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11 Dream of Hair Meanings

Dreams about hair are not uncommon, and there are plenty of meanings to sift through. You may already have a sense of what your dream means, but it’s difficult to pin down the exact meaning unless you understand what hair symbolizes in your dream.

Usually, these dreams are associated with your perception of yourself, your spiritual journey, and your thoughts of attraction. Hair is a powerful symbol tightly linked to your sense of self.

In this guide, we explain different interpretations of dreams about hair and common symbols in these types of dreams.

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What Does It Mean When You Dream about Hair?

When you dream about hair, it’s important to look inward. Consider how you perceive yourself and your role in situations to better discern the meaning of your dream.

While others may appear in these dreams, they are secondary to your own thoughts and emotions. Even situations are not the focus of the spiritual meaning of these dreams.

1. You Have Poor Self Esteem

If your dream focuses on your hair and you have a negative reception of it, your subconscious mind is trying to highlight insecurity in your life. This is usually the case with dreams of short hair, hair falling out, a bald head, or nightmare haircuts.

We often associate our hair with our self image, and seeing it in poor condition in our dreams is bound to worry us. Hair symbolizes many other things we consider “good”, such as intellect, attraction, and vitality, and your dream will use it to reflect a poor self image in your waking life.

You may already understand this, but this insight is often what helps us realize how much this affects our daily life. Poor self image is one of the most underrated setbacks you can inflict on yourself, and it’s also the one thing that you alone can change.

2. You Are Reflecting and Learning to Accept Your Current Position

If you’ve ever had a haircut you did not love or felt at odds with your hair, you understand what it is to accept that fact and move on with your life. Sometimes we worry about something and need to realize that nothing we do right now will change it.

This wisdom is often hard to come by, especially as you deal with emotions and thoughts internally and have no external feedback. When your mind senses this, it will send you a dream of hair (or another symbol) to remind you that there is nothing to be done.

These dreams of hair may involve an exact scene of coming to terms with what a hairdresser left you, but they may also involve cutting your own to symbolize your need to cut your thoughts short.

3. You Have or Need to Bring Pieces of a Puzzle Together

Dreams that involve braiding your hair signify the need to bring pieces of a situation together. Usually, you have this dream when you’re dealing with something and confused by all the details circulating in your real life.

If you dream of someone else braiding your hair, you should seek this person out and accept their help to make sense of what you are going through. They have the skills and tools necessary to assist you in your journey.

Braids are not the only details that may signify this meaning of hair. Dreams with tangled hair or brushing through large clumps indicate there are difficulties or confusion in your life that must be dealt with to better your position.

4. You Need to Clear Your Life of Negativity

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Washing your hair is a personal ritual that you can feel even in your waking life. Often, we find ourselves spending a few minutes in the shower to feel the weight of the world washed from our shoulders, and sudsing up our hair rejuvenates us as well.

A dream of washing hair means you need to clear negative feelings and influences from your life. These dreams encourage us to lean in on self care, but also to take actionable steps to identify and block out things that do not bring us peace.

Having someone wash your hair in a dream is just as vulnerable as it is in waking life. This encourages you to lean on this person as you move forward through uncertain times.

5. You Are in a Period of Uncertainty

Dreams of bugs in your hair indicate that you are or will go through a period of uncertainty and difficulty. Lice are not easy to get rid of, and they’re a plague until you do. It’s time to prepare for this the best that you can.

Expect future issues to be deep and difficult to sift through, let alone get rid of. As the dreamer, you are the one who will feel the impacts of the problems, and you need to take this as a warning to prepare your mind.

You may also have something nagging at your mind, and you are unsure of whether you need to spend attention to this issue. A dream of bugs confirms your suspicions and encourages you to take swift and serious action.

6. You Must Relieve Yourself of Things That Do Not Serve You

Even a dream haircut is highly symbolic. It’s not uncommon for someone to get a haircut following a stressful or tragic event, and this practice is integral to several cultural practices.

We may view getting a haircut or dying our hair as self-care that helps us deal with lingering emotions and negative influences. When this happens in your dream, you are encouraged to change things that no longer bring joy or passion in your life.

These may be old habits or relationships that you have with others. Usually, you already know what is no longer serving you, and this dream only encourages you to move forward out of that situation.

7. You Lack Proper Communication Skills

A dream of long hair or even detached hair in your mouth signifies your need to work on your communication skills. They may be generally unacceptable or just need improvement to effectively explain a new idea of yours.

These dreams aim to serve your ambitions. While a dream of your hair in your mouth is alarming, it encourages you to focus on listening instead of speaking. You should also pay more attention to what you say and how you say it.

If you cannot heed these warnings, you may find yourself leagues further from where you want to be. Communication is a foundation for many things, and failing to master it will cost you dearly.

8. Symbolism of Your Relationship with Masculinity and Femininity

There are certain traits and characteristics we associate with masculine and feminine energy, and this applies to our perception of hair as well. Regardless of your gender identity, you have masculine and feminine traits hosted in you.

Typically, we associate long hair with feminine energy and short hair with masculine energy (although this may be different for you). Dreams can use this association to put us in touch with our spiritual side and help us understand our relationship with these aspects about ourselves.

If you are bald and uncomfortable in your dream, you may lack masculine energy typically associated with raw power and security. Discomfort surrounding long hair may show you are out of sync with your own emotions.

9. You Are Undergoing Mental and Spiritual Growth

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Dreams of growing hair hint at a journey of spiritual growth and enhancement soon. You may already be in the starting stages of this journey, or your dream may be prompting you to prepare.

This indicates a long journey filled with trials that will only strengthen you. It may not be a straightforward path to take, but you are strong enough to face these issues and come out the other side feeling stronger and more mature.

The circumstances of these dreams are never the same, but you should take this as a sign to take everything in stride. Hair does not grow fast, and it is only our effort and attention (mixed with a bit of genetics) that makes it possible to achieve such growth.

10. You Feel a Detriment to Your Spirit and Well Being

On the other side of the spiritual spectrum are dreams of hair loss that symbolize detriment to your spiritual well being. This may link to many associated issues, including:

  • Lack of motivation
  • Loss of creativity
  • Increased fear in the world

You may be in or soon enter a period during which it’s difficult to maintain a spiritual outlook on the world. You need to dig deeper into what feeds your soul and maintain those things through this period.

11. Your Vanity Is on Display

Hair is also associated with more superficial thoughts and behaviors. Dreams about hair may link to your own vanity, such as your feelings about your sensuality, your thoughts about aging, or how you think others perceive you.

Like other spiritual meanings, this operates on a spectrum. You may think so highly of yourself that your hair outshines other things in your dreams, meaning you put too much on superficial aspects of yourself.

You may fear the physical changes that come with aging or illness, and these things will be hyperbolized with gray hair or white hair in your dream. Identifying these issues helps you understand where you need to find peace the most.


When you dream about hair, remember to evaluate your emotions in the dream and your relationship with your hair. This is the strongest hint you have of the dream’s tone and true meaning.

Do you dream about hair often? What happens in your dreams, and how do you apply this to your waking life?

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