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13 Dream of Glass in Mouth Meanings

Is there much more horrific and painful imagery than having broken glass in your mouth? It is no wonder that you might feel disturbed if you have dreamt about a mouth full of glass. Such dreams can be stressful and linger in our thoughts as we go about our day.

If you have had a dream about glass in your mouth and are wondering what it could mean, we have the answers for you. In this article, you will find interpretations for common glass-in-mouth dream scenarios.

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Glass Symbolism

Most of us have probably heard the saying that a broken mirror brings seven years of bad luck. But what other beliefs and symbolic meanings are associated with glass?

The glass starts as liquid sand, heated in a fire to make glass. When the glass breaks, it can be re-created as something new. Therefore, most of the time, breaking glass is actually a good omen. The noise of the breaking glass is said to send evil spirits away and make space for good luck to enter your life.

Mouth Symbolism

The mouth is a fundamental component of human activity. We use it to eat, speak, and breathe. We also use our mouths to kiss our loved ones to express tenderness. Our mouths can be considered as a door or a gate to our souls since when we speak we give a voice to our feelings and thoughts.

So if breaking glass is good luck, and the mouth is a door into our soul, what can dreams about a mouth full of glass mean? Let’s find out.

Glass in Mouth Dream Meanings

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What your dream about glass in a mouth means depends on various things. First, you need to consider the dream scenario. For example, was the glass broken or whole? Were you eating broken glass or just holding it in your mouth?

You also need to consider your emotions during the dream. Were you scared, anxious, or maybe angry? What was the reason for having glass in your mouth, or maybe there was no reason at all? You also need to consider what is happening in your waking life because dreams are a way for the subconscious mind to process feelings and thoughts.

Below, you will find the interpretations of some common dreams about glass in the mouth.

1. You Are Unwilling to Express Yourself

A dream where you are eating broken glass is related to the ability to express yourself. If you dream about eating broken glass, it can be a sign that you are unwilling to speak your mind, because you are worried about the consequences or because you feel nobody is interested in your opinions.

The dream is encouraging you to speak your mind. People who truly care about you will respect your opinions.

2. You Regret Something You Said in the Past

A dream of broken glass in your mouth can mean that you regret something you already said. Since there is no way to take back your words, you need to deal with the consequences in your real life. Perhaps you need to apologize to someone or admit that you were wrong.

3. You Should Not Engage in Gossip

A dream about a mouth full of broken glass can mean that you have been gossiping. The dream is a warning. It is telling to stop as nothing good will come out of spreading rumors or half-truths.

Do not be tempted even if others around you are engaged in gossip. Truth always comes out and spreading falsehoods will cause pain and hurt and can damage your relationships.

4. Respect Your Opponent

This dream interpretation is a sign that you haven’t always conducted yourself in the best possible way during an argument. A dream about chewing a saucer or a window that has been broken into small pieces is a reminder to respect your opponent. Always remain polite even in the middle of a heated argument.

5. You Must Deal With Something Unacceptable

If you have to swallow fragments of glass in your dream, it means that you are dealing with something unacceptable. If there is something you cannot accept in your life or someone you know is behaving unacceptably, you need to address it.

It may mean removing yourself from a situation and distancing yourself from certain people. It may not be easy but is likely to be necessary for your well-being.

6. It Can be a Sign of Past Trauma

Sometimes a dream about broken glass in the mouth can reflect a trauma from your past that you have not fully come to terms with. It can be a sign of the fragility you feel after what happened to you.

The dream is prompting you to address this. You need to heal to move forward in life. Find a way to process what caused the trauma through talking to someone, journaling, or through meditation.

7. The Unknown Frightens You

If you are going through changes in your life, the dream could be a sign of your anxiety about the future. You are not sure if the changes are positive. But changes are necessary and can lead to a transformation.

Only through change will we grow and learn new things about ourselves. So the dream is a message to not fear the unknown and to trust that what will happen is for the best.

The type of glass in your mouth or the action can be significant:

8. You Are Chewing on Shards of Glass

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This dream can be a warning sign. It can mean that you are not on the right path and that is why you are encountering setbacks and failure. You need to address your priorities in life.

The dream is a message from your subconscious mind that you need to tap into your inner wisdom. Trust your intuition as you reset your priorities. When you are back on the right path, you can deal with any obstacles life sends your way.

9. Broken Glass Teeth in Your Mouth

Have you and your partner been experiencing problems? Perhaps you don’t see eye to eye anymore and end up quarreling a lot? If that applies to you, then the dream is a metaphor for the communication blocks between you two.

The dream is urging you to start communicating again. Work together to find a way forward.

10. You Have a Heart-Shaped Glass in Your Mouth

This dream is a sign that you have a kind heart. You care for those who are less fortunate and want to help them.

Dreaming of a heart-shaped glass in your mouth means that you should spread the message of love and peace. Use your kindness and positivity to guide others on their journey.

11. Spitting Glass from Your Mouth

This dream is a sign that you are facing many obstacles and disappointments in your waking life. You are trying to be strong and hide your struggles from everyone around you. But deep down, you know you cannot weather it all alone.

The dream is encouraging you to be honest. Be open with the people around you and ask for their help. Everyone needs help from their loved ones now and then, and they’ll be more than willing to help.

12. You Vomit Glass From Your Mouth

This dream can reflect repressed emotions. It may be anger, jealousy, or grief over something that has happened in the past. Suppressing your feelings is not healthy, and the dream means they are threatening to burst out.

You need to deal with your repressed feelings before that happens. If another person causes the feelings, tell them how they have made you feel. If you are angry at yourself over something you did or didn’t do in the past, you need to find a way to forgive yourself.

13. Dream About Black Glass in Your Mouth

Fragments of broken black glass in your mouth in a dream can mean that there is someone in your life who is trying to control you. As glass that has been colored black is no longer transparent, it can also mean that they are keeping secrets from you. If there is someone like that in your life, the dream is encouraging you to distance yourself from them.


Hopefully, you have found answers to your questions about dreams with glass in your mouth in this article. Remember that dreams can have complex meanings and you need to consider different aspects of your life and the dream to interpret it accurately.

Even though some interpretations may seem negative, we need to remember that how we react will make a difference in our waking life. If we understand the message our subconscious is sending us in the dream and act accordingly, we can have positive outcomes or at least minimize potential harm.

If there is anything you would like to ask us about this dream topic, you can write your questions in the comments section.

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Wednesday 15th of November 2023

Dreamt I was wearing the same top and pants I wore when I got raped in my teenage years. Some girl in my dream was admiring those linen pants and I was telling them I've had them for years and they used to be pink but lost color and look very light pink and that I haven't gained weight so I still fit even though they were pants I wore in high school years before I had my daughter.

Given Neo

Wednesday 15th of November 2023

I dreamt I was at a gathering at work holding a broken glass and the (shards) top part of it in my mouth. I wasn't hurt but I was getting them out of my mouth not by hand but opening my mouth a d tongue out to discard them whilst listening attentively to leaders around me.


Thursday 31st of August 2023

Hi please. I had the strangest dream: come one kicked glasses on a high top table and all the shards went into my face and inside my mouth. It was very vivid and I could feel them inside my mouth. I was panicking I didn’t know how to get them out and no one was helping me. Until this blind woman helped me get the glasses off my face. I kept spitting shards of the broken glass with blood. What does it mean? It was so vivid, when I woke up I felt very uneasy