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10 Dream of Someone You Love Meanings

People often dream about their love interests because dreams are a portal to our unconscious and repressed desires, wishes, goals, and fears. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that your special someone has appeared in your dream.

But what does that mean? One does not have to be a rocket scientist to determine that dreaming about someone you love is a sign of acting on that emotion and revealing your feeling. However, is that all this dream can represent?

No, it is not. However, depending on the context, dreaming about someone you love can signify your need for closure, fear of cheating, low self-esteem, attachment issues, and obsession.

In addition, the person we care for can be our ex-partner or maybe someone a close friend, which can severely influence the interpretation.

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Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Someone You Love

1. You Hope to Be With That Person

Obviously, dreaming about someone your love can be your subconscious mind showing your inner desire to create a meaningful and romantic relationship with that person. However, this dream also indicates your excitement for that person and what they represent.

If you were having doubts about that special someone, this is your clue that you should follow your inner feelings and see where they lead you, especially if you see yourself and that person hugging, kissing, or sharing a special moment.

On the other hand, it may be just a physical attraction and a fling. As mentioned, the context plays a crucial role; maybe you are seeing that person because you are currently in a bad relationship phase and want some diversity and change.

2. Insecurity and Low Self-esteem

If you saw your significant other or lover cheating on you in your dream, that can be a clue that you have insecurity issues and doubt yourself and your abilities.

Infidelity can have a long-lasting impact on a partner and severely disrupt their mental and emotional makeup. After having been cheated on, people often develop trust issues, depression, anxiety, self-doubts, insecurity, and fear of abandonment.

Therefore, you may have this dream because of your negative past experiences and fear that it might happen to you again. This dream can also be seen as a sign of your great love for your partner, which is why you have these doubts and fears.

On the other hand, this dream may result from your subconscious thoughts and observations from waking life. For example, maybe your partner has been behaving oddly over the past weeks, raising your suspicion.

3. You Lack Closure

If you dream of an ex-partner whom you still have feeling for, that can symbolize your need for closure. Several scenarios can happen in this dream and several reasons you may be experiencing it.

Some people tend to break up without explaining, which can be very painful and hard to overcome. Moreover, it usually gives people feeling of inadequacy and unimportance, which results in numerous mental and emotional issues.

Similarly, this dream does not mean that you want to get back with them. Sometimes we meet and date people we sincerely care for, but deep down, they are not the person we will make our life with. This realization is painful, but it is the truth.

You may be aware that you should not be with that person because you are toxic together and bring the worst out of each other. Still, it would be best if you had some closure so you could emotionally let go of that relationship and the dreams and goals you shared.

Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Someone You Love

4. That Person May Be Your Soulmate

Dreaming about someone special can mean subconsciously perceiving that person as your soulmate, future wife, or husband. Going through life, we often wonder when and how we will meet our soulmate.

Most importantly, we wonder how we will know that the person is our true soulmate. The answer is a cliché, but it is the truth. When you meet someone special, a gut feeling tells you, and you know.

So, this dream is your subconscious mind telling you that the person you see is the right person for you.

5. You Have Doubts About Your Partner

In most cases, dreaming about your partner is a pleasant dream unless you see them cheating on your or being involved in an accident. However, sometimes we can dream about the people we love because we have doubts about them.

Wanting to marry your crush or girlfriend is a big step; if you have been talking about it, it may have translated into your dreams. However, even though you deeply care about your romantic partner, you may not feel comfortable taking the next step.

On the other hand, depending on the dream context, you may have some issues with their behavior, which seems like a deal-breaker, but you continue staying in that relationship because you love them.

This dream has a deeper meaning; you need to settle this issue with yourself and then talk to your partner.

6. It is a Sign of Our Values and Attitudes

When we talk about the people we love, that does not have to be a romantic partner; we can also share strong feelings for our friends, colleagues, and family members. So, what does it mean to see a family member in a dream?

These have numerous contexts, but they usually reflect our attitudes and values in life, but they can also show how we feel about that particular family member. So, for example, you may see that member because you admire them and want to be like them.

On the other hand, if you dreamt of your aunt or father yelling at your or your boyfriend, that may be seen as a sign of disapproval or your subconscious ideas about it. Maybe you see your parents in your dream because you fear their opinion about your boyfriend or girlfriend.

It is a Sign of Our Values and Attitudes

7. You Need Companionship

It is common for people to dream about someone they love when they, in reality, lack companionship, bond, or friendship. Dreaming about your ex-lover can be interpreted similarly; you feel lonely and wish you had someone to talk to and share your problems with.

Even though most of these love dreams are related to your love life, it does not have to be necessary. For example, some people often dream about their ex-boyfriend because they want someone to accompany them to an event or an exotic location.

These dreams can also be a reflection of your emotional state; maybe you recently stopped being friends with one of your childhood buddies, and it is bothering you.

8. You Are Not Fulfilled

If you often dream about your boss or colleague from work, that can signify that you are not currently fulfilled in your relationship. It happens so often that we develop a close bond with our co-workers, and they become important to us over time.

You may see that person in your dream because you secretly think you will make a good couple or are unhappy in your relationship.

If you feel your relationship is headed south, we suggest you talk to your partner, listen to him,  and acknowledge differences. However, if you are currently single, this dream is a confirmation of feelings for that colleague.

9. You Are Obsessed

If you frequently dream about a person that you love but are not in a relationship with, that may be a subconscious way your mind is trying to inform you that you are overly obsessed with that person.

Although many use the term obsession carelessly to describe intense infatuation with something or someone, it can be a real problem that negatively impacts one’s daily life.

In fact, obsession can affect your overall sense of well-being and prevent you from enjoying activities, work, or relationships, ultimately resulting in anxiety, stress, and demotivation. Therefore, think about the dream and the person if you resonate with this.

Do you spend too much time thinking about them? Do you often daydream?

10. You Are Torn Between Two Partners

Although this might sound like a script for a telenovela, these scenarios do happen in real life. For example, you may be dreaming about a person you love even though you are in a relationship with someone else. So what does that dream mean?

It is quite possible to care about two people simultaneously; it is not morally acceptable, but it happens. So this dream may result from your daily thought process where you go back and forth between the two partners and cannot settle for one of them.

Also, they may be providing different things for you, which can be the root of your indecision. You most likely need to decide before it drives you completely mad.


Dreaming about someone you love can provide you with much information about your current feelings and fears in life.

However, there are many factors to consider before you start interpreting the dream, such as your current mental and emotional state and previous experiences.

All of these can affect the interpretation and also your attitude toward the dream.

Generally, these dreams are related to our love life and previous romantic experience, symbolizing the need for closure, companionship, lack of excitement, indecision between partners, insecurity, and low self-esteem, among others.

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