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9 Dream of Going Bald Female Meanings

Ever since the biblical hero Samson drew his strength from his lush, uncut hair, this part of our appearance has extraordinarily influenced our self-image and perception of others, regardless of gender.

And if we add the fairy tale about Goldilocks and many other myths, legends, and epics that celebrated hair,  its vital role in the life of both males and females becomes obvious.

And although hair loss is not easy for men either, for women, it is a temptation that is much more difficult to deal with.

Therefore, a dream about hair loss in women almost always has a negative meaning among dream interpreters and refers to deep fears and vulnerabilities that you may be hiding in your waking life or are unaware of.

So, let’s review together what such a dream reveals about you!

Dream of Going Bald Female 1

Dream About Going Bald Female

1. Fear of Losing Attractiveness

Unlike men, who do not perceive baldness as a catastrophe and sometimes associate it with wisdom, devotion, or patience, which is the case with bald monks, in women, it is an entirely different dimension.

A dream of losing hair or going around with alopecia or a bald patch on the scalp must be terrifying for all the women who pay too much attention to physical beauty.

At the same time, that fear reveals that you overestimate the physical dimension of human beings and build relationships with others on your perception of attractiveness as a critical factor.

By losing your hair, the fear that you will lose that trump card reflects your reduced ability to relate to others on levels where physical appearance is not dominant.

Such a hair dream mirrored the fear of the woman who sees herself as superior in terms of physical appearance, ruled by conscious or unconscious vanity.

2. Fear of Aging

The fear of losing attractiveness sometimes overlaps with the fear of aging – an inevitable process we go through on our life’s journey.

Usually, aging is a process that we mostly associate with weakness, illness, death, and the awareness of our finitude in this world that might disturb our peace of mind and cause anxiety in sensitive people.

This fear also appears waking, and when it goes beyond the limits of acceptable thinking about one’s mortality and begins to control our lives, it can develop into a sick condition known as Gerascophobia.

Therefore, the meaning of the dream where you appear as a bald woman may indicate your inability to accept real life with all its good and bad sides. You may be a dreamer who escapes from reality into the world of imagination and idealization, refusing to accept actuality.

3. Sign of Grief

If you have recently suffered a significant emotional loss that upset your balance and forced you to reorganize your life in new circumstances, a dream about waking up with clumps of hair on your shoulders or bald spots on your scalp clearly shows the state of grief, you are going through.

Your subconscious is simply reflecting a deep anxiety and sadness you are trying to overcome.

In some dream books, however, this kind of clue does not have to point to the state you went through but can be a warning of something yet to come.

According to such interpretations, you may face a period of grief with some heavy loss that will mark your life in the coming days.

4. Lack of Self-esteem

Dream of Going Bald Female 2

As strange as it sounds, hair is symbolically and psychologically associated with self-confidence, satisfaction, strength, youth, and many other positive meanings. The dream in which you see yourself as a bald woman shows how positively you perceive yourself. Or, more precisely, it shows how fragile your positive self-image is.

In other words, your low self-esteem is in the background of such a dream. Subconsciously, you are afraid of new challenges or situations in which your lack of self-confidence will come to the surface.

You do not see yourself as a strong person capable of timely and adequate responses to challenges, but you try to hide this by presenting yourself in a different light.

The fear that your mask will fall will and that all your weaknesses will be exposed in front of others is a problem you are dealing with.

The cause of such an attitude can be accumulated bad experiences that make it difficult for you to open up to others.

5. Loss of Power

Hair was a God-given decoration of women long before fancy dresses and make-up were invented. For example, women in Islam cover their hair with a scarf to avoid unwanted attention in public.

Attractiveness is a power that makes it easier for you to achieve your goals. The loss of such power changes your perception and strikes at the very core of your being, questioning the control you have or strive to have over the people in your environment.

You may be a very bossy person, someone who likes to establish emotional and any other kind of control over others. A dream about hair loss for such people is about losing the authority and power you have or think you have.

You always try to confirm your position as a leader about another person, regardless of whether it is a spouse, family member, work colleague, partner, or even a close friend. Everything in which you cannot express your dominance is unpleasant and unacceptable for you.

6. Loss of Dignity

If you dream about yourself as a bald woman instead of a woman with normal hair, you may undergo a phase in which your pride and dignity are tested.

It can be an unhealthy new relationship that will violate your feminine and human dignity. Or, it can be a business venture whose positive outcome depends on your willingness to give up some of your life principles.

You may see yourself as an uncompromising person with a clearly defined system of values. You are not interested in intrigues or scheming because you think you are above it. However, life likes to test those who believe they can resist temptation.

The saying goes never say never so be careful not to put yourself in a situation to accept an inferior or even subordinate position before you understand what is going on.

7. Shame and Humility

Dream of Going Bald Female 3

A dream about losing your hair can also mean an unpleasant situation in which you feel embarrassed or humiliated.

No woman wants to be without this natural accessory and feature of femininity. You may be facing a trial where both will be questioned!

Someone from your social circle may lead you to reckless actions to make you feel ashamed, or you will react inappropriately by putting yourself in such a state.

Therefore, dreams of baldness can be your suspicion of an unpleasant situation since you are aware of your prone to impulsive behavior.

8. Period of Difficulties and Problems

Hair loss in real life causes stress and affects mental health in many ways. A dream about such a situation, apart from being disturbing since it involves our emotional reactions, according to the same logic, can suggest a period of bad luck, problems, and difficulties that you have to face.

It can even be an illness that will test your ability to accept your fate or any other form of conflict, misunderstanding, loss, or what you perceive as such.

But even in that situation, keep in mind that life consists of a constant alternation of good and bad intervals and that sometimes the meaning we give to a problem determines the effectiveness of its solution.

9. Low-energy Period

In the end, let’s say that a dream about hair falling can also mean a period in which you will not have your usual energy due to fatigue or weakened immunity.

Through this dream, your inner voice signals you to take a break and renew your energy, reminding you to allow yourself periods of relaxation to regain vitality.

Sometimes we don’t even realize how much our daily worries, obligations, and responsibilities are draining our life energy. Warnings or signals often come to us in the form of different dreams. The dream of a bald head is just one of them.


Finally, let’s say once again, hair is essential to us. We deal with it daily. We spend a fortune on care and haircuts, cover grey hairs, and wear wigs and inserts to hide our imperfections. Hair loss is a severe psychological and emotional shock.

That is why a dream about hair loss, especially for women, is a clear indicator of some disturbing condition or a sign of a period with a negative sign. These dreams often outline our profound fears, such as fear of aging, loss of attractiveness, power, control, humiliation, or exposure to shame.

However, these unpleasant repressed emotions always find a way to surface disguised as dreams that we may not always understand. If you have had any such experience, especially for this type of dream, we would be glad if you could contact us and share it with us.

Also, if your experience is different and you know that dreams about hair loss can possibly suggest some positive changes, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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