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9 Dream Of Kittens Meanings

For people who have pet cats, it can put them in a great mood in the morning if they have had dreams about felines during the night. However, sometimes these dreams can have a deeper meaning, especially when they feature kittens rather than bigger cats such as tigers and lions.

Today, we are going to be looking at some of the most common dreams that people experience featuring kittens and the possible symbolic meaning behind each one.

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Spiritual Meanings Of Kitten Dream

1. You are too innocent and pure for your own good

Generally speaking, if you dream of kittens frequently then it could be a sign that you are being walked over in your waking life. Kittens are symbols of innocence and purity and while these aren’t exactly negative personality traits to have they can make you vulnerable to certain individuals.

If you are having recurring dreams of kittens then it may well be that your subconscious is letting you know that someone in your life is taking advantage of these positive personality traits. Take this as a sign to keep a closer eye on those around you and to perhaps stop being unconditionally generous to everyone, particularly those who seemingly aren’t appreciative of you.

Additionally, if you are dreaming about white kittens specifically then focus more on the purity aspect of the dream. Keep a close eye out for anyone whose intentions don’t seem pure or for people who seem like they have an ulterior motive for everything they do. This doesn’t necessarily have to be towards you, it could be someone who is trying to deceive a loved one or a close friend.

2. It’s time to start working on yourself and your relationships

If you are dreaming about a kitten drinking milk then it could be a sign that you need to do something to improve your behavior and mindset. Just as kittens use milk to build strength, you should use these dreams as motivation to find ways to build yourself up to tackle new challenges and obstacles in your life.

Perhaps certain relationships in your life have been growing stale. This kind of dream should give you the jolt you need to start putting more effort into them to bring them back to life before it is too late. With a little bit of love and nurturing, you should be able to get yourself and your personal relationships back on track.

3. A bad omen for what’s to come

Certain kitten dreams can resemble nightmares and can indicate that perhaps you haven’t made the correct decision with something in your life. The worst dream you can have in relation to kittens is if you are dreaming about dead kittens.

Perhaps you have made an important decision recently such as ending a long-term relationship or quitting a long-term job. If you are dreaming of dead kittens on the back of a decision like this then it may well be a warning sign that you have made the wrong decision.

Your subconscious mind may well be telling you to reconsider the decision you have made before it is too late. When you wake up, you should ponder whether you have been too hasty in your decision-making recently and try and make things right.

4. You’re ready to take on more responsibilities

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If you are dreaming about kittens being born or a new litter of kittens then it could be a sign that you are ready to take on more responsibility in your life. It’s easy to put two and two together here and assume that newborn kittens mean that a newborn baby is heading your way but don’t worry, this kind of dream doesn’t necessarily mean that. However, it does likely mean that there will be an increase in your responsibilities in certain aspects of your life.

Perhaps an unexpected new opportunity in your career will pop up that will mean you have to take on new and exciting challenges. Don’t be afraid of these new responsibilities though, they will lead to new possibilities in your life that have the potential to make you happier than you currently are.

5. A sign to resolve uncertainty in your life

If you are dreaming about grey kittens then you are more than likely going through a little bit of uncertainty in your life. Perhaps you are currently suffering from anxiety or self-doubt about something in your personal life and are unsure about how you should deal with the matter.

The sight of grey kittens in your dream is a sign that the time has come to do something about this self-doubt and uncertainty and to stop pushing the problem further down the road. Once you have figured out how to overcome these challenges, you may start to notice a transformation in the color of the kittens that you dream about.

Alternatively, grey kittens can also be a sign that you need to truly forgive someone in your life. Grey is a color that symbolizes something being in limbo – it isn’t quite black or white. Perhaps there is someone in your life who has wronged you in the past and is begging for forgiveness. The time has come to decide on this person one way or the other.

6. A sign to trust your gut instincts

If you are dreaming about black kittens then it may well be a sign for you to trust your gut instincts. In real life, black cats are generally symbolized as evil beings that bring people bad luck so if you are dreaming about one and you believe in spirituality then it likely means that misfortune is on the way.

If you ignore these signs and stop trusting your gut instincts and intuition, then there is going to be no way of preventing this misfortune or dealing with it effectively when it arrives. Make peace with the fact that something bad might be about to happen and prepare yourself as best you can. After all, it may never come anyway!

7. A good omen for what’s to come

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While some cats can indicate bad luck, others can indicate impending good luck and fortune. If you are dreaming about ginger kittens then this is the case. For whatever reason, many spiritual people believe that a sighting of a ginger cat is a very good sign in real life and this notion carries through into dreams too.

With that in mind, have faith in your inner self and start going for things that you were previously too scared to do. Failing that, buy a lottery ticket – you never know!

8. A sign to appreciate those around you more

If you are dreaming about a group of abandoned kittens then it could be your subconscious self telling you to start appreciating your close friends and family more before you are left to fend for yourself. There is only so much pushback a person or a group of people can take so if you are somebody who likes to reject affection and intimacy maybe it’s time to change your psyche.

Dreaming about abandoned kittens shows that, deep down, you are scared of abandonment and being alone. Sure, you may think it’s good to be independent and have an element of self-reliance but if you were on your own all the time then life would be extremely difficult.

So, although these kinds of dreams can be quite distressing take comfort from the fact that you don’t have to experience this kind of loneliness – simply start making more of an effort with those closest to you.

9. A sign to resolve any conflict in your life

While many of us would like to dream about fluffy kittens, it isn’t unheard of for some people to dream about angry and aggressive kittens. If you are dreaming about a kitten being aggressive and attacking you then this could be a metaphor for some kind of conflict that is going on in your personal life.

This doesn’t necessarily have to mean the conflict you are experiencing is physical like it is in your dream, it just likely means that you are feeling vulnerable in the situation. You should use this dream and vulnerability as motivation to try and find a resolution as soon as possible.

Perhaps you are going through a turbulent time in your love life. The longer you let these arguments rumble on the less likely you are to find a happy solution. It’s time to put your foot down and seek out a final resolution, whether that be to end the relationship altogether or to make a huge effort to stop the conflict. Simply letting this tension rumble on will only do more harm than good in the long run.

Final Words

To conclude, there are various types of kitten dreams that people experience, the majority of which have been covered here today. As you can see, these dreams can bring about a whole host of emotions so it’s important to focus only on the ones that resemble the types of dreams that you have been experiencing if you want to discover the symbolic meaning behind them.

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