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15 Dream of Bats Meanings

Did you recently dream about bats? If yes, then this could be a big sign about the spiritual changes and hidden feelings!

Bats are nocturnal mammals known for their spookiness and creepiness. People often associate them with vampires, blood, and all kinds of scary acts. But, in reality, bats are the opposite.

They will bite and suck blood only when they are hungry or defensive. So, there’s nothing really to be scared of. However, our minds can create gruesome and frightening scenarios to indicate special messages.

In this article, we will look at these dreams and discuss their meanings to help you understand yourself better. Let’s dive in!

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What Does a Bat Represent in Dreams?

A bat can represent a lot of different things in dreams depending on the events that occurred and the feelings. Generally, bats symbolize:

  • Intuition: Intuition means the ability to understand things without conscious reasoning. Since bats use sonar to detect their prey and communicate, they have powerful intuition. So, dreams about bats may be a direct message from your subconscious mind regarding your life situations.
  • Relationships: Most bats form large colonies to travel from one place to another and hunt. They are quite social and will pass signals to each other to talk. Considering this attribute, bats can represent your relationships and connections with other humans.
  • Pregnancy & Feminine Energy: You will typically find bats in caves, basements, and other dark places. Their preference for an enclosed, dark cave can also symbolize the womb and feminine energy.
  • Transformation: Thanks to Hollywood, people always link up a bat with vampires. The concept is that the blood-sucking mammal changes into a human whenever it wants. So, bat dream interpretations also include external and internal changes.
  • External threats: Staying awake at night and blood-sucking are some reasons why bats are considered to be bad omens. They may represent danger and upcoming harm in life.

15 Common Types of Bat Dreams & Their Meanings

Bat dream meanings can be both positive and negative. You may interpret it to be early signs of depression or great spiritual growth. It all depends on what you saw and felt in the moment. So, let’s have a look at the common bat dreams and their meanings!

1. Different Colored Bats in Dream

A black bat is a bad omen because it symbolizes secrets, sadness, and spiritual troubles. Anyone who sees a black bat in the dream should consider what events in real life are causing misery and disturbance. A brown bat indicates that you’re being thoughtless in your actions and need to reconsider the decisions.

A red bat symbolizes the negative emotions of hatred, guilt, ego, and evil within you. Take out time to reflect on your inner self and work on your self-improvement journey.

A white bat is a warning about the death of a loved one or the end of something important. Usually, it’s the latter, so there is no need to be tense.

The Green bat represents your communication skills and social life. If a green bat is in isolation, then maybe you need to open up and express yourself with others. Similarly, a scarlet bat means you’ll soon be in conflict with someone and need to learn how to handle such situations better.

2. Dreaming About Bats Attacking

Bats attacking and biting you mean a major challenge in your life. Perhaps, your boss is assigning you lots of work or you just experienced betrayal from a loved one. In any case, bats attacking in dreams is a sign of harm.

3. Dreaming Of Bats Hanging Upside Down

There’s nothing unusual about bats hanging upside down in your dreams. It simply means that you need to look at the current situation or problems in life from a different perspective.

4. A Swarm of Bats Flying

A swarm of bats flying can have a lot of meanings. If they are coming toward you, then whatever they represent is approaching you. However, if they are moving away from you, then something is leaving or exiting your life.

Alternatively, seeing bats flying down from the sky is a good omen. It means you’re connected to your own self and are experiencing personal growth. If you see flying bats in daylight, they represent stepping out of their comfort zone and facing challenges. Another positive sign!

5. Bats Inside Your Home

Bats inside your home are a clear message from your subconscious mind about your internal troubles. It doesn’t matter whether you saw the bats entering the home or the nest hanging upside down in different rooms. Wisdom says you need to resolve internal conflicts!

6. Dream About Bat Wings

Dreams that include bat wings have two specific meanings. First, it means you will have to make powerful decisions in the near future. There will be less time, so you’ll have to rely on your intuition a lot.

However, if you had bat wings in your dream, then it represents your spiritual growth. Maybe you went through difficult times, or you’ve been working on yourself. Also, it can mean that you should consider your intuition to achieve better spirituality.

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7. Bats Chasing You

If you see one or bat nests chasing you, it means you’re letting fear steer the wheel of life. Your decisions regarding an important situation or significant other are driven by fear. Perhaps, you’re afraid to take risks or be alone.

In any case, it’s time to reconsider the cause of fear and resolve it. Give yourself some time to gather courage and take the wheel of life in your hands.

8. Blind But Can Feel Bats Around You

Usually, people don’t know how the bat wings or their bodies feel. So, if you have a dream in which you felt bats around you but couldn’t see them, be alert. This means something important is in plain sight but hidden from you.

9. Dead Bats

Seeing dreams of a dead bat can be a disturbing experience. You might wake up feeling scared or troubled. But, its interpretation is simple; your close ones aren’t grateful for what you do for them.

10. Seeing Vampire Bats

We all know vampires are selfish creatures who feast on others’ blood to survive. So, dreaming about a vampire bat means there is someone taking advantage of you. Or they are giving you unnecessary stress.

It’s best to become vigilant and trust only a few people with your personal information. Also, reevaluate relationships to check which ones are healthy and genuine.

11. Crying Bats

If you’ve felt disappointed in yourself, there are high chances to see a crying bat in dreams. It is a depiction of your emotional state and thoughts. You aren’t feeling happy and satisfied in your current stage of life.

12. Killing Bat in a Dream

Killing bats in a dream is a positive sign. It means you are an internally strong and determined person who strives to overcome challenges. However, if you felt remorse or guilt in the dream, then this signifies that you aren’t careful and are damaging people on your path to success.

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13. Dream About Bats and Rats

It’s common to see various animals at once in your dreams. The bats and rats combination focuses on self-discovery and awareness. Since both animals are sociable, they mean that you need to make significant changes in your life.

Perhaps, you need to identify your bad habits and fix them. Or, you need to have faith and confidence in yourself to get more joy in life.

14. Baby or Pet Bat in Dreams

Baby bats symbolize your secret talents and abilities. You should work on yourself to uncover these talents and grow into a better person. But if you see a pet bat in your dreams, know that there are big changes on your way.

You’ll have to overcome challenges and embrace the unknown. There will be times when you’ll feel like giving up but don’t. Keep striving to win!

15. Talking Bat

The content of the talking bat gives clues for the interpretation. Mainly, it will be about troubles, sorrow, and negative forces. It may also hint at important upcoming events.

Is It Good Luck to See Bats in Dreams?

Seeing bats in dreams has nothing to do with luck. They are just a way for the subconscious brain to convey important messages to you. However, religious individuals will argue that there’s a strong link between bats and luck.

In the Bible, bats are often referred to as creatures flying in the dark. They are thought of as something unclean and unpleasant. They are also associated with impurity, negativity, isolation, darkness, and death.

So, it would make sense to think of bats as bad luck. But that’s not necessary and may mean positive life changes too.

Last Words

All in all, if you see bats in dreams, do not panic or stress yourself. Bats represent both good and bad changes in your life. You should consider what happened in the dream and how it relates to your real-life situation.

If you’re having a recurring dream about bats, pay attention and note it down somewhere. This will offer you a better insight into what is bothering you internally. Happy dreaming!

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