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6 Dream of Rats Meanings

Rat dreams are strong indicators to brace yourself for something incredibly good or truly nasty. It all comes down to how you feel about rats in general and the setting of your dream.

In this post, we’ll share how you can tell if your dreams about rats point towards a positive development or a warning about the lurking dangers.

In any case, we suggest you read every possible meaning of rat dreams before believing in one. That’s because a firm belief in a dream interpretation may influence your life significantly.

Let’s get started!

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Spiritual Meaning of Rats

Spiritually, rats are associated with negative concepts. Wild rats are not welcome in any home and they are largely seen as a symbol of unhygienic conditions. Wild mice and rats have a preference for dark and wet places. So, you’ll often find them in drains, sewers, garbage dumps, attics, basements, etc.

For that very reason, rats have the following spiritual meanings:

  • You’re anxious or worried about something
  • Someone is jealous of you and might damage you
  • You’re subconsciously restless because of a monotonous lifestyle
  • You’re running from your feelings or wasting away your potential

As it’s evident, the spiritual meanings of dreams about rats are generally negative in nature. But they are also quite varying in their meanings.

So, how do you know what’s the true meaning of the rat(s) you saw in your sleep? To figure that out, browse the common rat dreams people get. Pick the one that’s closest to what you saw and relate it to your individual circumstances.

Dreams About Rats – What does it mean when you dream about rats?

The dream interpretations given below come from dream experts, the experienced, and our team’s detailed research on the symbolism of rats with respect to spirit, religion, and culture. Your dreams about rats can be both positive and negative.

1. Black rats mean deep trouble

Dreaming of a black rat is a bad omen. According to most dream experts, black rats symbolize traitorous behavior. Someone you trust has ill intentions for you and may be involved in activities that could damage you. It could be a friend, family member, or colleague. This is particularly true for dreams where you feel threatened by the presence of a black rat.

Apart from betrayal, black rats also indicate inner issues. If you see a black rat in your dream that vibes bad but does not scare you, your subconscious mind is tugging at your unaddressed dark emotions (such as depression, guilt, fear, etc.)

2. White rats mean you’re winning

Contrary to black rats, white rats are often pets. That’s why dreams about white rats often have positive meanings.

Large white rats in dreams mean you’re going to get good fortune really soon. It could be in the form of money, relationships, a new job, or accomplishing your life goals.

For unmarried individuals, white rats indicate that you’ll find true love soon. And for those who are in a relationship or married, their relationship will soon witness healthy growth and become more fulfilling.

However, if you see a menacing white rat in your dream, it means there’s an enemy around you. Or perhaps, you’re going to encounter several obstacles in your current journey. But the whiteness of fur represents victory. You’ll receive spiritual guidance and win overall problems.

3. Lots of rats mean you’re in a bad company

Dream of Rats2

It’s not a good thing to be dreaming about a lot of rats surrounding you or filling up your house. It means you’re surrounded by people who envy you or are trying to bring you down.

At times, the presence of a lot of mice in your dreams does not indicate many people. Instead, it indicates how close someone is to you. The more mice, the closer the person. However, lots of mice may also indicate your problems with that person.

4. Dead rats mean the game’s over

A dead rat symbolizes finality in your subconscious. Soon enough, a relationship or something important to you might come to an end for good.

It could be a treacherous relationship or your tolerance toward unjust behavior. You fear losing whatever it is, but it will do good to you. Hence, it is a positive indication.

Apart from this, dead rats also signal the end of your current struggles. If you’re facing a low point in life, struggling hard to achieve a goal, or conflicted between decisions, it’s a reminder that hardship will come to an end. You will make it through successfully.

On the flip side, a dead rat may represent a health problem. You may develop an illness soon if you see a suffering rat that dies eventually or a dead rat that brings you feelings of weakness and pity.

Some dream experts suggest dead rats represent feelings of guilt and fear that may be consuming you. If you’re keeping secrets or getting involved in something against your conscience, your inner self will remind you of the consequences in the form of a dead rat.

5. Biting rats mean something or someone is feeding on your energy

Dreaming of rat bites is a clear indication of deceit. Someone close to you is lying to you or betraying you.

If the mice in your dream nibble or bite your hand, you might be too vulnerable to this person. Or you might be sharing your stuff openly.

If you see rodents biting your feet, you might be feeling like running in a rat race. You’re disconnected from your true purpose in life, and naturally, that’s causing you to feel like a loser.

6. Chasing rats mean you’re on a mission

Dream of Rats3

Rats represent resilience and smartness. Most science experiments use mice and rats as subjects because they are similar to human beings in terms of survival.

So, if you see a rat chasing you in your dream, you’re in survival mode because someone in real life feels like a threat to you. You’re feeling outsmarted by their presence. Or they are making you anxious about your safety, stability, or finances.

If it’s you who’s chasing a rat, then it means you’re trying to sell something or subconsciously thinking to start a business. In both situations, it will bring good luck and great profits.

Catching a rat with your bare hands means you will soon overcome the negative influences in your waking life. Such dreams are positive, and there’s nothing to worry about.

Biblical Meaning of Dreams about Rats

We don’t find many mentions of rats in the bible. But a few biblical rat dream meanings suggest rats are creatures of poor luck.

In a few verses of Samuel, rats symbolize financial loss and slavery. Some people believe Satan used rats to drive people into debt and sin.

Moreover, we can find the following information concerning rats in the Bible:

  • Those who ate rats were cursed. Hence, we should not eat rats.
  • Rats are disease spreaders and ruined crops & equipment in 2 Kings 19.

However, since the Bible doesn’t give clear examples or interpretations of dreams about rats, it’s best to understand rat dreams as per dream experts and our individual circumstances.

End Note

Generally, dreams about rats (be it the gray ones or blacks) suggest that your life’s become monotonous. You need to get a new hobby and explore unexplored areas of yourself.

You should tap into a skill of yours or tap into spirituality. Learning new things or seeking spiritual awakening can help you with all possible negative things and warnings that rats may mean in dreams.

If you have a pet rat, you might find it difficult to relate to the negatives. But if you don’t dream of rats often, it’s best to pay good attention to them.

Similarly, if it’s a common dream and you don’t have any strong feelings (positive or negative) towards the appearance of a rat in your dream, don’t stress too much. As per the dream dictionary, something that appears frequently and continuously in your dreams doesn’t mean much.

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