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13 Dream of Spider Bite Meanings

Do you ever dream of spider bites? Many people are scared of spiders, although they aren’t aggressive towards humans, except when they feel threatened. So, unless you are a protagonist of a new Spiderman movie, you don’t have to worry about getting bitten by a spider in real life.

That doesn’t mean it is impossible for spiders to bite you, so stay careful, but it is really rare. Still, many people dream about being bitten by spiders, so let’s see what the meaning behind spider bite dreams is!

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What Does It Mean When You Dream Of Spider Bite?

This dream is a bad omen and can be a warning to various troubles that might be ahead of you. However, you shouldn’t despair when having such a dream; instead, use it to your advantage and be prepared for whatever life throws at you.

Dreams of spider bites are connected to betrayal, evil, gossip, jealousy, infidelity, and relationship issues.

Another dream interpretation comes from Sigmund Freud himself. According to him, if you dream about spider bites, a mother or other female figure is trying to trick you into doing something that won’t end up good for you.

It could also represent some period from our past that we want to forget. You are trying to forget the past and build a future, but it will take you a considerable effort.

Another possible interpretation is that someone is trying to catch you in their trap. It might be invisible to you, but you need to stay vigilant, or you will be trapped in no time!

Oftentimes, spiders are connected to female energy, and the dream of a spider biting you can represent an upcoming confrontation with a dominant female person in your life.

Spider Bites In Different Body Parts

Dream meaning also depends on the part of your body that was bitten by a spider.

1. Hand

If you dream about getting bitten by a spider on your hand, it might symbolize that you are trying to help someone, but they will turn their back on you and hurt you deeply.

Also, if you are just starting a new relationship, this dream might symbolize your insecurity and lack of trust you feel. You will either have to learn how to lower your shields down and trust that person or end the relationship before someone gets hurt.

2. Head And Face

If the spider from your dream bit your head or face, you’re probably worried about your image. You want to preserve your reputation at any cost. You are also worried about your physical appearance, and maybe you feel your good looks and youth are fading.

Another meaning behind this dream could represent fake friends who are gossiping behind your back. They are jealous of your success, and you should stay away from them.

3. Back

If, however, a spider bit your back, it could symbolize an unexpected problem or some bad news. You might feel scared or hurt, but you need to find the strength inside your soul to overcome this period of bad luck.

4. Leg

When the bitten body part is your leg, this could symbolize that something is holding you back from going forward and living your best life. Maybe your subconscious mind is riddled with anxieties and worries that are lurking like a shadow over you.

5. Other Parts Of The Body

Spider biting other parts of the body symbolizes something that you consider a nuisance in your life, and it is still affecting you enough to feel bothered.

Another interpretation suggests that you are worried about your health. Maybe you are experiencing some symptoms, or you are waiting for a doctor’s appointment.

Different Spiders And Their Meaning

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Spider dream meaning also depends on the species, size, or color of the spider that bit you.

1. Tarantula Or Other Giant Spider Bite

Dreaming about a tarantula biting you is rarely a good sign. This dream symbolizes your own behavior towards other people. Maybe you are the one who is toxic, especially at your workplace.

Another symbolism behind this dream is that you might get into trouble soon because of your colleagues being jealous of you. However, maybe your own words and actions will be the ones that will contribute to your demise, so be careful what you say and do.

2. Brown Spider Bite

In this context, a brown spider biting you represents some ongoing issues in your relationship. Instead of fixing them, you and your partner are repeating your mistakes.

On the other side, if you are still single, you are probably longing for a relationship. Still, although it is good to keep your heart open, be aware of things that can go bad.

3. Black Widow Spider Bite

Black widows are, among tarantula, the most notorious spiders. Dreaming about them is a symbol of your feeling deeply hurt and attacked by someone close to you.

Maybe your partner hurt you and left you questioning your relationship, your feelings, and even yourself. Also, the person that has hurt you might also be a close friend or a family member.

4. Black Spider Bite

Another dream that represents conflict is dreaming about a black spider biting you, which symbolizes your disagreements and fights with your family and relatives. You need to stay calm before the conflict escalates and causes unrepairable damage to your family.

5. White Spider Bite

Although the white color often symbolizes good things, dreaming about a white spider isn’t really a good thing. The white spider is a symbol of sickness and death.

However, in certain cultures, the white spider represents prosperity, good luck, new beginnings, and great fortune. Think about your current life circumstances and which interpretation makes the most sense.

6. Red Spider Bite

If a red spider bites you, it might be a sign of blood-related or heart disease. Alternatively, since the red color has a strong symbolism, the red spider biting you can have similar meanings: passion, aggression, power, violence…

7. Green Spider Bite

Green spider biting you might be a sign of digestive system disease. Since green is the color often connected to dollars, green spider biting you might be an omen of upcoming financial losses and struggles.

8. Hairy Spider Bite

When the spider from your dream is hairy, something from your real life is making you feel extremely uncomfortable. You feel disgusted and repulsion toward someone close to you. A certain situation you found yourself in could also be represented by a hairy spider biting you.

Other Spider-Related Dreams

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Let’s see some other dreams related to spiders and what they could symbolize:

1. Baby Spiders

Even though they can be just as repulsive as adult specimens, dreaming about baby spiders is actually a good thing. They symbolize new growth, and if they are biting you, it means your creative side wants to be expressed.

You are full of new ideas and plans, but you need to learn how to channel them and ultimately bring them to a realization.

2. Spider Eggs

Similar to the baby spiders, if there are spider eggs in your dream, they symbolize your need to explore your creative side and show your talents in their full glory. There is more talent and skill hidden in you than you actually are aware of, and you need to let it “hatch.”

Additionally, people at your work or even in your family might also be unaware of your potential, and they might even underestimate you in certain situations. Although it might be frustrating, you can always prove them wrong.

3. Dead Spiders

Since spiders often represent female figures in your life, having a dream with a dead spider might symbolize you broke the ties with that person.

Additionally, seeing a dead spider in your dream might represent some difficulties you had to overcome recently. Now you feel relieved, and you can finally live your life to the fullest.

Spider Meaning In Islam

Islam religion has an interesting relationship with spiders. In Quran, there is a story about a spider saving Muhhamad from the people that wanted to kill him.

Muhhamad hid in a cave, and this spider weaved his web over the cave’s entrance, thus making the persecutors believe the cave had been abandoned for a long time. That’s why Muslims consider killing spiders to be a great sin.

However, spiders are still seen as malevolent and hostile creatures in Islam, and dreaming of a spider biting you is often interpreted as a bad omen. Something bad is going to happen to you, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Spider biting you is also a symbol of an evil and unfaithful woman in your life. If you plan to get married soon, think twice before saying, “I do!”

However, this dream can mean quite the opposite, it can represent a good woman that will know when to warn you of your wrongdoings and get you back on the right track. So, before you decide to cancel your wedding just because of a dream, be aware that it can have multiple meanings!

Final Words

Dreaming about a spider biting you sounds like a nightmare, but it is still a useful warning for bad things or people that you might encounter in your life. You might get sick or enter an unpleasant conflict with someone close to you.

Although no one likes to have bad dreams, they are inevitable sometimes, and they can prepare us for the incoming trouble, helping us deal better with it. That’s the case with spider-biting-you dreams!

Have you ever dreamed about spiders biting you? How did that dream make you feel? Write in the comments!

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