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20 Dream of Candles Meanings

Candles are a symbol of light; what they represent can be positive and negative. If you dream about candles, it could mean that something in your life needs healing or some type of guidance to help bring clarity.

This article will shed some light on the meaning behind a candle in your dream.

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Spiritual Candles Dream Meaning

Dream Bible describes candles as a symbol of hope and a positive outlook amidst a rough period in life.

They can also be used to encourage mortality, meditation, and prayer. Candles are often lit in religious ceremonies to honor the spiritual essence of the event being celebrated. Candles can be used to send positive energy to someone who needs it most in life or around you.

Candles were also used as offerings when praying and worshiping someone. In Christianity, candles were used as symbols to represent God’s light. Meanwhile, in ancient times, it was believed to be their gods’ and goddesses’ gifts.

In many cultures, people light their dead family members’ candles as a form of remembrance and honoring their souls—this practice is ancient but still practiced today by many cultures around the world!

1. Represents A Positive Experience In Your Life

You may be wondering what the significance of candles in your dream means. There are a few different possibilities, but one situation that we can see is it’s a sign of good things to come. Perhaps you’ve had bad luck lately, and this candle represents a positive experience that will disappear all your troubles.

Another possibility is if you have been having issues with a person or people in your life, like family members or coworkers, who might not get along as well as they should. In this case, the dream of candles means there will soon be a change between you and them (either by working things out together or going their separate ways).

2. Enlightenment From Within

Dreaming that you light candles signifies that there is hope for spiritual enlightenment within yourself. You have recently discovered something new about yourself or are beginning to look inwardly at your life to make changes that will improve yourself and those around you.

3. Good News Is On Its Way

Seeing a candle lit is a good sign that good news is on its way. It could be about a new job, house, or romantic relationship—the things we all long for in life.

It could also mean that you are expecting an important announcement from your boss or someone else at work. If you’re hoping to hear about an upcoming vacation or even something as simple as the birth of a child or pet!

4. Presents Psychological Support

Candles are symbols of hope and light in the darkness. They can be used to help you find your way, guide you toward your goals and aspirations, and give you courage when it seems like there’s no way out.

5. Be Careful From Expectations and Responsibilities

Candles are also used as a symbol of self-love because they represent our inner selves and secrets when lit with love from within. This means that we should always be careful not to burn ourselves out with too many expectations or responsibilities—we need time away from work so that we can recharge ourselves mentally before continuing on another day at work!

6. Represents An Important Event

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Symbolizing an important event in the dreamer’s life is a common theme with candles. For example, if you dream of walking into a room and seeing dozens of lit candles all around you, this could represent many things: maybe someone died or was married recently; maybe there was an anniversary party for your family.

7. Indicates A Significant Change In Your Life

If you see a candle in your dream, it could mean that you are about to make a big change in your life or that you have already made one and are now waiting for the next step to happen. It can also mean that something good is about to happen for someone else in their lives, especially if they are sharing a candle with another person who has been burned by an unexpected tragedy or loss.

8. You Need To Change Your Behaviour

If you dream of a candle or candles, it could be a warning that you need to change your behavior to be at peace with yourself and not others. The reason for this is that candles represent the light of God. They are used for healing and prayer, as well as to show love and affection by lighting them up or having someone else do so on your behalf.

9. Indicates Healing Properties

Candle dreams can serve as a way to reflect the state of your subconscious mind. For example, if you’re in a bad mood, you may want to light some candles and pray to get better. Or if you’re feeling stressed or anxious about something, the dream might tell you that it’s time for some healing through prayers or by having some self-reflection.

10. Reference To A Prayer

Candles are used in prayer to represent the light of God. The candle can be thought of as a symbol of God’s grace, mercy, and goodness. It represents the Holy Spirit’s presence which gives us life through His gifts and talents.

The candle flame represents love and compassion; it burns with intensity but does not consume itself like fire does when it is extinguished by water (the soul).

The candle wax represents our souls, which need nourishment from time to time so that they may grow into adulthood (the body).

Candles In Dream Interpretations

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Seeing an old or burned-out candle in your dream indicates that you cannot fully express your emotions. You may feel frustrated with the situation or holding back from speaking up for fear of disappointing someone.

Either way, it’s important, to be honest about how you feel and let people know what’s going on in your life! If a candle is flickering rapidly while dreaming, this could also mean that something exciting is happening soon.

An unlit candle indicates that there is little joy in your life right now. You’re feeling down on yourself and not seeing much reason for celebration (especially if the candle is dark).

Dream of a broken candle indicates an argument in the home, most likely with family members or between spouses. Some arguments might break the peace and harmony you share with others at home and work. This type of dream has many connotations so consider those meanings very well when assessing this dream’s symbol.

1. White Candle

If a large white candle appears in your dream, then perhaps this indicates an overall sense of peace and tranquility; but if there are multiple small white candles scattered around, then perhaps this represents an intimate relationship where each person brings something unique into their partnership.

2. Red Candle

A red candle in a dream can symbolize passion and sexual desire. Red candles are used in love magic and rituals to honor the Goddess of Love or God of Love. In dreams, these candles may be used to create an atmosphere conducive to making love (or just getting it on with someone).

3. Blue Candle

A blue candle means that the dreamer needs to learn some new things. Blue is a calming color, so it can be used as a symbol of knowledge and wisdom. It also represents life’s spiritual guidance, making it a perfect color for this dream’s meaning!

4. Orange Candle

Orange represents life itself—the bright side of things! An orange candle means that you are inspired by something. Orange is the color of creativity, and it’s also the color of fire.

Fire brings warmth and light to our world, so when you see a burning orange candle in your dream, this may be an indication that you need some extra motivation or inspiration to get things done.

5. Yellow Candle

A yellow candle is also a good omen of success and good fortune because it represents optimism and positivity in life! It also symbolizes joy, hope, and abundance.

6. Black Candle

If you dream about a black candle burning at night, it could mean that someone is trying to scare you or make you feel unsafe.

7. Red Candle

If your dream involves red candles and they are being lit by yourself, this could mean that there is something wrong with your life.

8. Purple Candle

This dream is giving you hope to be strong amidst adversity and trials in your life because seeing purple candles signifies harmony and prosperity.

9. Pink Candle

Pink Candles in dreams represent unity among family members. If you have a misunderstanding with anyone in your relatives, this dream is an indication that your relationship with them will soon be at ease. It was a time of rebuilding and rekindling relationships.

10. Green Candle

Green candles in dreams are connected to your health. It could be a reminder to better take care of yourself or a sign that your health is about to improve.


In general, candles in your dreams represent enlightenment, knowledge, wisdom, as well as romance, passion, and security. It can be used as a metaphor for clarity or illumination on issues that may be confusing you at the moment.

However, whatever it means to you personally should be considered carefully before interpreting dreams about the candle’s symbolism too literally.

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