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10 Dream of Peeing Blood Meanings

Did you ever dream about peeing blood? I know that this question sounds weird, but this dream is not as uncommon as you may think. Many people have this dream, and it is hard not to think of it even after you wake up.

The mere thought of blood in your urine is disturbing, and dreaming about it is certainly not pleasurable. It could be quite a traumatic experience; however, dreaming about peeing blood doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you are sick in your waking life, but you still should take some time to interpret this dream.

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What Does It Mean To Dream About Peeing Blood?

Before we proceed to interpret this dream, you should think if you simply had to pee while sleeping, and this dream happened as a result. If that was it, the dream has no deeper spiritual meaning, it was just your urinary tract warning you that you need to use the toilet. However, if that wasn’t the case, there are several possible interpretations for this dream.

1. Health-Related Meaning

The first one is the most obvious and the most menacing, your body is sending you signals that something is wrong with your urinary tract, urethra, kidneys, etc.

It could be some common anemia, high blood pressure, inflammation, kidney stones, or some other kidney disease. Don’t panic, it is highly unlikely that you have any of these diseases, but you still should get some urine and blood tests just to be safe.

For women, dreaming about peeing blood could also be closely connected to their menstrual cycle. For a pregnant woman, this dream could symbolize the fear of something going wrong during the pregnancy.

2. Learning To Let Go

Another, more probable dream interpretation suggests that dreaming about peeing your own blood symbolizes your rejection of your emotions. You might be feeling ashamed because of your emotions, or you simply don’t want to deal with them as they are too painful.

It can also mean that you have been holding your emotions for too long, and you need to learn how to let them out and freely express them. In general, you need to learn how to let go of certain things in your life.

With the release of urine, you need to release things that have been holding you back. You feel burdened, and like you are in prison. Learn how to let go of some things and live a free life.

Blood in your urine can symbolize some hard times in your near future. You will face unexpected obstacles and problems at your work. You could also experience some relationship issues in your personal life.

3. Loss Of Control

Dreaming about peeing blood is often seen as a symbol of losing control. When you dream of urine, you actually dream of your own emotions that are hidden deep inside. Seeing blood in that same urine represents things that are out of your control.

It can also represent a lack of privacy you feel lately. With this urine dream, you are trying to mark your territory in a way, especially if you dream about peeing blood in front of other people.

Maybe you feel trapped in an unhappy relationship, or your work life is making you miserable, but you are trying to suppress those feelings and act like everything is perfect. All those suppressed feelings need to go somewhere, and they come to you in the form of this dream.

Blood also represents health, vitality, and passion, and seeing blood in your urine while dreaming can also carry similar meanings. However, maybe you are not yet ready to fully embrace these things, and you feel scared.

4. New Beginnings

Dreaming about peeing blood sometimes symbolizes new beginnings. You feel anxious and rejected, and these emotions can no longer be ignored, and you are going to change your life drastically.

After some long periods of stress, struggles, and worries, you are finally feeling some relief. At last, you can enjoy being yourself and expressing your mind freely. Your financial situation will finally improve, and you will be able to live a more carefree life.

5. Other Meanings

For males, dreaming about peeing blood could represent semen, which in turn represents life force, strength, and vitality. If you are a male, and you dream such dreams, maybe you are worried about your masculinity.

Your pride was hurt recently, and your ego is still learning how to deal with it. Also, this dream could be caused by vigorous exercise that left you exhausted.

For females, urine has a special meaning. If you are a female, you are more susceptible to catching a UTI, and dreaming about peeing blood could simply be a warning sign from your body to be more careful.

Urine has been used to diagnose a pregnancy since ancient times, even long before other symptoms were present. However, dreaming about bloody urine symbolizes pregnancy but also a miscarriage.

If you are a single woman, dreaming about blood in your urine might be a good omen, as it symbolizes finding a husband and getting married.

10 Dream of Peeing Blood Meanings2

Your Reaction To The Dream

The meaning of the dream will also depend on your reaction to it. If you felt calm during the dream, it means that you learned how to channel your emotions in a healthy way. You feel free to say what you think and to live your life as you want.

If, however, you felt scared during the dream, it could mean several things. First, you might be worried about your health. Maybe you are suffering from some illness, or you are experiencing some symptoms that are worrying you.

It can also mean that you are scared of your deep emotions and even secrets coming out. You don’t want to ruin your reputation by revealing more things about you than necessary.

Urine Symbolism And Possible Dream Meanings In Other Cultures

It might surprise you, but urine was highly valued among ancient civilizations. For example, Romans used urine to wash their teeth and wash their clothes. Buddhist monks drank their own urine.

Although drinking urine and using it instead of toothpaste is certainly something I would never recommend you to do, it is obvious that urine represented cleaning in ancient cultures.

It makes sense: when you urinate, you expel many toxins from your body. Your kidneys work as filters, they remove many bad things from your bloodstream, and those things go into your urine and out of your body.

That’s why the urine symbolizes cleansing: dreaming about it represents letting go of all the negative things you kept inside for too long. Blood in the urine represents your emotions, and when you dream about peeing blood, it means you are finally learning how to deal with negative emotions instead of ignoring them.

Other Urine-Related Dreams

Of course, interpreting dreams about peeing blood wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t go over some other dreams that are somehow urine-related. Here are some of the most interesting pee dreams:

1. A Contaminated Urine

Dreaming about dirty urine is certainly not a pleasant dream, and it symbolizes your feelings of being dirty, inadequate, and not being good enough. Maybe there is something or someone who is spoiling every nice moment of your life.

2. Peeing In Strange Places

If you dream about peeing in some weird and unusual places, it might be a sign of your problems fitting in with the rest of society. Your emotions are greatly affecting your decisions in situations that require you to think rationally.

However, this dream can have a positive meaning. Maybe you are learning how to go out of your comfort zone, or you are trying to expand your friend circle. You want to try some new and exciting things.

10 Dream of Peeing Blood Meanings3

3. Baby Urinating

Although babies are cute, dreaming about them urinating has some negative connotations. If you are a young parent, this dream could symbolize that caring for your small child will put a strain on your marriage.

However, that’s not the end of the world, and in fact, it is completely normal; you just need to stay patient and communicate clearly with your partner about your problems and the things that are bothering you.

4. A Dirty Toilet

If your dream involves a restroom that hasn’t been cleaned for ages, it is a bad omen. Something bad is coming your way, and it will temporarily isolate you from your loved ones and people who could help you overcome your hardships more easily.

5. Peeing Your Pants

Peeing your pants in a dream represents your fragile self-confidence. You are scared of embarrassing yourself in front of others. Even the smallest mishaps are causing you to feel anxious and ashamed.

Another thing you are scared of is failure. You strive for perfection and when you can’t achieve it, you feel useless.

Final Words

When in a dream state, many people experience some wild dreams. One of them is a dream of peeing blood. Although disturbing, this dream is more often related to our emotions than to our actual health condition.

Dreaming about peeing blood most often means that you need to let go of some things. You put too much pressure on yourself lately, and you should release it now. Of course, this dream can have many other meanings, and each depends on the other dream details and on your own life circumstances.

Have you ever dreamed about peeing blood? Was it a scary dream, or did you feel calm? Share in the comments!

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