterflies.

In Central America, these creatures represent renewal, new beginnings, and new life.

2. Symbol of Immortality

On average, these insects can live up to 43 days. However, during these days that they are alive, they make sure that they do their mission – to reproduce and pollinate plants.

In Aztec mythology, Itzpapalotl, an obsidian butterfly is believed to engulf human souls during a solar eclipse. This is the reason why butterflies also represent immortality or longevity.

3. Symbol of Misfortune

Although butterflies can represent hope, they also symbolize bad luck. Black monarch butterflies mean death. When you come across one, you are encouraged to make positive changes in your lifestyle, or else you will not welcome positivity in your life.

Sometimes, black butterflies are also representations of illness, financial loss, and death.

4. Symbol of Love

When you are in love, you usually say “you give me butterflies in my stomach”. This is the reason why these insects are associated with love. When you get to encounter one, you are likely to experience love along the way.

In China, butterflies represent happy marriages.

 5. Symbol of Departed Souls

The most common connotation about butterflies is that when we come across them, we refer to them to our departed family members as our guardian angels. They signify their presence and guidance even if they are in the afterlife.

16 See A Black Butterfly Spiritual Meanings2

11 Messages When You Come Across Butterflies in Real Life and Dreams

Knowing the symbolism of butterflies, it is also necessary to know the meanings when you come across them. In this section, we will discuss the messages these messengers are trying to impart as we live our daily life.

1. Use your skills to pursue your dreams

Black butterflies mean you are encouraged to pursue your dreams. If you do not know how to, always remember that you have unique skills and abilities that you can use.

You may feel dismayed because there are days when you feel that you are left behind. However, this mental thinking will only destroy you more.

So, instead of stepping back, upskill your talents and find ways to improve yourself. Remember, the best asset you have is “you”.

2. Release your anger

When you come across a black butterfly, this can represent negative energy. Usually, this is associated with your anger issues.

In real life, when you feel angry, this can risk not just your relationships but your health as well. So, when you get to see one, this is a reminder for you to release your anger, be more compassionate, and lower your pride to avoid conflicts, especially in your family. 

As much as possible, do not fill your heart with grudges. Learn to forgive as this will benefit you by giving you peace of mind.

When a black butterfly lands on your shoulder, this is a message for you to let go of the things that weigh you down. If you do this, you will also help yourself move forward.

3. Accept challenges and use them to grow

Since butterflies mean transition and rebirth, when you come across the color black butterfly, this is a message for you to embrace the changes in your life. 

Butterflies, during their chrysalis stage, feel that they are in the darkness. However, they use this stage to prepare themselves to fly and enjoy the things that await them.

In real life, we tend to avoid this darkness. But the truth is these will help you grow, evolve, and become the better version of yourself.

4. Keep on learning

When you encounter a black butterfly, this can signify your wisdom. This is also a message for you to reflect on your current mindset – are you going to improve your mentality or will you just stay the same?

Remember, life is all about learning. If you have limited knowledge, you might have a hard time finding solutions when you encounter issues. 

Thus, you should seek out knowledge, dig deeper into life, and find ways to improve your mentality. Do not be afraid to start over and learn to accept the things you do not know yet.

5. Do not be afraid of growing old

We are all afraid of growing old. Sometimes, this fear is not because of death, but it is about leaving the people we love. 

As a parent, personally, I am afraid to age because I am scared of leaving my children. I am scared that they might be unsafe in this dangerous world.

However, there will always be that realization about hope. When you encounter a black butterfly, either in your dreams or in person, this is a message for you to accept aging and enjoy the moments you are breathing with the people you love.

Always remember that all of us will age and we will only regret and feel remorse if we keep on living with fear.

6. Learn to blend in

The obsidian butterfly Itzpapalotl is also associated with moths and deers. When you encounter one, this is a message for you to learn how to blend in like a butterfly. 

In real life, we have this comfort zone that we cling to because we feel safe. However, socially speaking, this comfort zone will not help you become free. Staying in that safe zone will not allow you to meet other people who can help you achieve your goals.

Sometimes, the reason why you are isolated is that you feel that you do not belong. But, you have to get rid of this mindset.

Instead, you are encouraged to fit yourself in without changing your good attitudes. Use your gentleness to blend with other groups of people who are ready to accept you.

16 See A Black Butterfly Spiritual Meanings3

7. Do not overthink

When you overthink, you are risking your mental health, and this attitude is confirmed when you encounter a black butterfly. When you feel that this behavior is consuming you, it is necessary for you to step back and relax.

Learn to find ways more calmly without risking your mental health. When you encounter problems in real life, learn to take them one by one. 

Focus on one step first and then move to another. Doing this will surely help you get out of what is putting your mind in cages.

8. You are stressed

When you encounter a black butterfly, this is a message for you that you should release your stress. This stress might be because of your education, job, relationship, or financial health.

Well, if you feel this stress, it is normal. In the United States, the prevalence rate of stress is around 37%. However, if you let this stress consume you, this will only rob you of your peace.

So, try as much as possible to not keep your thoughts on one thing. Just like butterflies that know how to get out of dangerous zones, learn to free yourself from your toxic thoughts. 

Clear your mind off the things you cannot control, have some faith that you will surpass all your struggles, and always remember that things will be better one day at a time.

9. Rearrange your thoughts

When you see butterflies in your garden, this can represent good luck. One of the roles of butterflies is to nourish flowers and plants. So, when you get to see one, this signals yourself being flourished as well.

However, you should understand that if you want to flourish, you have to attract positivity in your life. This means that you should include positive ideas, people, and opportunities in your journey to success.

10. Reconnect with yourself

When you encounter a black butterfly and this butterfly is dead, this could mean disconnection. However, this connection is related to yourself. 

You might have become too focused on helping others, on your career, and on your problems that you have already forgotten how to flourish yourself.

This dead butterfly signifies death, but not the literal one. Instead, it speaks about the death of your passion.

So, when you encounter one, you are encouraged to give time to yourself, care for yourself, break your bad habits, and get out of toxic relationships that disconnect you from becoming a better person.

11. Stop being ignorant

Black butterflies also represent your ignorant attitude. When you encounter one, this is a bad omen because you are already going through a difficult time and you are not doing anything about it.

Instead of solving your life issues, you turn a blind eye to them, making them worse. So, use your intuition whenever you know that you have to address some issues in your life.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, butterflies symbolize good things and bad things in life. Generally, their presence is a reminder for us to focus on how we address our life issues.

Since they also speak about our departed loved ones, encountering them means that we are surrounded and guided by the people who passed away and still care for us.

If you see a butterfly in person or in your dreams, this is a message for you to improve your mentality by getting rid of your toxic traits.

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