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14 Dream of Crying Meanings

While crying is normally a sign of experiencing negative emotions in real life, dreams about crying include both positive and negative interpretations, and some can even signify good luck.

If you have recently had a dream about crying, you may be wondering what the dream means and what it was trying to tell you. Keep reading to find out what these dreams mean and what they may mean for you.

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What Does It Mean To Dream About Crying?

Dreams about crying can be interpreted in many different ways. Just like in real life, crying in a dream is related to a person’s feelings.

Because there are so many meanings of the dream, it is important to pay attention to other details of your dream and have self-awareness so you can figure out what is really going on and what this dream means for you.

Here are the most popular interpretations of dreams about crying.

1. You Are Healing

If you have a dream that you are crying, it could symbolize spiritual healing from past trauma or things that have hurt us.

You are experiencing an emotional cleansing and letting go of something you have been holding on to for years. The tears flowing in your dream represent the cleansing of your soul. Trust the process and let it go. There is no need to hold onto all of that pain and grief.

2. Ultimate Fulfillment

If you are crying happy tears in your dream, this means you feel like your life is fulfilled. You have everything you ever wanted and have achieved what you set out to achieve.

This dream may happen after getting your dream job or finding your soulmate. Alternatively, this crying dream may be a sign that your life will soon be fulfilled if it isn’t already.

Whatever the case, take this dream as a sign to show gratitude for the wonderful things in your life and the wonderful things to come.

3. You Feel Lonely

Sometimes, dreams about crying could mean you feel lonely. This is especially true if you are an introvert and don’t like to have a lot of people in your life.

If this is the case, this dream is cluing you into the emptiness you feel inside and telling you not to shut yourself off from the world.

Try putting yourself out there and stepping outside of your comfort zone to meet a few people. You never know when you may need a shoulder to cry on or a helping hand.

4. You Are Holding A Grudge

If you dream you are crying and angry, this could mean you are holding a grudge and want revenge. Someone, such as an ex, a close friend, or a family member, has hurt you, and you want payback.

It could be something that happened recently or years ago.  Either way, this dream is trying to tell you that you are still holding resentment toward this person, and your heart is filled with hatred.

If you continue down this path, it will harden you. It is better to let go and forgive this person even if they don’t deserve it. Offer reconciliation and allow yourself to move on.

5. A Sign Of Good Luck

Contrary to what it feels like in the dream, if you dream about crying at a funeral, it could be a good sign! Maybe you will get a promotion, come into good fortune, or meet your soulmate.

This could also signify that any burdens or sorrow you have been carrying will go away and be replaced by joy and happiness.

If you have this dream, keep an eye out for blessings that appear to be coming your way.

6. You Feel Exposed

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If you dream that you are crying in front of a crowd, it means that you are feeling vulnerable. You are experiencing emotions that you don’t want others to see, but they are getting hard to hide.

Alternatively, it could mean you live in fear of judgment for your actions and behavior, whether they are acceptable or not.

7. A Bad Omen

If you are scared and crying, this could be a bad sign. Sometimes this type of dream is a warning something bad is on the horizon. It could be a huge disagreement with a friend that ruins your friendship or even health problems that could be life-threatening.

If you dream that one of your relatives is crying, it could mean danger is on the horizon for them, and you may need to take action to prevent something bad from happening to them.

Make sure to pay attention to other details of the dream before choosing this as your interpretation, as you don’t want to worry for no reason.

8. You Are Afraid

If you are crying as an expression of grief in your dream, it means that you are afraid of losing someone you love in real life.

This can be either through death or separation, and your subconscious mind is working through your fears of losing this person.

It is important to remember that even though we may fear losing people close to us, we shouldn’t let it get in the way of our happiness.

9. You Have Anxiety

If you dream that you are watching yourself cry, this symbolizes the anxiety you feel in your waking life. Such dreams are a sign that you are faced with many obstacles, and you are likely experiencing a lot of unhappiness due to the stress.

Alternatively, if you dream of a stranger crying, it means you are anxious and worried about hurting someone you care about.

Whichever the case, you need to take time for yourself to reflect and relax. Try meditation or taking a quick vacation to realign yourself and decompress.

10. A Sign Of Celebration

If the tears in your dream were tears of joy, this means a celebration is coming in the near future.

It could be a housewarming party for your dream house or a surprise party that your friends and family throw in your honor to celebrate all of your achievements and bring you gifts.

However, remember to stay humble and show gratitude to the people who care enough about you to come to your celebration.

11. Be Careful about Whom You Trust

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If you have a dream that you are comforting someone who is crying, this may be a sign to be careful about whom you trust. Someone you think you know well may be hiding a dark secret and trying to fool you.

Keep your guard up and watch out for red flags and signs the people closest to you are showing.

Also, pay attention to other signs and symbols in your dream that may be trying to tell you who the person is that could potentially be a danger to you or your family.

12. You have failed yourself or someone else

If you dream that you are crying in private, this means you feel like you have failed yourself. You had big dreams and goals, and you have not been working as hard as you should obtain them.

Alternatively, if you see your wife or husband crying in your dream, or even your lover, this could mean you have failed or betrayed them in some way.

13. You Are Experiencing Helplessness

If you have recurrent dreams of crying, this could indicate that you feel helplessness and disappointment with your life.

You have been through some unfortunate events lately, and you don’t know how to get out of the darkness. You may even feel sorry for yourself and have a pity party.

This is toxic thinking, and this dream is a sign that you need to deal with your negative feelings and frustrations, or else all of your sadness could develop into depression.

14. You Are Being Manipulative

If you dream that you are crying fake tears, this could be a sign that you are being manipulative in a situation. You are trying to get something you want by making someone feel sorry for you.

You may even be tricking someone into thinking you care about them when your intentions are purely selfish.

You should take this dream as a sign to stop before you hurt someone or yourself. You need to let this person know you were not being completely honest with them and ask for forgiveness before it’s too late.


There are many different interpretations for dreams about crying, so it is important to self-reflect before deciding what you think your dream was trying to tell you. Did you find this article helpful? Please let us know in the comments. We love to hear from our readers!

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