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14 Dream of Infidelity Meanings

Dreams about infidelity can be painful for the dreamer. If you are in a committed relationship and dream that your partner was unfaithful, you likely woke up confused and maybe even felt like it actually happened.

While this can be worrisome, it is important to know that these dreams are very common and rarely a cause for concern. So, what does it mean to dream about infidelity? Keep reading to find out!

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What Does It Mean To Dream About Infidelity?

Dreaming about you or your partner being unfaithful is usually linked to emotions you are feeling in your waking life. While both can leave you frazzled and waking in a panic, it normally is not a sign of an actual affair. However, sometimes it could be.

This is why it is extremely important to pay attention to the different scenarios of the dream, along with the situations in your life when you had the dream. Here are 14 common meanings of dreams about infidelity.

1. You Are Not Comfortable In Your Relationship

Usually, dreaming about you or your partner cheating is a sign of underlying issues in the relationship, such as a feeling of insecurity.

If your partner was the one cheating, maybe you are not comfortable in the relationship anymore due to something they did or said, or perhaps you never have been comfortable.

If you were the one cheating, maybe your partner feels insecure, and you can sense it.

2. You Feel Guilty

One common reason you could have a cheating dream is that you feel guilty about something unrelated to infidelity.

If you cheated on your partner in your dream and woke up with a feeling of overwhelming guilt, it is likely there is something you are doing in your life that you don’t feel good about.

Maybe you are cheating with other things, such as at school or work. It could also signify feelings of guilt due to feeling like you are constantly failing.

3. A Sign Of Betrayal

Sometimes, this type of dream could signify actual cheating in real life. It could mean that you or your partner are about to start an affair.

This could also mean your partner has already cheated on you or is having an affair, and your subconscious is processing the clues, or the universe is sending you a warning.

It is essential to not panic and really pay attention to your overall feelings about this dream.

If you have not been putting yourself in situations that are inappropriate or you have not been suspicious of your partner cheating then there is likely another meaning behind this dream.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Infidelity

4. You Are Worried

Sometimes dreams about infidelity are a result of the worry you have in waking life unrelated to your relationship. Even worries about things like your career or success can manifest in your dreams as painful situations that could occur and ruin your life.

Try to take some time to reflect on your life and let go of any worries that could be sabotaging you in real life and in your dreams.

5. A Reflection Of Inner Fears

Sometimes dreams about cheating can be a sign of inner fears we have, such as fears of abandonment. If you dream that your partner cheated on you with their ex, this could mean you have a fear that your partner still has unresolved feelings for someone from their past.

You fear that they will never truly love you and will eventually abandon you for the person they truly love.

6. You Have Low Self-Esteem

Having low self-esteem can also cause you to have dreams about your partner cheating or even about you cheating on them. You may feel that you are not good enough for your partner or even feel like you are inferior to them.

The inferiority complex is common but can ruin a relationship. If your partner has not done anything or said anything to make you feel this way, you may need to work on your self-esteem.

You can’t have a healthy relationship with someone if you are not happy and confident with who you are.

7. A Sign Of Neglect

If you dream that your partner is having an affair, it could result from a lack of attention. It is possible your needs are not being met, and you do not feel like you are important in their life.

This is often due to them spending too much time in other areas of their life and not treating you like you are a priority.

It is essential to communicate with your partner and explain to them how you feel. If they are not willing to make you a priority, you may need to end the relationship.

8. You Harbor Resentment

If you have recurring dreams of cheating on your partner, this could mean that you are harboring resentment. If they cheated on you before, this dream is your subconscious mind letting you in on how you feel and letting you know that you have not actually forgiven them for what they did.

Even if they didn’t cheat, this dream meaning could still hold true if your partner did something to you that hurt you terribly and you want revenge.

_You Harbor Resentment

9. Lack Of Respect

If you have recurring dreams of your partner cheating on you, it could mean you feel like they don’t respect you or your feelings. Maybe they have acted like your feelings were silly or unimportant, or they don’t take your ideas and opinions seriously.

Respect is vital to a happy relationship, so you need to tell your partner that you feel disrespected before it’s too late.

10. Lack Of Trust

One big reason you may dream of infidelity is distrust. If you dream that you catch your partner cheating on you, it could mean that you do not trust them. You may have a suspicion that they are cheating, with or without cause for concern. You may also not trust them in other areas, such as with finances.

Alternatively, if you dream that you cheated on your partner and cried afterward, this could mean that you don’t trust yourself.

11. You Have A Secret

Another interpretation of dreams about you cheating on your partner is that you have a secret. Even if the secret is nothing that will cause them to hurt or harm, it is still eating you up inside that you have not told them.

You need to consider if telling your spouse is a good idea, if it is your secret to tell, and why you are scared to tell them.

12. Hidden Desires

If you have a dream that you are having an emotional affair as well as cheating, this could mean you have developed feelings for someone besides your partner.

If you are just in a relationship with your partner, it is better to break up with them than continue to fantasize about being with someone else. This is not fair to them.

If you are married, you need to tread with caution and question if these feelings hold merit or if it is just an infatuation. You don’t want to end your marriage over fleeting feelings or even lust.

13. Someone Else Is Having An Affair

If you have a friend or coworker who is having an affair, or their partner is unfaithful, this can seep into your dream mind.

Sometimes current situations in your waking life, such as people we know cheating on their spouses, can cause you to dream that it is happening to you.

This is the same for movies and tv shows about cheating. If you watched something on tv about people being unfaithful, this might be the reason for your unsettling dream.

14. You Will Get Cheated Out Of Something

Dreaming about a partner cheating on you if you are single could mean you will get cheated out of something, likely in your career. A coworker may steal your idea and get all of the glory, or your boss could hire someone over you that has fewer qualifications.

Alternatively, it could mean someone will steal your money or even your inheritance. Keep an eye out for dishonest people in the near future.

Don’t get discouraged, and keep your chin up. The truth always has a way of coming to the surface, and you will get what is rightfully yours.


There are many interpretations of dreams about infidelity, so pay attention to things going on in your life and other details of your dream before coming to a conclusion about what this dream meant for you.

Do you have experience with a dream about infidelity? What did it mean for you? We would love to hear about your story. We hope you enjoyed this article! If you have any questions, let us know in the comments! We love to hear from our readers.

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