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16 Dream of Dog Chasing Me Meanings

When you dream about being chased by something or someone, you will initially feel anxious. However, when you dream of dogs, their loving and friendly nature can cause calmness. 

The prevalence rate of dreaming about dogs is only around 5%. Additionally, although dreams about dogs provide more positivity, 11% of dreamers can also dream about the negative sides of dogs.

But, what are the messages of these dreams? Are they reminders and signs as you live your waking life?

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Dogs and Puppies Symbolism

Before we start discussing what is the meaning of dreaming about dogs chasing you, we will first tackle the symbolism of dogs and puppies. 

1. Loyalty

Dogs possess fidelity, especially when it comes to human-dog relationships. Just like how positive loyalty is, the appearance of these creatures in your dreams can signify a positive sign

However, in real life. Loyalty can also be represented negatively. For example, when you keep on staying in a relationship with an abusive partner or continue working with a boss who is doing bad deeds.

This means that a dog is encouraging a dreamer to be loyal to principles first before being loyal to others.

2. Honesty

There are times when we get to watch some clips online where pet dogs tend to hide whenever their owners try to scold them for doing something wrong. Unfortunately, their emotions do not lie!

Did you know why? Because dogs are born honest. 

3. Companionship

Dogs are also known as man’s best friends, thus they represent companionship. Some reports state that these animals can support human health and improve overall well-being. In addition to the companion they provide, they are also reliable protectors or guardians.

4. Love

When we talk about dogs, unconditional love is automatically used to describe them. Their love for you stays until death because these animals have big hearts.

They forgive us easily whenever we disappoint them. These animals are reminders for us to love more and forgive more.

5. Persistence

Dogs know how to persevere. When they want something from us, they keep on wagging their tails until we notice them. They are also tenacious until they become exhausted.

When you feel that you are connected with this spirit animal, this is a reminder for you to keep on moving and stay persistent if you want to achieve your goals.

6. Playfulness

Dogs have this child-like behavior. They are playful even when they are already old. When you call them to play, they will pour their heart and soul so that you can also feel as joyful as happy dogs are.

Generally, these animals teach you how to relax and enjoy every moment. You may be thriving because of how hard life is or the burdens you feel, but you should not forget how to enjoy life.

10 Meanings of Dog Chase in Dreams

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When a pack of dogs appear in your dreams and chase you, take this as a message. A dog dream like this may represent important issues in life.

1. Dream of a black dog means you are experiencing betrayal

One of the dog symbolism is loyalty, if, in your dream, it chases you, this means the opposite. This is a message that a family member or a friend is betraying you. If you ever dream about this, take it as a warning sign.

This disloyalty may have occurred already or it will be happening in the future. Thus, you should know who to trust.

2. You are afraid of commitment

When you dream about being chased by a dog, this can represent distrust. Apart from distrust from others, this can also mean distrust in yourself and what you are capable of.

If you have a history of burning bridges with people and you dream about this dog chasing you, this can mean that you are afraid of commitment. This means that you do not trust yourself because you know that you will fail.

Some of these events include a new job or a new relationship or friendship. If ever a dog chases you in your dream, this is a sign for you to be brave and take the risk. Do not try to escape the opportunities because of your past experiences or inner conflicts. 

3. You are pressured and stressed

Everyone encounters psychological pressure and stress, especially during this time of the pandemic. In fact, the prevalence of stress, anxiety, and depression globally is around 44.48%.

Generally, dogs love to enjoy their life. However, when you dream about being chased by a dog, this is a sign that there is a strain on your mental health. So, learn to slow down and calm yourself.

Remember, one step at a time and you will achieve your goals without pressure. Take some rest or learn how to give yourself a break.

4. Dream interpretation of dog chases is you are guilty

Again, dogs are honest animals and they cannot hide their emotions easily. Like humans, we also feel the same. When we have done something wrong, we feel these guilt instincts, and as much as we want to hide it, there will be times when others will notice it.

A dream analyst named Lauri Quinn Loewenberg states that dreams about dogs mean intuition. Additionally, dreams tell you what is inside your subconscious mind.

Thus, when you dream about this chase, this is a sign for you to come clean. You may have hurt someone and your conscience is telling you to reflect on your actions. If you know that someone is affected by your bad decisions, open your heart and admit your mistakes.

5. You might be neglecting your responsibilities in life

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We all have many responsibilities in life and there are times we get overwhelmed. When we think about these responsibilities, we end up laying down and forgetting them. 

Although this is fine occasionally, this can delay our goals. When you experience a recurring dream about dog chases, especially when a dog bite has happened, this is a sign for you to get back to what you used to do. 

Additionally, a dream of being chased by a dog can also signify your attitude toward neglecting others’ hands. Because those people around you care for you, it is normal for them to offer help. Again, because of your negligence, you do not realize these efforts.

6. You want to escape dependency

Dogs also represent generosity, and if you have this spirit animal, you are always ready to help others.

However, if you dream about being chased by a dog, this can represent a trap and your desire to escape from your responsibilities from the dependent people around you. 

If you wonder what this means, this can speak about taking care of your loved ones who cannot help themselves, business partners who fully rely on you, siblings whom you support, or parents whom you need to assist daily.

7. You are scared and you cannot hide it anymore

Dreams are also a representation of fear. There are days when we are afraid and this may not just be about life responsibilities but may also be about survival. When you dream about being chased by a dog, this is a message for you to face your fears.

When you finally get the courage to stand up and face them, you will realize that these fears are not as scary as you think. They are just small challenges as you reach your goals. 

8. Dreaming of white dogs means someone wants to connect with you

The color of the dog in your dreams is also significant. When you dream about being chased by a white dog, this can signify connections.

These connections may include a love life, new ideas, and work opportunities. When you experience this kind of dream, this is a message for you that you have pleasing skills, abilities, and behaviors. 

Moreover, this is also good luck and good fortune. This can represent financial stability and you can become wealthy if you keep on putting effort into everything that you do.

9. Dreaming about angry dogs or aggressive dogs means an offense

If you dream about being chased by an attacking dog, this can symbolize offense. It is either you have offended someone or some people are trying to displease you.

So, take this as a warning sign as this can affect your peace. Keep yourself secure, especially your emotional health.

Additionally, this is also a message to keep your family safe. Do not try to make decisions that can affect your and your family’s wellness.

10. Dream meaning of friendly dogs means a new adventure

Dogs love adventure and they are fond of getting on long drives, especially when they travel with their owners. When you dream about a friendly dog such as a hound or German Shepherd chasing you, this can represent new beginnings.

These new beginnings may include new opportunities such as work projects, new homes, and new relationships. 

Final Thoughts

Indeed, dogs are filled with different positive behaviors and traits. They are generally good charms if we talk about their symbolism.

However, when these animals appear in your dreams in a negative way, such as when they try to chase you, this may be a caution or an insight about what may happen in the future. 

Thus, you should understand what these messages are, and what you should do in real life when you dream about them.

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