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6 Dream of Dragonfly Meanings

Dragonflies are considered to be one of the most powerful symbols in many cultures because they are seen as messengers of good luck, fortune, and happiness. In some cultures and folklores, the dragonfly is a weigher of soul. It is considered a magical creature that carries the soul of someone who has died to the afterlife.

With this background, it can be very fascinating to dream about this flying insect.

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Dragonfly Symbolism in Dreams

Dragonflies are fascinating creatures that can be found in myths and legends anywhere in the world. They are one of the most diverse and recognizable insects among Native American cultures.

It is a type of damselfly, with long, slender wings, a body shape similar to a dragonfly, and large eyes with long, feathery antennae. In Western astrology, dragonflies are associated with those born in the month of June.

They represent the process of change and the cycle of life. They are connected to strength and wisdom as the bearer of messages in the elemental world and protection as it always flies near its territory.

Dragonflies have been associated with good fortune, especially in Chinese and Japanese culture, where they are known as the “lucky dragonfly.” In these cultures, it is considered bad luck to kill a dragonfly.

The dragonfly is also representative of transition: becoming something new or different, seeing things in a different light, finding new ways to solve problems, and accomplishing goals that seemed unattainable before now!

3 Spiritual Meanings of Dragonfly Animal Totem  

1. Transformation

Dragonflies are known for their ability to transform into different shapes and sizes, so this dream about dragonflies means that you need some kind of transformation and metamorphosis to reach your goals or fulfill your ambitions. This is why dragonfly tattoo meanings are often associated with personal changes.

The appearance of a dragonfly in the dream may be a gentle reminder to look within ourselves and examine our thoughts, actions, and intentions.

2. Renewal

A dragonfly’s life is brief but intense and productive. Because they live in aquatic areas, they are very connected to water, and water is symbolic of emotional realms. When a dragonfly shows up in your dream, it can mean that you are going through a period of change and that new opportunities are being presented to you.

Dragonflies are also very connected to the past. They have been around since the time of the dinosaurs 300 million years ago, and they have evolved little since that time. Since they move so quickly, their actions seem almost mysterious and magical. They can be connected with primal instincts or ancestral memories from your personal past or the distant past.

3. Instinct

Dragonflies live in two elements at once—water and air—making them spiritual creatures representing a balance between our conscious minds and instinctual ones. Dreams about dragonflies can indicate that your instincts are telling you one thing while your conscious mind is trying to do something else entirely. This imbalance can create a feeling of confusion or frustration.

5 Common Reasons Why Dragonfly Appears in The Dreamer’s Dream

1. You’re Overwhelmed With Responsibilities

Dreaming of a dragonfly might indicate that you feel overwhelmed with responsibilities, but the dream may also warn you of the consequences of an impulsive decision.

When it appears in your dream, it may be a sign that you need to take action to make changes in your life. You need to focus on what is most important right now in your life and stop trying to do everything all at once.

Stay calm about the tasks you have to do, don’t try to do too much at once, and don’t be distracted by other things.

2. You Are In Touch With Your True Self

The dream of a dragonfly is an indication that the dreamer is in touch with their spirituality and has found their true self. The dream may also be an indication that there is something deep within the subconscious mind that wants to come forth but cannot because it has been hidden for so long.

If you dream about a dragonfly, it means that your life has been shrouded in mystery and confusion, but now everything will finally be revealed to you in the near future.

3. You Are Feeling Inspired

A dream of a dragonfly signifies your creativity, your illusion, and your ability to be imaginative. If you were to see a dragonfly in your dream, it indicates that you’re feeling inspired and creative. The dragonfly represents your spirit and desire to be independent and original.

A bigger dragonfly in dreams means more freedom and more valuable opportunity.

4. You Need Relaxation

If you dream about a dragonfly, it means that you need to take some time off from your busy schedule and relax. The dragonfly symbolizes the innate desire to fly and soar high, but sometimes the journey can be difficult. If you see a lot of dreams with this creature in them, then there is something bothering you in your life right now, and it’s holding you back from moving forward.

5. You’re On A New Journey

The dragonfly represents swift and speedy progress. It is a sign that there will be a quick development or a change in the situation. The dragonfly may appear when the dreamer is starting a new journey, or it may signify that a person is moving towards a new destination.

Colors of Dragonfly

Colors of Dragonfly

1. Black Dragonfly

Black dragonfly in dreams means that you are going through a dark time. You are feeling lost and unsure of what to do next. You can also experience fear, anxiety, and frustration with this dream symbol.

2. Blue Dragonfly

It is said that when a person dreams about the blue dragonfly, it means that they are being protected by the spirits and will be able to succeed in their endeavors.

The blue dragonfly is also associated with the element of water, which can represent emotions or wisdom.

3. Brown Dragonfly

The brown dragonfly in dreams symbolizes the ability to see beyond what we can see. It represents our journey for understanding, and when we can understand things that are not physically present, it allows us to grow and evolve.

4. White Dragonfly

The white dragonfly in dreams is a symbol of happiness, peace, and prosperity. It is usually seen in dreams as a sign that the dreamer will have a happy and peaceful life.

5. Gold Dragonfly

The dream of the golden dragonfly is linked with the dream of wealth and abundance. This spirit animal symbolizes swiftness, speed, and agility, which are all essential qualities that help ensure success in life. It also represents freedom from worldly concerns and worries.

6. Colorful Dragonfly

The colorful dragonfly in dreams is a symbol of hope and good luck. It is a sign that you will be able to overcome any obstacle in your life with the help of your loved ones.

If you were to dream of being attacked by a dragonfly, it indicates that you are passive-aggressively protecting yourself from an uncomfortable truth or situation.

Other spiritual meanings when you dream of dragonfly

Other spiritual meanings when you dream of dragonfly

1. Dream about catching a dragonfly

A dragonfly is a symbol of freedom and grace. In dreams, it’s also a sign of your inner beauty.

Catching a dragonfly in your dreams could mean you’re finally starting to feel like yourself again. This means that you’re able to take care of yourself by taking care of your own needs before anyone else’s needs come into play, which many people struggle with in their waking lives.

2. Dreams about dragonflies chasing you

If you dream that dragonflies are chasing you, it can mean that something is coming to an end. They are messengers of change and often represent new beginnings, so if you see them in your dream, it could be time to make some changes in your life for the bigger picture to come.

3. Dream of a dead dragonfly

A dead dragonfly can mean that you are being too hard on yourself and need to stop thinking about things that do not matter. It’s important to take time out of your day to think about what is most important right now in your life.

If this is the case, then there may be something wrong with how much stress is weighing down on your shoulders or how stressed out or anxious you feel all the time due to work, family, social problems, etc.


Dream messages and interpretations of seeing dragonflies in dreams can be good or bad—like all other dreams. That is why it is important to be ready for whatever comes your way in life. The appearance of this creature in your dream may be a gentle reminder to look within yourself and examine your thoughts, actions, and intentions.

It reflects your desire to move forward, fly high and take control of your life.

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