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9 Dream of Twin Flame Meanings

Dreaming about twin flame is one that many people think is strange. Like, why not dream of “ordinary” fire? Why not just one flame? What’s the catch in twin flames?

And while we agree that the dream is kind of weird, its interpretations are not. They are quite straightforward; you just need to scratch below the surface of the unconscious and subconscious. That is where we come in. Keep reading to find out all about those interpretations!

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Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Twin Flame

1. You Will Find Your Soulmate

How many people who are married or in a long-term relationship can say they have found their soul mate?

Yes, many of them are happy with their partners and satisfied in those small communities because they feel a strong connection and attraction to them, but pressed hard, few would say they genuinely think they have found their soul partner.

Of course, not finding a soulmate doesn’t mean the end of the world, but would it not be great if you managed to find yours?

Well, one of the meanings of a twin flame dream is that a person who sees those flames in their sleeping state will find their soulmate in this lifetime.

You are free not to believe us but think about this: You could have seen twin apples or clouds in your dreams, but you did not.

Instead, you dreamed of twin flames. What is their symbolism? Eternal bond, unconditional love, lots of warmth, and high amounts of intensity – things that can only be felt in a romantic relationship with a soul mate.

2. You Have To Keep Both Of Your Eyes Open

One of the advantages that the discovery of fire brought was that our ancestors could “live” even after dark.  Because of this, the flame was always a symbol of light and a better-seen path ahead.

However, you dream of a twin flame. Why? Because one flame’s strength is not enough to pick out what is in store for you. You need stronger lighting to uncover the danger lurking in the dark.

Of course, you will not start walking around with two flames in your hands after having this dream. Twin flames are a metaphor. The message that your subconscious mind sends you is to keep both of your eyes open at all times and, in that way, see more of what is ahead, around, and behind you.

3. Negative Emotions Are Burning Inside You

Twin flame dreams can sometimes symbolize negative emotions that have accumulated deep inside us. These types of dreams are usually high intensity, and they only come to us when there is something of high intensity in our daily life that occupy our mind most of the time.

Unfortunately, your mind is currently occupied by a large number of negative emotions, such as anxiety, anger, and hate. As a result, you probably often turn red from those emotions, after which your body temperature rises. If someone were to touch you at that moment, they would probably think you were on fire.

Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Twin Flame

4. You Have A Need For Guidance

Going through life alone is tough, and very few people can really achieve that. These are primarily persons who are loner, individualistic and asocial types of people.

But the rest of us belong to the group that more or less relies on the help of others while, of course, relying on our abilities, intuition, and qualities.

If you dreamed of a twin flame, you probably feel the need for someone’s guidance during your waking hours. The person who would provide you with that would bring not only that but also clarity when it comes to topics that bother you. Hopefully, you will find them.

5. You Need To Reach Your Higher Self

Dreams about a twin flame can be a signal from your mind that you need to let go of all those unnecessary things that hinder you on the way to finding and reaching your higher self.

Few of us can say that there are no needless things and activities in our lives that we spend time on and could definitely live without.

Unfortunately, in the majority of cases, they take up so much of our time that we rarely achieve anything. If we were to stop doing them, we would magically get a lot of time we could use to devote ourselves to ourselves. It, in turn, would result in the discovery of the true, transcendent, and divine self, which would give us a unique insight and wisdom in regard to our existence.

Of course, this insight and wisdom are specific to each person, which is why we call them unique. Whether you will reach this level of enlightenment and spirituality depends on you since your mind has done what is within its jurisdiction.

6. You Long For Someone Identical To You

You must have heard the saying, “You can not choose your family”. This saying tells us that we can choose all the people we want or don’t want. However, is that true? We live in neighborhoods that our parents choose. We go to the schools they want us to go to.

Even when we become adults and can decide which job to work at, our most important criteria are, of course, the job or the position, salary, and workplace proximity to our home. Our future work colleagues are of little or no importance to us, at least in the beginning.

Through all these adventures, most people become friends with a certain number of people, not out of any genuine love or connection, but simply because of circumstances. When, after some time, they look around themselves, they will notice people they are friends with people that are not that similar to them.

A certain number of them will become sad upon realizing this. They would like to have someone in their lives who is not only similar to them but is like their twin. Such people then start to dream of a twin flame.

They simply want someone with whom they will feel a high level of comfort, have true twinlike interactions and can share everything, which is all symbolized by twin flames in their dreams.

You Long For Someone Identical To You

7. You Have Enough Energy And Willpower For Two Lifetimes

People like to complain about how hard life is, how everything is getting worse, how soon the world will collapse, etc. But when we really look around, little of this is true. There are fewer and fewer wars, hunger, and disease. Of course, it does not mean that there are no problems in life, but not everything is so bleak.

You are not only aware of all this but are delighted that you have the opportunity to live in these prosperous times.

You are always full of enthusiasm, energy, and love for others. Almost no one can match your intensity. When people look at you from the outside, they think you might be on drugs because they can’t explain where you get so much willpower from.

The source is deep inside you: you have not one but two identical flames that burn so brightly and strongly they could power two different lives. They might be enough to power you for two life cycles. You never know. But now you know why you dream of a twin flame.

8. You Are Fighting With Your True Self

Whether it is twin brothers or twin flames, when we see something twins of any kind, we automatically think that they are not just similar but actually identical, and we will often mix them up. But just because two things look the same doesn’t mean they are the same. Looks are sometimes deceiving.

As a person who dreams of a twin flame, you have this problem – even though your inner and outer selves look identical, deep down, you know this is not true. What people see is not what is inside you.

The only question is whether you will change the inner to match the outer or the other way around. Not doing anything will just bring you more of these dreams.

9. You Are Burning With The Desire To Prove Yourself

When you look at the people around you, you will see a very small number of those who want to stand out through hard work and dedication.

Yes, in modern times, it is easier to get attention than it used to be, but when it comes to shedding blood, sweat, and tears over an extended period of time that will bring you true recognition, few will actually go all the way.

However,  you are not like that. You are burning with the desire to show that you are capable of anything and how long you have been working to develop your abilities and skills that you started dreaming of twin flames.

That desire is so huge that your unconscious mind has to represent it in the form of twin flames in your dreams.


Twin flame dreams can mean that you need guidance, someone identical to you, to keep both eyes open or reach higher levels of consciousness.

Twin flames in your dreams can be a sign that you will find your soulmate, are in a battle with your true self, have the desire to show what you are capable of, or are overrun with negative emotions.

Finally, this dream sometimes means you have tons and tons of energy and willpower.

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