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8 Dream of Turtles Meanings

Most people can’t tell the difference between a turtle and a tortoise. Even if you can tell these species apart, you can’t help thinking of them as wise, deep, and spiritual. Turtles are broadly recognized across the globe and throughout history as symbols of prosperity, longevity, abundance, connection with the planet, and protection.

Turtles have appeared in ancient stories and folklore and are utilized as a symbol to offer metaphors for various parts of the human experience. Therefore, what does it mean to dream about turtles, and how can these dreams impact your waking life?

8 Dream of Turtles Meanings1

The Spiritual Meaning of Turtles in Dreams

Turtle dreams represent harmony and the health of the environment and lifestyle. The turtle’s shell in a dream might symbolize seclusion, protection, or being shelled/closed off from other people. Since turtles are known to have a slow pace, they might show up in your dream to pass a message relating to time.

Based on the context of the turtle dream, the interpretation of a turtle appearing in your dream can have a different meaning. Let’s go over the most common turtle dreams and their interpretations.

1. Your Hard Work and Determination Will Soon Pay Off

Turtles are depicted as determined, resilient older women in ancient mythology and folklore. While the turtle’s shell signifies heavy burdens, it carries them everywhere. The cumbersomeness of the shell doesn’t deter the creature from living a vibrant, long life, enjoying the land and waters in the same measures. Its painfully slow motion may make you think it won’t reach its destination or achieve anything significant. Despite all that, the turtle lives happily without any help.

The turtle signifies focus and determination. These two virtues can help you accomplish your goals and overcome all obstacles. Therefore, the turtle dream reminds you that you need to remain focused and stay on the course.

Accomplishing your goals might take longer than expected but be confident you’ll get there. As the saying goes, “ slow but sure wins the race.”

2. You Should Face Your Challenges

If you dream about snapping turtles, that’s a symbol of any goals or dreams you left unaccomplished, and you should get out of your comfort zone and work on achieving those goals. If you dream about turtles attacking or turtle bites, this might indicate that someone close to you will betray you. That’s because you may have kept them waiting longer on the critical decision.

Dreams about turtles attacking you could also symbolize that you’re avoiding confronting essential issues you can’t overlook in your life.

If you grab a turtle in a dream, this is a sign that you’re involved in arguments or power battles with someone who isn’t resourceful like you. It’s an indication that you will win that argument.

Lastly, if you ever dream about an aggressive turtle chasing you, that indicates that you shouldn’t hide from your problems but instead face them head-on.

3. New Opportunities on Your Way

Turtles symbolize good fortune, fertility, and abundance. Having turtle dreams is an indication that good things are on your way. You should expect astonishing blessings if you see a turtle with its head held higher. It’s rare for these sea creatures to hold their heads high, away from their shells, unless their safety is guaranteed.

Similarly, you should expect unusual opportunities to come your way. However, you must stay alert for you to see and tap into these new opportunities. Remaining in your comfort zone won’t do you any good, provided your safety isn’t at risk. So, get out of that comfort zone and take advantage of the many blessings waiting for you.

Turtles hold strong symbolism linked with fertility. So, seeing a turtle in your dreams or waking life is good news if you want to start or grow your family. It’s important to channel that turtle spirit of well-being and fertility now.

8 Dream of Turtles Meanings2

4. Nurture Your Habits and Never Give Up

Dreaming about pet turtles symbolizes nurturing something. This can be a habit, goal, or aspect of yourself. Pet turtles represent the importance of patience in nurturing, which requires unconditional love, determination, and commitment to attain your goal.

In a dream that you see an animal as a pet, it relates to a determination to the goal or ownership over things in your energetic space. Dreaming about a pet turtle reminds you to show up for the goal every day, even if it’s attaining small tasks and moving your steps to success.

For instance, if you want to nurture the habit of meditating daily, having a pet turtle dream helps you realize that you should take ownership of that part of your life and want to work on it slowly. That implies feeding it daily and maintaining it while watching it thrive and grow.

Turtles are about steady and slow movement, building a mindset of patience, persistence, and determination. Once you master this mindset, you can achieve great things in life.

5. You Feel Like Hiding to Stay Safe

If your dream of a turtle hiding in a shell, it might symbolize a condition where you feel like you should withdraw to stay safe. You may be unable to take forward steps in your life while hiding out. But in a threatening situation, surviving might be enough of an achievement. The turtle’s shell indicates that you have the alternative of a secure place.

Dreaming of a turtle hiding in the shell might also symbolize that someone close to you is avoiding you. You may feel frustrated that they refuse to engage with you whenever you need to interact with them about important things.

6. You Should Embrace New Life and Transformation

Dreaming about baby turtles might symbolize changes you might be going through in life. If you dream about turtle eggs, it indicates that you are under stress and pressure. Try to relax and ease the burdens off your shoulder. You can seek help from close friends and family. Baby turtles will make you understand various things in your work and personal life.

If you’re going through work-related stress, dreaming about baby turtles might mean that you should learn how to collaborate with other people around you.

It might also mean you need to give your spouse or kids more freedom and avoid helping them out. Let them learn on their own and make mistakes, as they can learn from them.

Dreaming about baby turtles coming out of their eggs could mean you are set for new beginnings. The eggs indicate that you are making steady and slow progress.

8 Dream of Turtles Meanings3

7. Stop Overthinking and Pay Close Attention To Subtle Things

If you dream of turtles chasing you in a dream, it symbolizes that some things in your life are moving fast for your comfort. It can also mean you’re insecure about your intelligence level or capability or not being good enough.

Turtles are an iconic depiction of slow movements. Therefore, in a dream, if the turtle is chasing you or running fast, it indicates that the things you believe to be slow are overtaking you. This can translate into any career, skill, energetic situation, relationship, or motherhood. For instance, if you’re starting a new career, you might feel you qualify to keep up. Nevertheless, the learning curve might be steep, and you start being hard on yourself for not keeping up.

This dream might also indicate that some things in your life aren’t out of sync related to the pace at which you’re moving. You might be designed to move more slowly throughout life, but your reality makes you move faster than you should keep up.

Dreaming about a turtle chasing you could be an invitation to investigate the pace at which you are moving and what living conditions, jobs, hobbies, and relationships align with your pace. So, you can choose a lifestyle that aligns with your natural pace.

8. Good Things Are About to Happen

Dreaming of colored sea turtles is a good sign. There are various interpretations of dreams about colored sea turtles. You might see green, golden, blue, or black turtles.

Green turtles are a good sign as it symbolizes virtue and good health. Golden turtles represent a positive, fortunate time of your life and good fortune awaiting you. Blue turtles represent good traits like wisdom and honesty you see in other people, while black turtles mean obstacles in your life.


The turtle has been a sign of immortality and longevity in Asia and Native American cultures for centuries. The creatures are known to be connected to living for many years. Dreaming about turtles doesn’t mean negative things; it’s only a sign of a transformation or change.

Dreaming of turtles might have much symbolism based on the context and your emotions towards the events in that dream. It can be a warning sign or sign of protection, time, seclusion, positivity, loyalty, harmony, and health.

Have you ever dreamt about turtles? Share your dream in the comments section below.

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Sunday 28th of April 2024

I recently had a dream of Turtles. It’s more like museum or zoo where only turtles. There is a cave and lots of turtles. Lots of people came to see and we have to walk through turtles. My parents, sis in law, nephew and I went to see and by mistake my nephew stepped on one big turtle and turtle attacked on him. We now taking our nephew to Dr but in the way coming out of cave my mom met lots of other people who we know and one auntie stepped on turtle and blue turtle bit her on legs but she is not affected at all. I am screaming for my mum so we can be out of cave but she is not listening and my sis in law and my nephew is already left us and I woke up. I really don’t know what does it mean.


Sunday 17th of March 2024 turtle dream was while I was in jail for the first time recently at age 50 for domestic against my husband. This dream has been haunting me and driving me nuts and I am trying to figure out what it means!! The dream was of two bald eagles in a tug of war over a soft shell turtle in the sky. One eagle would win, and another would swoop in and start the tug of war all over again. Meanwhile the turtle stayed inside its shell. This continued until I woke up and it's as vivid now as it was a month ago when I had it! I was telling a few native girls of the dream and they gasped and said THAT MEANS SOMETHING! And asked if I had any native blood. Well I have a small bit of Cherokee, Commanche, and Chippewa, but VERY little.


Monday 25th of September 2023

I dream about a turtle riding in my shoulder.


Tuesday 22nd of August 2023

I dreamt about cutting the back of a turtle using a cutlass