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18 Dream of Apples Meanings

Dreams about apples can have a variety of meanings and symbolism, depending on the context of the dream and the specific details involved. So if you or anyone you know has been dreaming a lot about apples lately, here are some likely interpretations.

In many cases, an apple in a dream can mean knowledge, wisdom, or understanding. This is because apples have long been linked with the story of Adam and Eve in the Bible, where Adam eats from the tree of knowledge. Additionally, apple dreams can also represent nourishment and sustenance.

Here we’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide you with ample explanations and interpretations of that recurring apple dream.

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19 Common Dreams About Apples And Their Interpretation

In this section, we discuss some common dreams people have involving apples and what they most likely mean in the waking world. It’s important to note that dreams sometimes reflect our innermost thoughts and concerns, which our subconscious mind carries into our dreams and plays out in scenarios.

1. Eating An Apple In Your Dream

Feasting on a juicy apple in your dream is a positive sign which means your big breakthrough is near, and you’ll soon experience major success due to your hard work and dedication. You have put in so much work, and it’s only appropriate that you begin to enjoy the benefits of your labor.

Enjoy the new phase you’re stepping into and make the most out of it because it’s your right, and you’ve earned it.

2. Seeing an Apple Tree In Your Dream

Dreaming about apple trees indicates satisfaction and fulfilled expectations within yourself. It means good news will soon arrive in your home, and you must be ready to seize the opportunity life is placing in your path so that you can experience the good fortune that will follow.

If in the dream about apples, you see an apple tree that has no fruits, it symbolizes the end of a relationship that is mentally wearing you out. This dream is a call for you to realize that there are people trying to zap your energy and cause you to ruin

Furthermore, If in the dream, the apple tree is in bloom, it indicates the beginning of happiness and love after a very chaotic period; you’ll find a partner who will bring a smile to your face. So, look forward to new days filled with possibilities of a healthy romance and friendship.

3. Dreams Of Selling Apples

Consider this dream a stern warning for you to never use someone’s troubles against them, as the result won’t be pleasant. You should always try to help people in need with genuine sincerity instead of doing it with the ulterior motive of cash or material benefits.

19 Common Dreams About Apples And Their Interpretation

4. To Give Someone An Apple In Your Dream

Giving someone an apple in a dream represents an opportunity to help someone in need, however, there is a dilemma on whether you should proceed with the good deed or not as you’re presently not on good terms with the person in question.

If you can forgo your insecurities, doubts, and vanities for a moment, you’ll carry out a good and selfless deed that could bring you a lot of satisfaction and peace of mind.

5. Eating Apple Seeds In Dreams

This dream means you’re very desperate, hence making you take unhealthy and bad decisions. When you have a dream like this, it is a sign that there is a great need for you to be patient and careful about your choices in the waking world.

6. Buying Apples In Your Dream

Buying apples in your dream means creating an equilibrium between being controlling and protective of the ones you love. When you buy apples in your dreams, you have strong faith in your capabilities and abilities to get the job done.

7. Dreaming About A Pile Of Apples

Seeing a pile of apples in a dream is an indication that you will experience new possibilities soon and get the things you’ve always wanted. This dream is also a sign that you have unlimited access to resources, and with your abilities, you can succeed only if you utilize your opportunities correctly.

8. Sharing Apples In Dream

If you find yourself sharing apples in your dream, you’re very close to someone with whom you can share intimate moments, emotions, and secrets. It also indicates that you’ll need to share your financial resources and wealth with some.

9. Eating Apples in a Dream Even When you Dislike them in the Waking World

Dreams like this are a result of being forced into situations that everyone thinks are good for you, however, you think otherwise, but to please people you go with the flow.

Moving forward, you must listen to your intuition, make smart decisions and not follow the crowd or be someone you’re not to satisfy the cravings of people around you.

10. Dreaming of a Red Apple

This kind of dream shows that you don’t want problems and situations that will lead to depression. So, if you see yourself eating a red apple, it can be a sign that you are about to fall into temptation.

In this dream, if you only hold the apple but do not eat it, it means you’re holding a desire in yourself, and if you’re thinking of starting a new project or business venture, it’s a good period to start it, and you’ll record huge success in what you do.

11. Yellow Apple Dreams

Seeing a yellow apple in your dream means you live in a fantasy world that makes you vulnerable to trauma in waking life. In this dream, if you eat that yellow apple it means someone will fool you and play tricks on you. Also, if in the dream you cut the yellow apple, it means you’ve just made a terrible decision.

Yellow Apple Dreams

12. Dreams About Green Apples

When you see a green apple in your dream, it’s a sign of good health, good luck, and prosperity. It can also represent your immaturity and flaw of trusting people too easily. It also means you’re a goal-driven person with set goals and high aims in life, and you should be patient with one job, let your heart lead the way, and everything else will fall into place.

13. Sour Apples In Dreams

When you eat a sour apple in your dream, this is a strong warning that you shouldn’t engage in any business activities during that period. It will most likely fail and incur some major losses should you go ahead and ignore the warning.

14. Dreams About Wormy Apples

So you see wormy apples in your dreams, which can mean a strong influence in your life that’s bad for your health. It means the person you’re seeking advice from or whoever is offering you advice does not want the best for you.

Another meaning of this dream may be a warning that you should be wary of people you newly met and that someone is desperately encouraging you to do something wrong or they’re obstructing you from doing what you want.

15. Rotten Apples In Dreams

Rotten apples are not good signs in waking life. It’s a warning that you will experience great damage, which applies to those involved in farming. You’ll experience major problems that will put your finances and health in bad condition.

However, worrying about this problem will not always help you either, and it doesn’t mean you’ll have the strength or power to be in a better mood. Once things like this happen, the best solution is to evaluate the damage, make positive changes and expect more encouraging results in areas of life.

16. Picking Apples In Your Dreams

Picking apples in your dream symbolizes joy and progress. It means you’ll have plenty of reasons to be happy that year because your plans will work out exactly as planned, and everyone will appreciate your effort at work while you experience a smooth relationship with your family members.

You’ll learn to mix business with pleasure which will help you start a hobby that will be an added source of income and enjoyment for you and your family.

17. Someone Giving You An Apple In A Dream

When someone gives you an apple in your dream, you have a secret admirer. This person is close to you and has liked you for a long time but is scared of expressing their feelings because you’re unapproachable, in a relationship, or prefer to be in your space. The sooner you start paying attention, the sooner you discover the person’s true identity.

18. Peeling Apples In Your Dream

Peeling apples in your dream means you should ask for help regarding a problem that has been giving you sleepless nights. The decision to seek a second opinion is important for your well-being and progress.

Don’t be afraid to consult older colleagues or more experienced people about your problem or difficulties relating to your job, and always remember that people learn as they grow, and there’s no shame in admitting that you can’t solve a problem alone.

Spiritual Meaning Of An Apple

According to dream experts, the presence of an apple in a dream stands for a person’s materialistic, vain side and weakness in the face of grave temptation. It’s a sign of reckless decision and represents eviction from paradise ( garden of Eden ) according to Christianity.

In ancient Greek mythology, the Apple is one of the most sacred trees and represents good health and happiness in the future. Since ancient times, it’s been regarded as the Tree of Love and is closely associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

Celtic Mythology also refers to apples as the fruit of the gods that bring a sense of wholeness, healing, and a strong bond with nature. The dream signifies that you’re a highly spiritual being who’s always on the lookout for the good things life has in store.

Parting Words

Dreams about apples can provide valuable insight into your unconscious mind and waking life. If you’ve had this dream and you’re wondering what it means, consider the specific details and how they may relate to your own experiences and feelings.

While most of these dreams signify joy and progress, you must also remember that it’s solely your responsibility to bring these expectations to reality, and if you can dream about it, you can surely act in the waking world.

Remember that dreams are a natural part of the sleep process, and you shouldn’t always take the meaning literally.

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