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10 Dream Of Your Crush Meanings

When we are in love or attracted to someone, most thoughts are constantly directed to that particular person.

His physical appearance, his way of being, or the way he treats us are some of the factors that make us fall in love and are always present in our thoughts. That is why it is normal that they also appear in our dreams. Remember that your subconscious mind reflects all the emotions you are experiencing in your real life.

The dream of your crush is mostly positive and a reflection of your feelings in waking life. In this article, we will explain what it means to dream about your current crush and the type of dream it is.

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10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Your Crush

1. Falling in love deeply

It is a common dream when you are in love or have feelings for a person. But if in the dream there is a kiss involved then it is a sign that you are falling deeply in love with your crush and it is a confirmation of true romantic feelings.

If you really want to have something with that person, make the first move. You can invite your crush for coffee or just have an intimate moment to talk and find out if that person also has feelings for you.

2. Upcoming changes in your life

Crush dreams have many variations and it is possible that when you have dreamed of your crush, he or she has undergone a transformation and is another person. Dreaming that a stranger is your crush is a sign of good luck and tells you that you are about to experience new beginnings and changes in your life.

It is an award for having stepped out of your comfort zone and ventured into new things. Every time we do this, we open the doors to new possibilities in our life. It may not be a confirmation that your crush loves you, but it’s an even better sign.

Get ready for unexpected good news and enjoy the new opportunity that is coming to your life.

3. Ready for a serious relationship

It is a positive dream if intimacy is present during the dream. If it is a dream full of affection, hugs, kisses, and shows of affection then it means that you are ready to have a serious relationship with that person.

It can also mean that person is your soulmate. But remember that a soul mate rarely comes into your life to stay, there are very rare cases where soul mates stay in your life forever.

They usually appear to teach you something, to give you very important life lessons. Twin souls appear to mark you strongly and are a loving response to your manifestations of wanting to be a better person.

4. Not Happy in your current relationship

Not Happy in your current relationship

If you have a current partner and you have dreamed of an ex-crush, this may mean that you are not satisfied and happy with your current relationship.

You may be experiencing frustration or insecurity with your partner and it does not encourage you to tell or end the relationship.

It is important that you pay attention to your subconscious and be totally honest with your emotions and feelings. A relationship cannot create anxieties or worries. Quite the contrary.

Relationships are to be enjoyed, to grow as a person, and to share pleasant and joyful moments with those you love. If that’s not the case in your current relationship, it’s best to end it once and for all.

Don’t let time pass for fear of what might happen. It is not fair to you or to the other person, who by not knowing your feelings may be having false illusions. Be brave and face the problem no matter how complicated the scenario is.

5. Problems with your self-esteem

It can seem like a nightmare if during sleep you suffer rejection from your crush. This is an indicator that you are having self-confidence and self-esteem issues.

Remember that you are a person with many qualities and with a unique personality in the world. All human beings are important and our existence matters.

If you notice that the problems of lack of confidence are overwhelming you and you don’t know what to do, we advise you to ask a specialist for help.

Sometimes we need that external help to be able to understand our problems and find the best solution to them.

6. There is a void inside you

Sigmund Freud linked many of our psychological problems with our sexuality. That is why one of the most common interpretations refers to a void inside you that needs to be filled when you dream of your crush making love to you.

The dream may be very pleasant and full of passion and fulfill a deep desire. But be careful because it is an indicator that you are not satisfied with your life and believe that the solution is to find a person to fill that void.

An alien person will never be able to fill the emptiness of our wing. The only person who is capable of doing this is us.

Work on yourself, find what makes you happy for yourself, and learn to be alone. Many times we relate to a loving situation to avoid loneliness and not face our problems.

This only delays and retards our personal development. Also, if you work on yourself and grow as a person, when you are in a relationship you will know how to give more of yourself and you will make your relationship a richer and more transformative experience.

7. Discovering nuances of your personality

A dream interpretation can often be confusing and knowing how to read them is a challenge. It is possible that you have dreamed of your crush, but this person is of the opposite gender

Does this mean you are gay or lesbian? Not necessarily. The dream refers to the fact that you are discovering traits of your personality that until now were unknown to you. You may be experiencing more of your feminine side if you are a man or your masculine side if you are a woman.

This is good news since it is an indicator that you are growing as a person and developing fully. Keep it up and don’t stop experimenting and discovering more hidden traits of your personality.

8. Manifestation of your own goals

Manifestation of your own goals

An uncommon but possible dream in the dream world is dreaming about your celebrity crush.

The meaning of this dream refers to your goals and aspirations. It is an indicator that you are focusing on what you want to achieve in life in very particular aspects of your personality that you want to achieve.

This is a good sign and denotes growth and maturity. Use this dream to gain momentum and move forward in everything you set out to do, always giving preference to your growth as a person and the goals you have set for yourself in life.

9. Reconnecting with forgotten desires

Dreams are a fantasy world where everything can be real. It is possible that you have dreamed of your childhood crush. This does not mean that you should reconnect with him and undertake a search through all social networks to find out how he is.

This dream has to do with a much deeper reconnection. You are remembering those things that previously motivated you and wanted to achieve in life.

Generally, when we are children or teenagers, we have a better notion of what we really want and we are more connected with our deepest desires. As time goes by, we get carried away by the obligations of life, and little by little we bury many of those desires.

It’s good that you’ve dusted off old aspirations and goals. Pay close attention to these kinds of dreams, because they bring a very powerful message to you. It will always do us good to reconnect with our inner child to know which direction to take in our lives.

10. Feeling great about yourself

It is also possible that in your dreams it is not you who dreams of your crush, but it is another person who has a crush on you and confesses his love to you.

If this happens, it is good news since it is an indicator that you are in a great moment in your life and you feel very good about yourself. You may feel fulfilled in your professional life, family life, or have a large group of friends.

Keep it up, working on yourself and focusing on achieving all the goals you want in your life.


Dreaming of your crush can mean several things, from the announcement of new beginnings in your life, a great moment of self-esteem and personal self-realization, or evidence that you are not happy with your current partner or your personal situation.

Whatever the type of dream, always pay attention to the details and learn more and more about them in order to give them a correct interpretation that will help you improve the different aspects of your life.

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