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11 Dream of Being A Passenger In A Car Meanings

Cars offer a way to get from point A to point B and have come to symbolize one’s life journey. If you are dreaming of being a passenger in a car, you may be on a challenging journey in your wake life, and interpreting this dream can help you sort through your subconscious to better prepare you for what’s to come.

Not all dreams are created equally; the driver of the car, the car’s path and velocity, and any obstacles on the road will help guide you to the correct dream interpretation.

11 Dream of Being A Passenger In A Car Meanings1

How to Interpret a Dream of Being a Passenger in a Car

To correctly analyze your dream, you’ll first need to look at any stressors or changes in your waking life. Combine these with the details of your dream and you’ll be able to find the common theme that resonates with you.

1. Take Note of Stressors

Stress in your waking life can cause poor sleep and lead to vivid dreams and sometimes nightmares. Stress affects your body and mind, causing tension and constant worrying that can impact sleep.

Consider what is stressing you out to help determine the meaning of your dreams. To avoid a night of unrestful sleep, give yourself time to wind down before bed with relaxing music or reading.

You can also unload your overactive mind by journaling and letting your worries out on paper, through breathing exercises, or with meditation.

2. Observe Any Life Changes

Since you are not driving the car in your dream, this could mean you feel like you are losing control of your life. Big changes like a breakup, a new job, the death of a loved one, or moving can come with the fear of the unknown.

Sometimes you plan these changes, but other times, they are forced upon you and you may try to avoid them. Consider what changes have recently occurred in your life. These changes are likely leading to unwanted stress that is affecting your sleep, but remembers that not all change is bad. Use this chance to grow and be a stronger version of yourself.

3. Pay Attention to the Details

The details of your dream can help you discover what is causing your stress starting with the car’s driver. Is it a spouse, a parent, or a boss? Maybe the driver is trying to control your life or you want them to lead you in your decisions.

Where is your dream? Are you driving down a sunny, open highway with the wind in your hair, or is the road dark and stormy?

Think about what you are doing in the dream. Are you laying back listening to music or panicking over a map? These clues will be telling.

11 Dream of Being A Passenger In A Car Meanings2

Dream Interpretations

Let’s take a look at different ways to interpret your passenger dream to help you better understand what’s going on in your subconscious.

1. Examining Your Relationship with the Driver

Your relationship with the driver in your dream will give you a hint into what is causing the dream.

If your spouse or parent is driving and you feel panicked, maybe you feel they are taking control of your life and leading you down a path you don’t want to go. If you feel content, maybe you finally feel taken care of and are enjoying the path set out by them.

Is the driver your best friend? If you feel uncertain, maybe you guys are drifting apart. If you feel relaxed or excited, this could mean you and your friend are in tune and closer than ever.

If the driver is your boss or colleague, this points to work stress. Maybe you feel overwhelmed at work and want someone else to take the wheel and relieve your burden or maybe you feel the driver is steering you in the wrong direction.

If you don’t know the driver or can’t see who is driving in your dream, this could mean you generally feel you are losing control of your life and yourself. This could indicate that your inner emotions and intuition are jumbled and unclear. You may blame yourself for something or be anxious about the future possibilities you are heading towards.

2. Examining the Type of Car

The type of car you are in in your dream can symbolize how you currently feel about your life and your desires. A beat-up vehicle with smashed windows and loose tires could indicate your life is falling apart and you feel you’ll break down soon if something doesn’t change.

Luxurious, expensive motorcars or limousines could mean the opposite – that you feel taken care of or have no worries. It could also mean that you desire wealth and status and are driving toward it. Alternatively, maybe the desire for wealth is driving you down a path of misery if you feel panicked in the dream.

If the car is simple, like an old pickup truck or a standard compact car, this could mean you are content with the simple things in life.

If you are riding in an eighteen-wheeler type of truck, this could indicate you are carrying too much emotional baggage with you and need to release it.

3. Examining the Road

The road in your dream can also hint at how you are feeling in your waking life. Road trips are a time of joy and adventure. If you are cruising alongside a beach or on Route 66, this could mean you are simply sitting back and enjoying the ride.

If, on the other hand, the road is long and dark, curving through thick, dense forest, this could indicate feelings of worry and an inability to see what is up ahead. If you are approaching a storm, you should prepare for something challenging that is coming your way.

A busy highway where you are stuck in traffic can indicate your life is too fast-paced and you need to slow down.

An open road, on the other hand, can indicate you are pursuing new dreams, especially if you see something promising ahead, like a castle, mountain, or city.

4. Examining the Type of Driving

If the car is moving forward at a smooth pace, this means the driver is being careful to lead you down a calm road. If you feel content, this confirms your willingness to journey with the driver.

If the driver is driving erratically, missing turns, or receiving a speeding ticket, this means the driver should not be leading your life’s path and you need to take back control.

If the driver crashes the car, reconsider your relationship with them. They could be inadvertently leading you down a bad path.

11 Dream of Being A Passenger In A Car Meanings3

Different Dreams of Being a Passenger in a Car

Variations of this common dream can mean different things. If your dream had any of these specific details, we can analyze it further.

1. Sitting in the Back

If you are sitting back seat of the car, that means you feel dominated by the driver and want to regain control in real life. This is especially true if you are having a hard time communicating with the driver within your dream.

If you are sitting in the back directly behind the driver, you may feel powerless around them in your real life. They also hold an air of mystery, since their view is blocked within your dream, so you don’t know as much about them as you wish you did.

2. Missing a Driver

If no one is driving, this means you feel your life is moving without you. These dreams can be scary because the car is moving with a mind of its own and you cannot communicate with it to stop.

Take back control in your waking life by being clear about what you want, learning how to say no, and standing up for yourself in both professional and personal spaces.

3. Being a Passenger on a Hovercraft

Hovercrafts are versatile vehicles that can travel over water, land, ice, and mud. If you feel anxious in your dream, this could indicate the driver is pulling you into all their problems and scenarios and you are helpless to experience it all.

If you feel calm and joy in the dream, it could mean you feel secure that no matter what the terrain or obstacle, the driver can safely direct you down life’s path.

4. Being a Passenger in Other Transport

If you are in an unconventional form of transport, such as a steamboat, sailboat, motorcycle, cable car, or within a group of bicycles, this could mean the driver is leading you to an unconventional life. How you feel will determine if you want to continue the path or not.

Dreams about traveling on an airplane, however, point to an inner desire to leave your town and explore more in the world. You may be feeling bored or even trapped in a mundane life and need to shake things up to feel more fulfilled.


By understanding what and why we dream, we can better understand our life situation and work towards personal development. If you’ve dreamt about being a passenger in a car lately, use this guide to discover what is bothering your subconscious and work on it consciously to improve not only your quality of sleep but your life.

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