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13 Dream of Deceased Father Meanings

A dream about a deceased father can evoke strong emotions, leaving you confused or disturbed depending on the vision. It can be unnerving if your dad is still alive, making you panic as you worry about his welfare.

What does a dream about a deceased father mean? You may want to get to the root of the dream to know what it implies to help you overcome it.

The good news is that we will look at what your subconscious is trying to tell you and how to go about it.

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Dream About a Deceased Father: 13 Possible Meanings

A father in the dream world is a figure of authority or a pillar to lean on, more like a guiding force or a role model. So, a dead father’s dream may indicate losing something that gave you direction in life.

Read on to know more about what this dream sequence may mean and what to do.

1. You Are Still Mourning Your Father’s Death

One of the reasons why you have such a dream is because you are still mourning your father’s loss. Losing a parent can be very difficult, especially if you had a close relationship. Reminiscing the moments you shared may take a toll on you and will reflect via your dreams.

Sometimes, you may think you are over the loss of your dad, but you are still in sorrow. It is hard to let go in such situations, even if you put on a brave face. The solution, in this case, is to accept what happened and confide your feelings to someone close: at least it will ease the burden. Alternatively, you can try therapy.

2. Loss Of a Fatherly Figure

Several people are like fathers in our lives. An example of such people is work mentors who helped us learn the ropes of our careers.

Losing such figures can be punishing, and you may dream about them occasionally, showing how much of an impact they had on your life. Talking to someone close to your sorrow will help with your dreams.

3. You Have Unresolved Issues

Conflict is part of human nature, and it is common to have disagreements with our parents. If you have had a tiff with your dad, you may experience dreams of him dead, which can be disturbing. Such a scenario calls for you to talk to your father to ask for forgiveness and resolve the conflict at hand.

Do not hold grudges against your parents, even if they are the ones in the wrong. Holding a grudge will affect you more and may degrade your relationships with others around you.

4. You Are Dealing With Guilt

Sometimes, it is too late to make the necessary amends with your father. When they pass away with unresolved issues between you, you may feel guilty for not acting up earlier. The guilt may be the reason you have dreams about your deceased parent.

In the visions, you may revisit the root of your conflict. If you resolve the tiff in your dream, it may be a sign from your father that it is time to get past the sadness.

In some situations, you may dream about your deceased father yelling at you, indicating your fears about facing your father when he was still alive.

5. A Sign of Fortune

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A dream of your dead father may be a good omen, signaling that fortune is coming your way. As hinted, our fathers are figures to lean on when things are tough. Your father’s presence in your dream is a sign of good luck, showing you things are or will be better.

Trust in their presence in your visions and let them guide you, even though you may not communicate as you want.

6. There Is Something Bad Coming Your Way

Other times, an unexpected visit by your deceased father via your dreams may indicate that something terrible is coming your way. You may notice this from a solemn look, which expresses their feelings from the afterlife. He will always remain your dad, even in death, and he wants the best for you.

It is a sign that you should be careful with how you roll to avoid any mishaps that you may encounter.

7. It Is Time for You to Step Up

Seeing your dad in your subconscious may hint that you should step up your game. If you are the firstborn son, you should take manly responsibility in your house and ensure that your home is secure. It is like passing the torch, meaning you should be more grown up for your family’s well-being.

If you encounter a father figure, like a mentor in your dream, it may be a nudge to bring your best in whatever you do. Bring your A-game in your career, talent, education, spirituality, or family. They still believe in you and know you can always do better.

8. You Are Afraid of Losing Your Dad

Dreaming about your father’s death when he is still alive can be confusing, especially if he is sick. Such a dream shows the emotional connection you share and your fear of losing him.

You might visualize your father’s funeral, where you even see the coffin. Most of the time, the person in the coffin may be faceless, indicating that your dad’s time is yet to come.

If you have a similar dream, check up on your old man to see how he is faring. You can share your nightmare with him for reassurance and to prevent the dream from creating more disappointments in real life.

9. Your Fears About Fatherhood

Fatherhood is demanding, and you might feel unprepared for it, especially if you are expecting a baby with your spouse. Seeing your deceased father in your subconscious mind is a sign of reassurance and trust in you for the prominent role you are about to assume.

Trust in his ways and let him be your role model when you journey into fatherhood.

10. Power Is Coming Your Way

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Fathers symbolize power and authority in the family. A dream about your father who passed on may indicate the power coming your way. It may be at the workplace, your business, politically, or even in your family.

A position of authority needs a clear mind and dedication for you to handle the associated responsibilities. It would be best if you changed various aspects of your life for a proper transition to an authoritative figure, as many people will look up to you.

Have a mentor or someone close guide you on the negative traits to lose as you warm up toward power.

11. A Hint of Long-Lasting Relationships

Dreaming about your dad’s sudden passing does not always symbolize pain and sorrow. It may hint at the strength of your relationships, particularly the long-lasting ones. If you have a childhood friend, your bond may grow stronger, and either of you may be the pillar of hope during trying times.

Additionally, you should work on your social life, mainly with other family members. Do not overlook family, even if you don’t get along, for your sound emotional state.

12. A Green Light or Thumbs Up

In life, you have to make crucial decisions, although most of the time, we are not 100% sure of the path we want to take. You may be in a dilemma when deciding about a career path, family life, business decisions, and more. These are the times when you want a sign to assure you that you are making the right move, particularly if many people are against the chosen direction.

Having a dream of your late father may signify that you are making the right choices. While your late dad may not communicate directly with you, the approval may show via a kiss on the forehead or a firm handshake.

13. Someone Is Pulling Your Strings

As kids, our dad pulled our strings, mainly in the right way, providing guidance as we grew up. Once we grow up, most of us want to become independent, with no strings controlling us. However, this is not always the case. You might be under someone’s control, especially in the workplace or marriage.

Such a scenario may be uncomfortable, forcing you to regress subconsciously, where you picture your dad’s authoritativeness. It can translate to dreams, where the person controlling you assumes the form of your late father. They may look like your dad physically, but the voice may be of the person pulling the strings.

Therapy can be your way out if you are dealing with such a case. Optionally, you can change your work if you are uncomfortable with your boss or talk to your spouse if you feel they are too controlling. Communication helps avert building frustration.

Final Thoughts

A dream of your late father can trigger a chain of emotions. It might open healed wounds if you had a shaky relationship before his demise, bringing a cloud of sorrow upon you. On the flip side, it may evoke contentment, as you know they are okay in the afterlife and watching over you. It might also serve as a reminder to take your responsibilities seriously.

This article has highlighted the possible interpretations of this dream. Do not hesitate to seek help if the dream is overwhelming. You can share it in the comments section below.

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Peter Schmitt

Thursday 27th of April 2023

My dad left us and started new family. I rarely saw him and when I did I got beat often. I protected my sister from him. He was alcoholic and drug abuser. Deep down all I wanted was to go live with him which did not happen until 17. He got sober in aa and soon after that I did too then joined the navy.

He got sick years later from agent Orange and I went to help take care of him. We were clear when he died but I have a lot of childhood trauma I work through with emdr.

I dont know why he is being mean or aloof or hurtful in my dreams all of a sudden but I bought a dreamcatcher to see if that helps and talk to a therapist.