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11 Dream of Car Brakes Not Working Meanings

One of the biggest fears of a driver is experiencing car brake failure. In fact, 65.5% of accidents in Spain are caused by the braking system. Eventually, this can lead to accidents and even death.

The question is, are these the same meanings when you dream about car brakes that failed to work?

Dream of Car Brakes Not Working 1

11 Car Brakes Not Working Dream Symbols and Meanings

Nightmares occur frequently and in China, the prevalence of nightmares per week is around 5.1%.

One of these includes dreaming about driving a car or carriage and no matter how much pressure you put on the brakes, you cannot slow down. Generally, such dreams speak about your emotions and where these emotions lead you to.

1. A reminder to control your emotions and behaviors

The steering wheel is the first part of the car that you use to control it. The second one is the brake and the third one is the gear.

When you dream about brakes not working and you see potholes along the road, this can represent your failure in controlling your emotions. Some areas in your life become rampant because of how you act and put yourself together.

Additionally, this dream is also related to how you use other people’s bad attitudes as your guide. When you dream about this event and you are the passenger, this is a bad sign because you also inherit self-destructive behaviors and indecision.

For example, if you gambled and lost, you will gamble again to regain the money you recently lost. Even if you are not conscious of it, this risky behavior can compromise your future decisions in life.

Moreover, if you are trying to fight your feelings and you still find it challenging to control these emotions, focus more on how to respond instead. Remember, if the brakes fail, try to reduce your fears and think of a way to respond to these car troubles to avoid physical damage, especially death.

2. You are unhappy with your current position in life

Generally, brakes symbolize control and if you cannot hit the brakes because they failed, this can represent that you are not happy with your power and position. This means that someone is higher than you and you dislike it.

If in your dream, you see that you lost control of the car right after speeding up around a curve, this also means that you cannot handle the position you currently have.

If you wonder what to do when you dream about this event, consider changing your perspectives in life. Prepare yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually so that you will have the strength to take over a responsibility that is waiting for you.

If you have a company, this is a sign for you to consider changing phases of business.

3. Someone is putting you in a difficult situation

If in your dream, your brakes caused you a car accident or road rage, take this as a portent that someone wants to harm you or put you in a difficult situation. Even though you have control of a situation, once these brakes are manipulated by someone, you will always lose.

Literally, in waking life, there are times when brakes are hundred percent working, and at times, people who know you will loosen up these brakes while you park your car in the parking lot to put you in danger.

Additionally, this is a message for you to use your intuition. If you fear someone or something, try as much as possible to avoid it.

4. You fear failure

Dream of Car Brakes Not Working 2

When you dream about brake failures from a child’s toy or a tricycle, this can represent your fear of failure in real life since you were a kid. These fears could be related to the overwhelming burden of your education, relationships, or career.

Additionally, if you are a parent, this signifies your fear of controlling your children. You may be experiencing a loss of control and you are afraid that your children might be directed on the wrong path.

If you ever experience this kind of dream, take it as a message to address your unresolved childhood issues, personal life issues, and family issues.

5. Someone is trying to manipulate you

Psychologists believe that dreams can be a source of warning. So, if you ever dream about altering someone’s brakes or you are the cause of their crash, this can represent dominance and someone is trying to manipulate you.

For students, this reason is a clear representation of bullying. If you are a victim, learn to stand up and speak for yourself. This is a message for you to tell these people that you do not approve of the things they do to you.

6. You do not take risks

Being a risk-taker is both positive and negative. If you ever dream about brake failures and you are being slowed down by the help of other people, take this as a message for you to risk more, or else you will keep on stalling in real life.

Be brave and explore the world without fear. Take risks and always remember the phrase “it is now or never”. All of us are afraid of falling but this perception will fade away when we realize that failures are lessons for us.

So, starting today, take that small risk to build your confidence in all the ongoing processes in your life. Eventually, you will find a parking space that will shelter you from all the risks you take.

7. You are encouraged to reflect on your actions

Car brakes symbolize honor, spirituality, power, and wealth. It also represents loneliness and unwanted social situations.

If you dream about brakes that do not work and this situation leads you down a wrong path while you are on a road trip, take it as a warning dream that uncertainties are going to happen.

This means that you have to choose a new path or else you will only experience failure and disappointment because you will never reach your target place.

Generally, brake pedals are used to prevent you from moving. However, when you dream about them not working, this represents your powerlessness or lack of control because you cannot do anything about it.

Since this event can cause you to move without control, this symbolizes your compulsiveness. Additionally, this dream is also related to the loss of a loved one, a sick person, and a financial crisis.

8. You are worried and stressed

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Generally, our subconscious mind tells us our true emotions through dreams. Some of these emotions are worries and stress.

If you dream of car brakes that are not properly working no matter how much you try to step on them, this means that you are considering many factors in your life as your major setback that prevent you from achieving your goals and ambitions.

You may be worried and stressed because you want to do the things that can make you move closer to your dreams but you are afraid about what may happen after.

For example, your parents might be buried in debt if you want to study more or you might end your relationship with your partner if you move to another city.

Generally, you want to protect what you currently have instead of trying new opportunities. Although this may be a terror decision for you, you should learn to take the next step, or else you will not grow.

When you dream about this, take it as a message to allow yourself to succeed.

All of us have a competitive nature. So, trust your gut and if ever things didn’t work the way you hoped, you know for yourself that you did what you can, and surely, this will increase your confidence.

9. A sign to trust your intuition

Using Jungian Psychology, dreams are messengers that speak about your gut feelings or intuition.

When you dream about brakes that are not working, this represents your choices in life – are you going to jump out of the car? Are you going to stay and maneuver the car? Are you going to try pressing the brakes? Will you panic or stay calm and just use the airbag?

This dream tells you to trust your intuition. In real life, there are days when you need to make last-minute decisions, especially during a matter of life and death. If you cannot decide, use your gut and trust your feelings.

If you feel that something is not right, remember the dream points about the car brake failure dream you had. Is the car ride smooth or rough and what did you do when you experienced it?

10. Trouble related to relationships

A dream about a vehicle’s brakes not working and you experience a collision course because of weather conditions or icy roads, these represent resistance.

In waking life, this resistance gives you the inability to get out of a certain situation no matter how much you press the accelerator. You cannot move forward because something or someone is preventing you.

Usually, this resistance is caused by your relationship with other people, such as your family or partner. You are so attached to these people that you sometimes forget that you also have to improve yourself and make decisions that can make you better.

Another reason for resistance includes your current work. There might be new job opportunities for you but you are having second thoughts or reservations about considering them because you are afraid to live in a new environment.

11. You are hopeless and anxious

Dreaming about a car brake that is not working while you are in a fast lane and there is a red light signal symbolizes hopelessness and anxiety.

These brakes are only the part of the car that can safely stop it from moving and if they fail to work, we become anxious about what may happen next.

Since we cannot do anything anymore, we become hopeless and our only option is to escape. In real life, this is a message for you to learn how to reach out to other people whenever you feel these negative emotions.

Always remember that someone out there will always be ready to help you steer the wheel to find a solution to your worries in life or support your emotional needs.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, dreams about car brakes that do not work are more of warning guards. They represent the control of your life, your ego, self-image, emotional turmoil, and bad behaviors.

They also talk about risks and when you should take them and avoid them. They give you messages to trust your gut if you are having trouble deciding.

Lastly, car brakes symbolize the control you have in your life. You are the driver and if you fail to concentrate on making decisions, you will end up disappointed.

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