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9 A Bird Poops On You Spiritual Meanings

Dreams are a mysterious thing. They bubble up from your subconscious and grant you access to a realm of hidden thoughts, memories, and emotional yearnings.

Understanding the symbolic meaning of a dream is challenging. They are filled with herbs, flowers, metals, animals, and inanimate objects.

These symbols come together to form a picture of your mind’s desires, problems, or private joys that only you can understand. But what does it mean when a bird poops on you? Let’s take a look at the dream symbolism of bird excrement.

9 A Bird Poops On You Spiritual Meanings1

The Symbolism of Bird Poop

There is a common superstition that bird poop means good fortune, and an ancient correlation can be found between birds being a spiritual meaning for freedom and prosperity. It is not just physical freedom, but it also shows emotional freedom.

Even our ancestors considered birds to be creatures that are a sign of good luck. Dreams with bird droppings can be interpreted in many ways. Be it a large bird or a smaller bird, they all mean something. A pigeon, owl, and eagle have different meanings than crows, ravens, and doves.

Spiritual Meanings Of A Bird Pooping On You

While having bird droppings fall on you is typically a negative experience, seeing it in a dream is no less than a gift and brings numerous blessings.

Maybe the next lottery ticket you scratch is the winning one, or if you’ve been trying to get pregnant or are awaiting a response such as securing admission to a prestigious college, you should expect to hear good news soon! However, this is not always the case. Some instances of folklore say that bird poop can be a bad omen and bring bad luck.

Let’s take a look at some common interpretations of dreaming about bird droppings and how you can use them to understand better your waking life.

1. You Are About to Enter Financial Prosperity

A widespread belief is that bird droppings are symbols of financial prosperity. It is linked to material profit or coming into the access of a large amount of money. If you’re dreaming of some bird poop landing on your head, you should prepare for a significant increase in cash.

If you’re surprised by the poop falling on your head, it’s a sign that someone will give you a large sum of money, and that your profits will come quickly. Perhaps your business has suffered a loss, and the bank will finally approve the loan.

It also portrays the dreamer’s wish to improve their financial situation. If you’ve been struggling financially and are experiencing these types of dreams, it’s time you consider new opportunities and avenues to improve your financial situation. Apply for new jobs, shift your career paths or start a new business!

If you dream about this in abundance, it means that your financial situation is something that is constantly on your mind. It would help if you took the liberty to make some changes like start saving and look for part-time jobs.

2. You Are Experiencing Trouble and Conflict in Your Life

Birds can sometimes be loud and rowdy and ruin your peace. If you dream of their droppings, you may be in trouble.

If you see this in your dream, you may be experiencing some trouble at home or at your workplace. In order to better understand your dream, you need to locate the source of the conflict in your waking life.

It could be a friend betraying you or perhaps a loved one walking out of a relationship of many years.

This is why it’s crucial that you keep all the details of the dream in a diary when you wake up. You can easily translate the dream signals and use that as a guide to better your waking life.

The odds are that if you’ve had this dream, there’s some kind of gossip, unpleasant conflict or conversation, or slander that has been bothering you. So if you have this dream, try focusing on conflicts causing you stress or anxiety.

3. You Want to Change Your Behavior and Character

In many cultures, bird symbolism is freedom. If you’ve had this dream, the new-found freedom you gained after entering your later life or ending your toxic relationship could have molded your personality negatively. It’s typical for us to hold our emotions back and respond coldly if we have been hurt before.

This is why you need to take this dream as a sign to have a spiritual cleansing and rethink your personality.

It would help if you thought about other people’s feelings before acting. It’s common for others to use their freedom and neglect everyone’s feelings around them, and that’s precisely the type of behavior you should avoid. You should be kind to people and think before you speak to avoid saying anything hurtful.

Use this dream about animal feces as a sign to take some of your evil tendencies like manipulation and anger and mold your personality by incorporating more positive traits into your character. It is time for a transformation!

9 A Bird Poops On You Spiritual Meanings2

4. You May Get a Good Job with Bad Hours

Dreaming about birds in a closed, small cage has very specific symbolism. People who work in the sector and work long hours can resonate strongly with these feelings. Being held off from your daily life, especially a job you don’t like is excruciating.

If utilized correctly, the symbolism can prove to be the most effective of all. Even if you’re holding yourself back at a job because it pays well, these dreams signify that you have lost your freedom. It’s time you rethink whether you want to give up hope and financial prosperity by staying in the same toxic workplace.

This kind of wisdom comes rarely, and transforming it into reality takes hard work.

5. You May Be Getting Married for Selfish Reasons

An old wives tale is that when a bird poops on a bride’s or a groom’s wedding attire, it’s a sign of bad luck. This only holds true when it’s their wedding day.

According to the tale, one of the partners married the other purely for selfish reasons. The most common reason is money and power, to take advantage of their significant other.

These birds are no less than guardian angels trying to protect you. If you dream that a bird is pooping on your wedding attire, take some time to consider all the off-details about your partner in great detail. Maybe you missed some red flags because you were blinded by love.

6. Safe and Easy Childbirth

It’s a good sign if you’re pregnant and have a dream in which the bird poops on your head! It means that your baby is in good health and you are free of any illness that could harm you and the baby.

However, this dream should only be taken as a sign that you and your baby are doing well, and all the necessary precautions must be taken to protect the health of both. Look after your digestion and visit your doctor regularly.

7. Good Grades and Talent

Often parents worry about their children’s future, and it’s hard to get rid of all this anxiety. This is why we, as parents, must listen to our children’s dreams in great detail.

If a child dreams of a bird pooping on their head, it’s a sign that they are talented and hard-working, and will likely get good grades in the future. The droppings of the mystical creatures are also an indication that the child is a very gifted individual.

If your child has this dream, you should encourage them to follow their passions because it is very likely that they will be successful at it!

9 A Bird Poops On You Spiritual Meanings3

8. You Need to Recognize Your Internal Troubles

Dreaming about bird poop may symbolize that you need to clear a mental boundary so that you can achieve mental well-being. It is likely that you have some negative influences in your life that act as messengers telling your mind that you can’t achieve what you want.

On the other hand, the truth is that you are stopping yourself from achieving success, and you need to go outside your comfort zone to gain the self-confidence you need to thrive.

9. You Need to Assert Yourself

If you have a dream where a bird is pooping on you, it means that you don’t take responsibility for your own problems and likely burden other people in your life with helping you through your issues.

It’s typical for us to blame others for the mess we created for ourselves. It’s an easy escape from the harsh realities of life, but to better ourselves, we must take the necessary measures.

Do not doubt your ability to deal with your problems on your own. Burdening other people with your pain is damaging for both yourself and all the people in your life. You must own up to your issues and deal with them head-on instead of hiding from them.

You should not blame other people for your shortcomings; look within and try to change yourself from there.

Final Thoughts

Dreaming about bird poop has numerous interpretations than one would have thought. Dreaming about these mythical creatures can guide you on many things in life, depending on the details you have noticed in your dream.

So if you’ve had dreams like this, this article provides you with ample guidance on how to implement them in everyday life.

If you have had any dreams which involve bird poop that we haven’t mentioned above, feel free to tell us about it in the comments below.

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