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5 A Bird Lands On You Spiritual Meanings

When it comes to animal symbolism, there aren’t many animals out there that have as many powerful connotations attached to them as birds. From giant birds of prey such as eagles to small garden birds like magpies, it feels like every bird on the planet has some kind of hidden meaning behind them.

Today, we are going to be looking at what it could mean for you if a bird lands on you. To understand these theories, though, we first of all need to understand how different species of birds around the world are generally symbolized.

5 A Bird Lands On You Spiritual Meanings1

Different Types Of Birds And Their Symbolism

Across the entire planet, there are around 10,000 different species of birds and many of them are symbolized in one way or the other. Don’t worry, we’re not going to go through every bird species today as that would take us all year. However, we are going to draw your attention to some of the most important symbolism related to certain species.

Please note that this information has been drawn from general folklore, in addition to myths and legends from various cultures across the world including Native American tribes.

1. Albatross

Albatross are generally associated with the ocean and the weather. In old tales, it was said that sailors would follow these birds to navigate across choppy seas. Those that ignored these birds or worse, killed them, would be destined for a voyage of bad luck.

2. Blackbirds

Blackbirds are seen as magical and mysterious beings in many cultures. Many people view blackbirds as a bad omen, with many cultures believing that they are messengers of death.

3. Crows

Crows are another bird that symbolizes death. While this is mainly looked at in a negative light, some cultures look at this as more of a sign of transformation to the spirit realm. This can bring comfort to those who have recently lost a loved one.

4. Doves

Doves are seen as symbols of peace, purity, and love. A sighting of a dove is therefore looked at as a good omen.

5. Eagles

Eagles are often seen as symbols of power, wisdom, and strength. They are often used as emblems for people in powerful positions.

6. Falcons

Falcons are similar to eagles in the sense that they are also seen as regal and powerful birds. They are often looked at as symbols of victory, strength, and speed.

7. Magpies

Magpies are creatures steeped in superstition. Many people believe that the sighting of one magpie symbolizes sorrow, but the sighting of two symbolizes joy.

8. Owls

Owls are seen as creatures of the night that, throughout history, have commonly been associated with wisdom. Due to their elusiveness, they are also symbols of mystery and intrigue.

9. Peacocks

Peacocks are creatures that are associated with prosperity and divinity. If you ever encounter a peacock it is said to be a sign of good luck and that you are due to receive some good fortune.

10. Ravens

Ravens are associated with psychics and fortune telling. As a result, they are commonly seen as symbols of foresight and intelligence.

5 A Bird Lands On You Spiritual Meanings2

What Does It Mean When Birds Land On You?

Now that you have some basic knowledge about what different birds symbolize, it’s time to figure out what it could mean for you if a bird, or a flock of birds for that matter, lands on you. There are many different meanings behind this action, and it doesn’t always have to occur in real life either for it to mean something.

If you have had a dream of a bird landing on you or interacting with you then you should consider the following meanings in the same way.

1. A message from a loved one

As we’ve established, many birds are associated with the afterlife with some cultures believing that human spirits return in the form of birds. If a bird flies at you and decides to land on you then it may well be a loved one who has passed away coming to provide you with comfort.

If you have recently lost a close family member or friend then this could provide you with a great deal of happiness and reassurance. The sign of a bird perching itself on you is a message from your loved one that they are okay and that they want you to stop being sad.

If you haven’t recently lost someone and are no longer mourning the death of anyone, then it could still be a message from the afterlife. It could be a loved one who used to support you unconditionally while they were alive coming to remind you of your strengths and to ensure you keep believing in yourself.

2. A symbol of peace

While some birds are symbols of death, others are symbols of peace and purity. A small bird landing on you can actually be a very peaceful encounter as they perch on your shoulder and flutter their wings in the sunlight.

The physical peace that this encounter gives you should also be embraced spiritually, too. Perhaps you’ve been going through a stressful time in your life, either personally or at work. This encounter should remind you of the importance of taking time out to simply relax.

Going forward, you should consider meditation techniques to try and replicate this feeling of peace.

3. An omen of death

Without being too morbid, sometimes a bird landing on you can indicate that death is on the way. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that you are about to drop dead! However, it could mean that someone in your life could be about to pass into the afterlife.

Take this message as an indicator to make the most of your time with close friends and family while they are with us on earth. Time isn’t infinite and this bird landing on you should be a reminder of that.

To look at this omen in a positive light, you may have a loved one who has been suffering from a long-term illness and this could be a sign that their suffering is about to end. If you are religious, it will also mean that someone you love will be entering heaven/paradise, which is seen as a positive transition.

5 A Bird Lands On You Spiritual Meanings3

4. A sign of good luck

On the opposite end of the spectrum, certain birds symbolize good luck and fortune. If one lands on you then it could be a sign that you are about to encounter some good luck in the coming days. It could be something as small as finding a bit of money on the floor or it could be something as big as landing your dream job.

Either way, many people automatically associate birds with bad omens but it doesn’t always have to be that way.

5. A reminder to be brave

As we saw earlier, certain birds of prey such as eagles and falcons are symbols of bravery, power, and strength. These are all positive personality traits that many of us would like to have in abundance so use a bird landing on you as an encouragement to be braver in your life.

Bravery is often associated with physical feats such as going into war, however, it doesn’t always have to mean that. Being brave can be quitting a job that pays you well but doesn’t make you happy in favor of one that does the opposite or leaving a toxic long-term relationship.

There will almost certainly be an aspect of your life that requires bravery and a bird landing on you could give you the push you need to make an important decision.

Where The Bird Lands On You Matters

While we have been talking about birds generally landing on you so far, it does make a difference where they land when it comes to the spiritual meanings behind the action. Generally speaking, the higher up on your body the bird lands the more positive the omen.

If a bird lands on your feet and legs then it can be a bad sign both spiritually and in reality. Spiritually, this action is seen as a bad omen and in reality, it means that the bird is threatened by you, particularly if it is flapping its wings and ruffling its feathers. Perhaps you have stepped on their territory and the bird is warning you off or maybe it is a mother looking to protect her babies.

Whereas if one lands on your shoulder then it will more than likely indicate peace. When a bird does this it is often because they are tired and are looking for somewhere to perch. They see your shoulder as a safe and peaceful spot to recharge their batteries.

Final Words

To conclude, a bird landing on you can actually mean quite a few things. This is in large due to the number of different birds that are known to commonly rest on humans. We hope that you now have a greater understanding of the symbolism behind this act so that the next time it happens, you can be better prepared to take it all in.

5 A Bird Lands On You Spiritual Meanings4

Kevin Wade Faler II

Tuesday 5th of March 2024

Not sure what the bird was doing, but I was walking my stepsister's deer head Chihuahua earlier not too long ago and out of nowhere one of the birds (don't know what kind of bird they were) decided to fly straight at me randomly to where I can hear the flapping of the bird's wings and then next you know it flew away.

This is literally the 2nd time this happened, and I don't know what it means.


Monday 17th of April 2023

A loved one of mine passed away last month, and last week a bird flew into my back. Maybe it was a message sent from heaven.