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5 Dream of Being Followed Meanings

Being followed can spook even the strongest person, and being followed in your dream is no different. Most of the time, these dreams represent a greater issue from your waking life that is seeping into your subconscious mind.

Using skilled interpretation, you can better understand your life’s obstacles by analyzing what your dream truly represents.

Dream of Being Followed

How to Interpret Your Dream

A correct dream interpretation will depend on the minute details you can remember.

First, sit in a quiet space and close your eyes. Think back to your dream and try to remember where you were, who was following you, how you felt, and what you saw in your surroundings. Keep a pen and paper close by to jot down anything that comes to mind.

Once you remember all you can, read the next section to see if any common themes about being followed resonate with you and your dream. Use this as guidance when delving into your dream interpretation.

Finally, check out the specific details at the end of this guide to see if your dream overlaps with any listed plots. This will give you a deeper look at your dream’s meaning.

Common Themes of Being Followed

When you dream about being followed or chased, it’s usually your body’s manifestation of anxiety or negative feelings you are experiencing in real life. More often than not, being followed in a dream means you are ignoring a large problem that needs to be dealt with or that you feel threatened by someone close to you. Such dreams can come from stressors at work, at home, or even in public spaces.

1. You Are Ignoring a Problem in Your Life

To chase or follow someone is done as a last resort when the person up front refuses to stop. More often than not, human beings tend to procrastinate or run from big problems or life decisions. When things get overwhelming it’s easier – at least at the moment – to sweep them under the rug than it is to face them.

If this sounds too familiar, the issue you have been ignoring may be what prompted your dream of being followed. These issues could be relationship problems, a work situation, or a crisis about your own identity.

Other issues you may be running from including sexual desires, strange impulses, or generally bad feelings you have been trying to suppress. If you find it hard to control these thoughts while awake, you may be figuratively chased by them at night when your conscious mind experiences a lack of control.

Other problems people ignore may be deep-rooted, such as childhood trauma or abuse. If your dream scenario resembles a negative experience or stressful event that has marked you, you may be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder  (PTSD). One common symptom of PTSD is reoccurring nightmares about the event.

Common Themes of Being Followed

2. You Feel Threatened by Someone

Another reason you may dream about being followed is if your subconscious perceives the pursuer to be a threat. It could be a physically aggressive person, an emotional manipulator, or an otherwise imposing person who wants to control you.

Think carefully about any people who have been bothering you lately. Remember that they could be just as covertly negative as they are obvious. Listen to your gut feeling and pay close attention to any new faces that have recently entered your social circle.

If one of these people appears in your dream, you have uneasy feelings about their presence. You can either get to know them better or choose to distance yourself from them if you think they have bad intentions.

While a person may seem to be a stranger in your dream, it’s physically impossible for the brain to conjure an image of an unknown person while dreaming. Instead, this “stranger” maybe two or more people you know mixed together or a person you’ve seen briefly in public but don’t recall while awake.

Interpretations of Being Followed in a Dream

The following scenarios are the most common within dreams of being followed. If your dream had one or more of these aspects, you can dissect the mysterious situation a bit further and understand more about where your dream came from.

1. Being Followed by a Car

If you were being followed by a car in your dream, this means you are nearing burnout once you wake up. The dreamer in this scenario feels like they can’t outrun their problems and that they are bound to be overtaken by them.

If you try to escape by car in the dream, you’ll begin a dangerous game of cat and mouse that could end in their demise, showing how helpless the situation is.

If you’re being followed by a car and can’t see the driver, this points to daily stressors as your pursuer. It’s time to face your issues, make a prioritized to-do list, and start tackling the problems at hand.

2. Being Followed by a One Person

If you are being followed – either by car or on foot – by a person you don’t recognize, their sex could shed light on what your dream means.

Being followed by a man reflects masculine societal values, such as being focused on work and being tough. You may dream this if you’ve felt inadequate or too emotional lately.

Being followed by a woman reflects feminine societal values, such as taking care of one’s interpersonal relationships or staying organized. If you dream this, you may feel that your life has gotten chaotic lately and you may not have the romantic or social support that you’d like.

If you’re followed by someone you know, you should analyze your relationship with that person deeply, as there are unresolved issues at play. You may be subconsciously suspicious that the other person is jealous of you or that they are out to get you.

3. Being Followed by a Group of People

Being followed by a crowd in your dream is more terrifying than just one pursuer. You are sure to be outnumbered if an altercation occurs and the possibility of escaping is slim to none.

A group of people could symbolize a wave of problems, insecurities, anxieties, or worries that are now becoming overwhelming. If this group chases or reaches you in your dream, it’s time to ask for support in your waking life. If they simply follow you without ever getting to you, you can still take on these problems on your own if you act fast.

If you recognize the people within the group and they are from the same place – like your coworkers or family members – you are receiving an internal message about that place. For example, a crowd of coworkers or bosses following you could alert you to discomfort you are feeling in your workplace, whether that be from too much responsibility, a lack of, or tension between colleagues.

Being Followed by a Group of People

4. Being Followed by an Animal

Being followed by an animal takes on a whole other symbolism. The type of animal following you could provide insight into your near future.

Lions symbolize strength, courage, and power in dreams. If a lion has been following you, it’s time to tap into these feelings and increase them in your own life. Don’t let fear get in the way.

Tigers in your dream represent authority, but this could be your lack of authority or the oppressing authority of others. In any case, it’s time that you start taking more control over your life and learn to stand your ground against your modern-day bullies.

To have a bull chase you in your dream represents aggression and sexual desire. This could be your own suppressed desires or a secret coming back to haunt you, as well as hidden aggression you have towards another person. Find a healthy way to get out any anger you may be fostering to let go of this burden within your subconscious.

5. Getting Away from Your Follower

A kind of dream where you escape or find shelter from your follower provides relief and symbolizes your ability to succeed in the near future. Use this time to work towards your goals and set new ones, growing in confidence along the way.

If someone else helped you in your dream, it’s time you seek the guidance of others in your waking life to get the support you need. Lean on your network both in person and through social media platforms to learn more now than ever.


Being followed in a dream by someone, something, or a group of people can be worrisome. You never know what the pursuer’s intentions are and it’s uncomfortable to have your every move being watched.

On the bright side, correctly interpreting your dream could reveal the deeper meaning behind it. This may shed light on your daily stressors, a person who makes you uncomfortable, or a bigger problem in your life that has gone ignored.

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Monday 17th of April 2023

I had a three part short dream. I was hoping I could get some help. I'm a faithful follower of CHRIST - very little drama right now - but a little on overload as I'm working to grow my business while getting ready for a real estate exam where I'm completely overwhelmed and feel unqualified. So here's the dream: I was sitting in a cafe that has a market with it, it seemed like I was in Africa - My sister in law (who in real life has a son with cancer - and the fact that they are talking is like having cancer because he's nothing but the dream she sits down opposite me and tells me she has cancer. Then I get up from the table and I walk around the market. I came to this stand that was full of cantelope and honeydew melon but I didn't buy any. Instead I left the store and had a tall thin black man following me on a bike. I wasn't afraid but i knew it was strange. so that was it.

Somethings going on in my life right now are that I'm working to realign my finances. I have a business I"m praying to succeed - I have a business I work from home, I'm trying to get it to grow - lately I've felt a ton of resistance in getting anything done - so that's it. Any thoughts of what it could mean?