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13 Dream of Witches Meanings

Have you ever heard about witches and dread how evil they are? Or are you part of those who don’t believe in their existence? The truth is that witches are real and can appear in your dreams. The dream of a witch, in most cases, has negative undertones. But that does not mean that the interpretation cannot be positive at times.

Let’s look into the possible spiritual meanings surrounding different scenarios of seeing a witch in your dream. The possible ways of escape from seeing witches in your dream are also highlighted.

13 Dream of Witches Meanings1

Dreaming about witches 

Witches represent a high spiritual authority with magical powers; as such, the mysteries surrounding witch dreams are vast. There’s a need to examine the context of the dream to arrive at the correct interpretations. We take a peek into the possible significance of seeing a witch in your nightmares below:

1. Bad luck

Such dreams could bring bad luck in some contexts. Evil is likely to happen if you see witches harming you in the dream. It’s worse if you’re a victim of witchcraft, subdued and made to go through bad rituals in that dream. The way of escape is to seek spiritual assistance and cleansing to avert danger in an upcoming period.

Also, hearing a scary witch laugh in the dream might signal that you’re about to suffer setbacks and disappointments in some crucial aspect of your life or get bad news. This could be related to your job, business, family, relationships, and finances.

2. Transformation

It is generally accepted that witches seek to acquire magic powers to wreak havoc. This might not be the situation sometimes, as some seek power to impact positively on humanity. In this context, dreaming about a witch can help you shed negative energy. It’s a sign of a reawakening and spiritual rejuvenation.

Transformation in core areas of life may be sparked, and spiritual healing may be achieved in the process. Thus, you might need to change your bad behaviors that are anti-progressive in nature.

3. Success

If you see a witch in your dream with no potion, spell, or ritual, it’s a sign that success is coming your way. This also implies that you’re about to experience an outburst of creativity which will help bring good luck your way.

Moreover, it could also signify that you’re about to birth new social relationships that could further lead to progress. Witches have psychic abilities that make it possible to do supernatural things. Thus, seeing them in your dream signifies that you will do extraordinary things.

4. Initiation

Witches don’t just appear in your dreams if you’re unimportant to them. It might be that they want you to join their coven. If you keep dreaming about an initiation ritual carried out on you by witches, it means you have something they want.

Joining a coven of witches allows you to gain access to supernatural powers but could have devastating effects on your faith. Witches are seen as an aberration by most religions and castigated. In prayers and other religious rites, witches are constantly rebuked.

If you dream about an initiation, then you must seek spiritual cleansing. Visit your shaman or pastor for deliverance from the witches.

13 Dream of Witches Meanings2

Dreaming about a witch’s broomstick 

The significance of a witch on a broom or a witch flying is terrible. Most times, a witch’s broomstick is helpful for spiritual teleportation. So, seeing this in a dream could mean that you’re about to experience a sudden turnaround in your business.

Also, the witch dream signifies that you’re on the verge of experiencing an abrupt change in your career. Thus, you might get laid off and have to start job hunting again, which is not a palatable experience.

What does it mean to see a dead witch in your dream? 

This situation could mean that you’re about to lose out on an innovative idea. Witches have good instincts and can make extraordinary events happen. So, seeing a dead witch could mean that a creative idea might not thrive and lead to progress eventually.

Also, if you see many dead witches, the spiritual implication is that you will trump your enemies. Enchantments and divinations or gangs against you in real life will not be successful.

It’s also possible to dream about killing a witch in your dream.

This implies that you’re a go-getter ready to give all it takes to achieve your goals. It also means that you can fight for what is yours. So, you don’t have to slack.

Being chased by a witch in the dream 

If you’re being chased in your dream by a witch, negative energy is coming your way. Everything you lay your hands upon at this period may not be fruitful. You must be careful, especially if you’re looking forward to something good.

You must tread carefully at this point. It’s best to avoid investing in any financial projects or submitting a business proposal at this time. Also, do not enter into business partnerships with people at this point; it might end in disaster.

Dreaming about many witches 

Seeing a coven in your dream is a sign of productivity. It means you’re likely to experience sporadic financial gains. It also signifies that you will experience unspeakable happiness as witches are known to be in joyful moods when gathered together.

On the flip side, if you dream about a witch hunt where several witches are burnt with fire and killed, it signals destruction. A movie centered on a witch hunt is usually woven around the theme of destruction. So, when you see this in your dream, destruction is imminent.

Being the witch in the dream 

It has terrible implications if you see yourself acting like a witch in your dream. The outright meaning is that you’re likely to conflict with people you trust. Friends, colleagues, and partners may develop negative feelings towards you due to this dream.

You may set up standards that may not go well with others, especially in your place of work. The failure of your team project is imminent if those who are supposed to be your counterparts are at loggerheads with you.

Moreso, you’re likely to get revenge for every wrong done against you, and that’s not a good sign. This kind of dream can have adverse effects on your subconscious mind if you’re not well equipped emotionally to handle potential fallouts. Thus, you need to muster your inner strength as a defense mechanism.

13 Dream of Witches Meanings3

Dreaming about a witch talking to you 

This might be a scary experience, but it can be valuable for your progress. It’s essential to take note of the information relayed by the witch. You must try to interpret such if you remember. This dream is usually centered on what you must do at certain times.

It could also warn about danger coming your way which you must avert at all costs. You must seek spiritual respite if the witch prophesies about your untimely death or destruction. Please don’t take this with levity, as it could manifest in the physical world.

Religious perceptions about seeing a witch in your dream 

Most religions, including Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity, see witchcraft from a negative angle. You will likely lose control over your life if you dream about witch attacks, as Islamic and Christian folks believe.

Oppression, bad fortunes, poverty, insanity, and spiritual powerlessness are interpretations always given to dreams with witches. However, the context of the dream also determines its interpretation. For instance, if you conquer a coven of witches in your dream, it indicates that your answer has been answered, and victory is yours.

Seeing a witch, you know, in the dream. 

When you see someone you know acting as a witch in your dream, it means that you feel there’s something strange about that person. It could be that the person is planning to harm you or conniving with others.

You need to be careful around this person and do the needful to be at par with them. If you’re at gridlock with this person or entertaining mutual suspicions, try to settle things amicably. Seeing this person acting as a witch in your dream doesn’t mean they are a witch. Be careful not to spread false rumors about this person; their reputation is at stake.

Dreaming of a witch offering you an apple in a dream 

This situation puts you in a precarious situation. These are warning signs that you will be betrayed by someone close. You could also be about to get tricked into accepting an unfavorable deal. You must be conscious of your business deals and other engagements in the meantime.

If you eat the apple, it means you have already accepted a deceitful offer. You could be in a false marriage or have accepted a dubious contract. Going forward, you must scrutinize every aspect of your life and ensure that you’re on good terms with your girlfriend/wife, husband, and business associates.

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Merlyn Tagarda

Sunday 26th of November 2023

I had a dream that I saw a witch passing through the road wearing all black and riding with a horse. Witch seem like didn't notice i was looking but I'm not so sure if the witch is a male or a female. What does it mean?


Wednesday 8th of February 2023

To be specific my husband says he has a dream of a witch where she offers her hand to him and he follows her into the woods. She undresses him in the woods and she sets a fire walks around him in circles and starts chanting. But he don’t understand what he says and that’s all the dream is about.


Wednesday 23rd of November 2022

Interesting blog post! I've never really thought about what it means when I dream about witches before, but this article has given me some interesting insights. Thanks for writing!