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10 Dream of White Dress Meanings

Have you ever dreamed of dressing in a white dress? I am sure that many young girls do, but apart from the obvious connection to weddings, dreams about a white dress have a strong spiritual meaning, especially if you are a female.

A few weeks ago, I dreamed about wearing a white dress, and when I woke up, I jokingly thought it was a sign that I need to get married finally. While my mother and aunts would certainly agree with that dream interpretation, I wonder if there is more to this dream. Keep reading to find out!

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What Does It Mean To Dream Of A White Dress?

White color represents moral purity and innocence, and wearing a dress of that color in your dreams has a similar meaning. However, since white dresses are inseparable from wedding ceremonies, dreaming about them is often seen as a symbol of the upcoming wedding.

A white dress is also a symbol of celebration, spiritual growth, and new beginnings. But dreaming about dresses in general, including the white dress, could also be a sign of obedience and compliance. You might feel obliged to do something that you don’t actually want to do.

You might feel frustrated due to the lack of control over your own life. Maybe you feel like you sacrifice your own happiness for your loved ones or for the greater good. You can’t control the situation you are in, you can just accept it as it is.

The white dress represents your selflessness. You are generous and supportive when it comes to your relationship with the people around you. You want to help others, and you feel the need to solve their problems.

How Do You Feel About The Dress?

One of the most important things for interpreting your dream is how you felt while dreaming. If you felt happy during your dream about a white dress, the dream symbolizes a wedding or other happy occasion.

Things you have desired for a long time will finally be in your reach. You are ambitious and aspiring, and you have a bright future ahead of you.

However, although white and other bright colors usually represent good things in life, sometimes they can be a bad omen. In particular, a white dress can represent illness, grief, and sadness.

Type And Condition Of The Dress

1. White Wedding Dress

Dreaming about a white wedding dress can represent the upcoming wedding, engagement or the start of a new relationship. However, it can have some other meanings.

A wedding dress symbolizes your desire to settle down and commit to something. That something doesn’t have to be a person, it can be a place or an idea. Maybe you made a promise, and you plan to fulfill it.

It can symbolize that you are entering a more peaceful period of your life. Additionally, you are making some long-term plans for your future.

This dream can also symbolize tradition and family values.

2. White Prom Dress

Prom dresses symbolize the transformation from a child into an adult. White prom dresses symbolize the end of youthful innocence and the beginning of adult life.

A wider interpretation of dreams that involve white prom dresses says that these dreams symbolize your crossing from one period of life to another. Maybe you are changing jobs, or you are moving to another place.

This crossing can also be figurative. You grew emotionally and mentally, and now you are entering a more mature and happier phase of your life. You learned how to get rid of some bad habits, and now you are ready to live a more clean life.

3. Old Dress Vs. New Dress

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Dreaming about an old white dress in your dream is considered to be a bad sign. The danger is lurking, and you should expect some obstacles on your path. It can also be a sign of giving up.

On the other side, when you dream about a new white dress, that is a good omen. You will experience a new love soon, or you will find a way to rekindle the old flame with your current partner.

It can also represent other new things in your life: new people you will meet, new friendships you will make, new experiences you will gain, and new chances you will get.

4. Black Dress

Since we are talking about dream meanings behind a white dress, let’s compare them with the symbolism of a black dress.

Although it represents elegance, and it is one of the most fashionable colors, it is a symbol of grief, sadness, loneliness, and mystery. Dreaming about a black dress is usually a sign of some bad news.

If you recently lost someone, a black dress symbolizes your mourning. If, however, you haven’t lost anyone, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will, you are just worried about that possibility.

5. Torn And Damaged Dress

If the dress from your dream is damaged, it represents your frustration in your marriage or relationship. You have some issues that you need to sort out if you want to save your marriage. Maybe your partner or spouse did something that created a ripple in your relationship.

6. Burning White Dress

Dreaming about a burning white dress is a bad sign, and it symbolizes someone close to you gossiping about you or hurting you in another way. It could be a person you trusted a lot, so it will feel like a massive betrayal.

7. Spoiling A White Dress

Getting a white dress dirty represents spoiling your happiness or destroying something that was good in your life. Be aware, that you don’t want to lose someone or something that means a lot to you.

A dirty white dress also symbolizes an upcoming hard period ahead of you. However, you will be able to overcome your adversities and enjoy a happy life again.

What Do You Do With The Dress?

1. Buying A White Dress

If you dreamed about buying a white dress, this is a good sign and it represents your moral purity. Your intentions are good, and you always take care to be fair to other people.

This dream also symbolizes some new beginnings in your life. You will be able to start over and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Good times with your friends and family are ahead of you.

2. Trying On A White Dress

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On the other hand, if you dream about trying on a wedding dress, it might be a sign that someone close to you needs your attention and your help. If it is possible for you, you should give your best to listen to them and offer your help.

Trying on a white dress also symbolizes your plans for the future. You are contemplating some important steps that will impact your future and the future of your family. Worry not, good times are ahead of you.

3. Sewing A White Dress

If you dream about sewing a white dress, this dream might mean that you are trying to rush some things. You desperately want some things to happen in your life, but you can’t rush them, otherwise, you might ruin everything.

This interpretation could be about you trying to rush your partner into marrying you, but it can have a more general meaning, and represent any other situation in which you aren’t patient enough.

Who Is Wearing The Dress?

Wearing a white dress in a dream can have different meanings depending on who is wearing that dress.

You Are Wearing The Dress

If you are the one who is wearing a white dress in your dream, this is a good omen. If you are in a relationship, you can expect to be proposed really soon. For those who are already married, wearing a white dress in your dreams can predict a pregnancy.

You or someone close to you will soon become pregnant. This dream also symbolizes that you are leading a happy life and more good things are awaiting you!

Someone Else Is Wearing The Dress

Alternatively, you might’ve dreamed that someone else wore a white dress. This dream can represent your affection toward that person if you know her.

If you are male, and you dreamed of a beautiful young woman wearing a white dress, this dream symbolizes the fulfillment of your sexual desires.

Also, regardless of your gender, if you dream about a little girl wearing a white dress, this dream represents youthfulness and carefreeness. You are happy with your life, and you don’t feel too stressed out about anything.

Seeing a bride wear a white dress can have several meanings, the most obvious ones being happiness, joy, and kindness. However, it can also represent optimism and your ambitions.

Be careful because although this dream symbolizes good things, not everything is as it seems, and seeing a bride in a white dress in your dream might symbolize someone who’s wearing a mask and hiding their true intentions.

Final Words

A white dress is most often connected to weddings and other happy occasions. Dreaming about such a dress symbolizes joy, happiness, purity, innocence, new beginnings, and spiritual growth.

However, this dream can have many other meanings, depending on the other details of that dream. Still, you can learn so many things about your subconsciousness if you take your time to interpret this dream.

So, if you ever had a dream about a white dress, don’t hesitate to share it in the comments, and we will help you to shed some light on its possible meaning!

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Monday 1st of April 2024


I dreamt I was wearing a white wedding dress and having my pictures taken with a man beside me wearing a suit but I could not see his face. Cameraman was telling us to stand together to pose for photos in landscaped gardens.

A.Boakai Namah II

Saturday 23rd of March 2024

Thank you very much for the wonderful interpretations of white dress. But I still wish that you please elaborate on my dream. I had a dreamed, a lady wearing white gown and I were travelling in the name of-to Canada, but walking going through the bush road. We reached to unknown place and I asked her if the place was Canada and she said yes. Even though the place was not looking good as I expected but I felt happy about the place. While walking stirring around, she came to me and showed me my room. On the floor, as about half bucket of water was wasted around the corner. We left the room to go see what we will be doing later. But the place was not crowded, the wall of the buildings were roughly plaster even the room wall. I said in my mind that even though they didn't plaster the walls smooth but they have aboundant of cement which we are in need of to our home. I was glad and hopeful to make use of the aboundant cement to better prepare my place.

Please help me with the meaning of this dream.


Tuesday 12th of March 2024

When we were still together with my ex, I dreamed that when we were walking together with my ex,someone took a stolen picture of us together and I see myself wearing a white dress.


Sunday 3rd of March 2024

I dreamet last week that I had put on a new white dress and on this garment was an embroidery with the lettering Marry Christmas.What can this mean


Monday 12th of February 2024

I dream of me joining a wedding and i was a bridesmaid wearing white cocktail dress long back. And at that wedding i was anxious because we are already late all of are already left. The thing that i am wearing a white cocktail long back dress joining a wedding before walking up. What does it mean.