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11 Dream Of An Ex Friend Meanings

Everyone who knows the value of friendship knows how important friends can be and their impact on our lives, whether good or toxic. Having a dream about someone who was your friend but no longer is can bring up a lot of mixed reactions from different people.

Some may feel nostalgic, and others who have these dreams in the form of nightmares may feel bitter in the same way; that dream about an ex-friend can mean different things. Here are some meanings to having dreams about your former friend.

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What Does It Mean To Dream Of An Ex-friend?

Deciphering such dreams depends on symbols, images, and conversations you encountered during the dream. Most times, these dreams result from the thoughts we think and the emotions we feel in our current life.

This dream might also be a sign that the dreamer feels violated and wronged after what happened between them and that friend, it can also mean that they and their former friend don’t like what happened between them, and they feel regret.

1. Trying To Forget The Person

Dreaming about an ex-friend can mean you are trying to move on. It means your dreaming mind is telling you to forget the person and your friendship with them.

If you’ve been holding on to the loss of this friendship for a long time and you can’t do anything about it, remember that people grow apart, and you should start putting your focus on other parts of your life. Visiting a therapist might help and do something to help you with closure.

2. You Have Unfinished Business

Dreaming about your ex-friend can mean that you have some unfinished business with them. Maybe there is an unresolved conflict, and you both have left it hanging instead of revisiting it to sort it out.

If it isn’t too late to patch things up, try to reflect on how you both were and what you both meant to each other. Consider reconnection and ask yourself if whatever happened between you, too, was worth the friendship you had.

3. Trouble Is Approaching

Dreaming of an ex-friend may be symbolic of some trouble that is brewing in your life, or it may be a direct representation of anxiety or stress you are feeling about an upcoming event.

If you feel particularly troubled by the dream, it might be worth considering what aspects of the friendship bothered you, or what unresolved issues you have with that person. Alternatively, the dream could simply be a reflection of your own fears.

If you are worried about an upcoming meeting or presentation, for example, it is not surprising that you might dream about an ex-friend who caused you stress in the past.  Try to take the dream as a sign to reflect on your current situation and see if there is any way to address your concerns.

4. You Feel Alone Or Insecure

Dreams about an ex-friend can be interpreted in many ways. Maybe you are feeling lonely in your current situation and long for the companionship of someone you used to be close to. Or perhaps you are feeling insecure and are looking for validation from someone who used to be an essential part of your life.

This dream may also mean that you are going through an adamant time, and during these challenging times, there is an inherent feeling of loneliness or insecurity inside you.

This is likely because you feel like no one is around to support you. Maybe the friend in your dream was a rock to you, and they were a better help in situations like these.

Whatever the case, dreams about an ex-friend usually indicate that something is lacking in your current life. If you frequently dream about an ex-friend, it might be a good idea to take a step back and assess your current mental health.

Are you happy with your current situation? If not, what changes do you need to make to feel fulfilled? Answering these questions can help you get to the root of why you dream about your ex-friend and can help you make the necessary changes in your life to achieve happiness.

5. New Friendships

New Friendships

The interpretation of dreaming of a former friend can be as simple as having recently formed a new relationship with someone who reminds you of your ex-friend. Maybe it is how they look, talk, act, or dress.

A dream about a former friend could also mean that there are lessons you need to learn from the fall of your friendship, and you are making the same mistake in a new friendship.

Whatever caused the fall of your friendship with that former friend might be raising its head and threatening to ruin a new friendship. This is a warning sign; look into your life and friendships, both old and new, and try to figure out where things might be going wrong.

Positive Interpretations Of Dreaming Of An Ex-Friend

1. You Miss Them

If you have a wide smile on your face after you wake up from this dream, it could be a sense of nostalgia you are feeling. You are reminiscing about your old times with this former friend of yours.

Maybe you didn’t end on a sour note and you just drifted apart or perhaps they were your childhood friend. Whatever the case, they were a good friend of yours and you still hold fond memories of them in your waking life.

It could also mean that you thrived off their energy, which is now lacking in your life. Either way, your friend meant a lot to you, and you miss what they meant in your life.

2. Your Ex Friend Wishes You Are Still Friends

In another way, dreaming about your ex-friend may not be because of your own emotions or feelings, but instead, from their feelings. They are probably thinking and dreaming about you, too, that their energy is finding its way to you.

You have been on their mind for a while because they wish that you both are still friends, and so this is causing you to also dream about them.

3. You Are In Love With Them

Another reason you are having a dream about your former friend is that you are in love with them. If you don’t know and acknowledge it, your subconscious does.

It wonders what would have happened if you did not stop being friends. Would your attraction for that person have gone far enough to help you win them over? There might not have been any romance with them, but you indeed loved them.

What Your Ex-Friend Was Doing In The Dream

What Your Ex-Friend Was Doing In The Dream

While dreaming about your estranged friend, many things can happen in the dream.

You could dream of either you or your friend apologizing to the other person or that you were struggling or fighting with that friend; depending on what was happening, these dreams can have different meanings.

1. Dreaming About Fighting With Your Ex Friend

This dream can signify an opportunity you have missed or will miss due to overthinking. If you are yet to lose an opportunity and can relate to this dream interpretation, remember to take things slow and steady so you don’t miss this opportunity.

2, Dreaming About An Ex Friend In A Strange Place

While just seeing your former friend in a dream can be a foretelling of a big family get-together and function, seeing your friend in a strange place can mean that you should learn to start taking risks and testing new waters.

You should not be opposed to trying out new ideas as you would be surprised by what you’d discover.

3. Dreaming About Your Ex-Friend Apologizing To You

Dreams about your ex-friend apologizing to you can be symbolic of unresolved anxiety or frustration from the real-life relationship.  The dream may represent your feelings of anger and betrayal.

Dreaming such dreams can mean you still feel hurt and vulnerable over what happened with your friend. You are hurt so much that you have attached only negative emotions to this friend.

Maybe they had hurt you, yet they did not bother to apologize. You are still holding on to this hurt. However, it is all in the process of you moving on.

However, if you have reconciled with the person, the dream may be a manifestation of residual negativity that has yet to be fully processed. Either way, this dream indicates that you are working through some unresolved issues.

Final Words

Dreams can offer valuable insights into our lives and relationships. By exploring the symbols and situations in your dream, you may better understand yourself, your past friendship with this person, and your current relationship.

Whether you have stopped being friends with this person for a long or short time, it doesn’t matter because they can still influence you. Having a dream like this can bring out many reactions in you, but it shouldn’t affect your process of deciphering the meaning.

If you found this article helpful, let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear about your dreams and their meanings!

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J. Boone

Wednesday 1st of February 2023

I can't believe that this reading is on point. I don't speak to this person anymore and won't ever again but still hurt about what she did and said. I thank you for this because it's so real. I just want to move on and forget I will never forgive but hope to forget. Loyalty meant everything to me and she crossed the line I'm actually glad she's no longer in my life will be glad when the thoughts and dreams stop too.