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13 Dream of Someone Being Pregnant Meanings

Pregnancy is one of the most common themes of the human condition. In our waking life, a pregnancy announcement is a sign of new beginnings and the transition into parenting life. It also can be a time when you offer advice on dealing with morning sickness.

Pregnancy dreams are fairly common, especially when you are trying to conceive. But what does it mean when you’re dreaming of pregnancy all the time? You might be surprised…

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What Does It Mean If You Dream About Someone Being Pregnant?

1. Pregnancy dreams are generally seen as an indicator of fertility. 

Now, it’s important to remember that fertility doesn’t just mean creating new life. It can also mean getting a burst of creativity, starting a new business, or even trying to manifest fresh beginnings in your own career. 

If you were the person who is pregnant, this dream suggests that your life will start to kick up a notch on the creative side of things. Needless to say, it’s a good dream for artists and business owners to have. 

2. If you have been trying to conceive, grab a pregnancy test.

Believe it or not, that pregnancy dream you had might not have a spiritual meaning if you are a woman who actively is trying to conceive. Many moms have experienced pregnancy dreams as their first trimester manifests itself. 

In other words, if you have been experiencing pregnancy symptoms like sleep disturbances, this could be an indicator that your hormones are telling you to prepare. You may be dealing with an actual pregnancy. So grab that test, cause you might be having a baby!

3. A common belief is that seeing someone else pregnant could be a wish being granted.

If you are not the pregnant person and someone else is, then don’t panic. This doesn’t always mean that you are going to miss out on a creative project or something cool. Common mythos suggests that seeing another person pregnant is a dream symbol of a wish come true. 

So, take heart. You might still get your wish come true. It’s one of many possible interpretations that can come out of this type of dream. 

4. A dream involving a pregnant woman giving birth or in her late third trimester is a sign of victory. 

In most Western countries, dreaming about a pregnant woman giving birth is a sign that you will be able to overcome adversity in all areas of your life. However, that will not come without a struggle. 

Birth isn’t easy. Neither will be your path. As long as you try to stay the course, you will be able to see victory. So while this may not be the best of omens, it’s still better than most as long as you don’t give up.

5. Dreams of unwanted pregnancies often indicate that you will go through a problematic period.

A person’s dreams can often change their meaning depending on their attitudes toward certain situations. For example, if you dream of an unwanted pregnancy, then it is very likely that you don’t really feel good about whatever the future will birth. 

In other words, if a person doesn’t want a baby and feels uneasy around them, then the person’s dreams will use a baby as a bad omen. If there is something negative involving the baby, you might be undergoing problems in real life–or will undergo them soon. 

In this case, the birth in your dream could be a sign of problems brewing. Unlike other dream interpretations, this tends to be the case when a dreamer has issues they are aware of rather than sudden problems that arise out of nowhere.

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6. Women who are struggling to conceive may also see these dreams as a form of pregnancy anxiety. 

If you are infertile, then you already know how painful it is to feel your body betray you on that level. It’s not uncommon for people who desperately want a baby to have dreams of seeing other pregnant people due to the envy they feel. 

Pregnancy anxiety can also mean that you want to get pregnant but don’t want to face the risks that come with it. You may also be worried about pregnancy complications or what happens after the baby is born.

Do you want to be a parent? Are you worried about the responsibility? You might be seeing that stress pop up in your dreams. 

7. Dreaming of a stranger giving birth may also mean that you feel squeezed out of a creative project.

Believe it or not, dreaming of a pregnant stranger can have negative connotations relating to creativity. When you are not the pregnant person in the dream, it could mean that you are on a creative project but don’t feel like you’re the one in control. 

This dream may signify that you’re on a creative team, but that you don’t feel like your voice is heard. Or, you may not be shouldering most of the burden. In some cases, this can also be a sign that you aren’t getting the credit that you deserve. 

8. Dreaming about an infertile person getting pregnant can mean a major breakthrough.

When you are dealing with infertility, there is often a certain point where you feel the need to write off the chance of having a kid. If you dream about a person who is sterile having pregnancy symptoms, then it could signify a major breakthrough. 

This dream suggests that you may realize that you are more capable than you originally thought you were. You might be able to accomplish things that you assumed were impossible or just not doable in your lifetime. 

Miracles happen. This dream is trying to tell you that you might be able to see the impossible happen. 

10. One of the most common dream interpretations is that you will undergo major changes.

No one would ever tell you that pregnancy doesn’t change you. Being pregnant involves major changes to a woman’s body and also can change the way you see herself. Not all the changes you’ll have are going to be good ones. It’s a mixed bag. 

A major issue new parents speak about is how much they miss their pre-parenting life. Kids are a huge change to anyone’s life. If you dream about seeing others pregnant, this could be an omen that your life will undergo a major change.

This doesn’t have to be a real-life pregnancy, either. It could be a massive change in careers, a sudden uptick in responsibilities, or even a breakup that leads you to a new change of home. Either way, expect life to come at you fast and hard.

11. You might be having twins.

If you already have positive pregnancy tests in your waking life, don’t be shocked if you’re dreaming about kids or being pregnant. It’s natural to dream of what you are experiencing. However, if you dream of someone else being pregnant, brace yourself. 

A somewhat common folk interpretation is that this dream indicates that you might be pregnant with twins. If you feel like your pregnancy symptoms have gotten more intense, this could be a sign that you are carrying multiples. 

Jot this dream down in your dream journal, then check with your OB-GYN. You might find out that it really was a sign of having twins…or it might just be your mind giving you more indicators of having a baby of your own.

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12. Pregnancies of others can also mean good news from family members.

For the most part, giving birth is seen as a good thing. This is doubly true if you find out that your friend or family member is expecting. We all tend to celebrate it, right? Another reason why you may dream of a friend or family member pregnant is tidings of good news.

You might end up hearing that your friend has just started their own business, or that a family member got a new art project they’re working on. Either way, expect this to be a good time for you and your own. 

13. Finally, it can also mean that you are simply uncertain about the future and your own plans.

Pregnancy is a life moment that makes you feel like everything is up in the air. Dreams about pregnancy can reflect the worry new parents-to-be feel. 

On a similar note, seeing other pregnant people in a dream may happen when you feel uncertain about how your life is going. It may be a sign that you’re wondering “what if” a bit too much. 

Last Words

Did you recently have a dream about someone you know being pregnant? Was it you? Tell us all about what happened in our comments section below.

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