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10 Dream of Being Stabbed Meanings

The dream of being stabbed can be a traumatic experience and a difficult dream to forget. Did you feel fear during the dream? Such dreams have their own language and much will depend on the dream scenario and what were the emotions and sensations of the dream to determine its meaning.

Believe it or not, stab dreams are fairly common in the dream world and they don’t necessarily carry bad meanings.

However, dreaming of being stabbed usually speaks a lot about what is happening to you in your waking life.

It is necessary to emphasize that this dream in itself should not be regarded as a cause for negative thoughts, but dreaming about it might mean that some aspect of your life needs your attention. In this article, we will address the multiple meanings that your subconscious may be transmitting through dreams.

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10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Being Stabbed

1. A betrayal is coming

Betrayal and disloyalty are difficult dishes to assimilate. Even more so if they come from close friends or family. Sometimes we have rivals very close to us that we can’t identify.

In most cases, this dream is a warning for us to watch our backs since it is possible that we are victims of betrayal and will be hurt.

However, we should not take the dream literally because there are other elements that give different meanings to the same dream. This is the most common meaning but there are many other variants of the same dream.

2. Fear of expressing hidden desires

One of the keys to correctly interpreting this dream is to see all the details. If you were stabbed with a sword, it means that there are desires and traits of your personality that you are afraid to bring to light.

You may be afraid of being judged by others and repressing your desires or your behavior.

It can also mean that you are experiencing a great rivalry with someone close to you. It can be a business partner, boss, or co-worker.

3. Finding solutions to your problems

If in your dreams you are the one who stabs someone with a knife or a dagger, then it is good news despite how strong the dream image is.

Stabbing someone with a dagger means that you will find the solutions that you were looking for so much to fix certain aspects of your life.

It is a confirmation that your efforts have not been in vain and soon you will find the light on the other side of the tunnel. You just have to keep trusting that what you’re doing is right.

Work with the good intention that the universe sees your effort and will reward you with a successful solution to your problem.

10 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Being Stabbed

4. Overwhelming stress in your life

You may not have dreamed that someone stabs you but you do have many stab wounds on your body. If you have seen yourself stabbed with various wounds it is a sign that things are not going well in your life.

You are experiencing anxiety, dissatisfaction, or anguish. It also indicates the presence of a lot of stress or people who stress you out and take away your mental and spiritual peace.

You must pause in your life, reconnect with your inner self and identify what the problem is. Once you know what is causing that stress, it is recommended that you move away or that you cut your relationship with what affects you. Your mental, physical and spiritual health is above all else.

5. Need to feel loved

Sometimes the meaning of this dream is very different from the aggression it represents. You may have a need to feel loved. You may not have been in a romantic relationship for a long time and you have the need to have a lover.

Sexual passions are part of our lives and we need to attend to all aspects of our sexuality to feel in harmony with ourselves.

If you feel that you have neglected this part of yourself, encourage yourself to look for someone with whom you can satisfy these very normal and natural needs of life.

6. You are jealous of someone

Jealousy is a natural feeling in the human being. We have stories like Cain and Abel, which represent jealousy between people.

However, even though it is a natural feeling, it is not good for us to give it a place in our hearts. Usually, these feelings arise in us when we are not sure of ourselves or when we are dissatisfied with our lives.

You need to identify what the problem is and do everything on your part to overcome these desires, which will only bring you feelings of resentment, sorrow, and bitterness.

7. Upcoming difficulties

Another very common meaning for dreamers is that in the near future you will have to face difficult situations and worries.

However, this dream is not for you to get discouraged and depressed. Remember that everything depends on the point of view with which you take it. The attitude with which you face the messages in dreams can change your perspective of everything. Instead of worrying that it won’t come, you better use this time to prepare.

Become stronger and more resilient to problems, that way there will be no difficulty that can defeat you and you will always end up finding a good solution for any problem.

Upcoming difficulties

8. Lack of commitment in your relationships

Sometimes the place where you receive a stab is very significant for the interpretation of the dreams. If you dreamed of being stabbed in the neck, this means that you have problems coping with a serious love relationship.

Commitment scares you and the moment things start to get serious, you tend to run away from it.

It is important that you can identify what makes you have so little commitment to your current relationship and dedicate yourself to overcoming it.

Otherwise, you will never be able to build meaningful relationships or permanent bonds in your life.

9. Feelings of embarrassment

If you were stabbed in the shoulder in your dreams, you may be feeling ashamed or dealing with feelings of guilt for having done something wrong.

You may have been unfair or judged someone quickly without taking into account other factors. Now you realize your mistake but you are too proud to accept it or you are simply too embarrassed to admit your mistake in front of that person you offended or misbehaved with.

It is also possible that you have cheated on your partner with someone and the feeling of guilt does not let you live in peace. In real life, you can hide and suppress that feeling but in the world of dreams, the subconscious is in charge of putting those feelings afloat so that you can learn from your mistake.

We can all make mistakes and do wrong. The important thing is not that we were wrong, but what we will do after realizing that we did wrong. Remember that you can always have another chance to be better.

10. Someone is underestimating your capabilities

If in your dreams someone has stabbed you in the arm, it means that there are people around you who are underestimating your abilities and not giving you the credit you deserve.

Probably you have already realized this, but for one reason or another, you have not done anything about it. Sometimes it is difficult to get out of this situation, since it may be your boss who does not value your work as it should.

As difficult as it is to make a decision like this, it is best to get away from people who do not take you into account and do not know how to appreciate your value as a person.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your boss, your partner, or your circle of friends. It is important that those around you know what you are worth and do not hesitate to show it to you.

This dream may also include injuries to the hand or fingers. That means that the little appreciation that others show for you is affecting you and hurting your feelings.

No one has the right to hurt you and diminish you as a person. The best thing is to get away from that environment and those people and relate to people who know how to appreciate you for who you are.


Dreams about being stabbed or stabbing someone are very strong experiences that are marked in our being. But they do not refer to any physical damage, rather they show emotional damage or future betrayal by people who are close to us.

Learn to correctly decipher the meaning of these dreams and take it as a warning of things to come, not so that you get discouraged or scared, but so that you prepare yourself. If they become real, they find you as another person. strong and capable of overcoming any difficulty.

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