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9 Dream of Falling Asleep Meanings

Unless you are one of the few unlucky people with a sleep disorder such as insomnia or sleep apnea or have frequent nightmares, you probably love to sleep. Sleep is important not only due to its many benefits for our health but also because we spend one-third of our lives sleeping.

Because of all this, dreams that have to do something with sleep are also of great importance to us. One of them is a dream about falling asleep, which, although not one of the most vivid dreams, is undoubtedly one with interpretations and meanings that reveal a lot about ourselves.

But what does it reveal exactly? That we are short on sleep and need rest? It can not be just that or that simple. And it is not! We delve deep into the depths of our minds to deliver eight other meanings and interpretations! Follow us on this journey!

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Dream About Falling Asleep

1. You Are Content With Your Life

Look around you – how many people can really say that they are content with their lives? Probably only a small number of them. Family, love, finances, health, and similar problems do not allow many of us to be satisfied to the fullest.

However, this is not the case with you. Although you also have problems, you still manage to see the big picture and understand that life is not as bad as other people or the media portray it.

Your satisfaction also affects your subconscious mind, which with this dream, just wants to tell you that you have no problem falling asleep when you lie down in bed because you know that you are content with your life. You are happy that you exist and have the opportunity to live another day.

2. You Do Not Want To Deal With Negative Emotions

Are you dealing with anxiety, depression, or feelings of helplessness in your waking life? Is there someone who is constantly mistreating you? Has your workload been too large recently? These are only a few examples of the situations that people face on a daily basis.

When people deal with some of them, there are usually two types of responses. One group of people decides to confront and work on their feelings and emotions, while the other does not possess such courage and chooses to remain silent and withdraw into themselves.

There is another thing that the latter group will do: sleep a lot. When we sleep, we are not able to think about the negativity from our everyday life or experience it, except in a rare case of a nightmare, so we feel good.

But this much sleep affects those people and their subconscious, which is why they will start to dream about falling asleep. From this, we can clearly see that the dream of falling asleep indicates that we have a desire to escape from reality because we can not face it at that moment.

3. You Are Bored

Did you know that we fall asleep when bored because parts of the brain that are associated with motivation and pleasure can produce sleep? If you dream about falling asleep, it may mean you are bored in your wake state.

Ask yourself why this is so. Is life boring? Are you? Do you have too much to do? Has your disorganized and chaotic nature led you to a situation where other people are in control of your life? There are many reasons why you may be feeling bored, but you should know that something can always change. Or you can change it.

Your daily routine does not have to stay the same forever – make your life less boring by taking on new passions or habits that will not let you fall asleep so easily. Or just continue falling asleep. The choice is yours.

Dream About Falling Asleep

4. You Are Not Aware Of Certain Things

A dream about falling asleep can be an indication that things are happening around you, but you are not aware of any of them. Everything seems so normal to you that you do not feel the need to stay awake longer than usual or worry about anything.

However, maybe you are just not familiar with some issues that are currently present in your life. We become aware of some problems only when it is too late, which is why this dream and especially this interpretation of it should be taken seriously.

Do you really want to fall asleep thinking everything is going great?

5. You Want To Postpone Something

The following falling asleep dream interpretation refers to the desire of you, the dreamer, to postpone some of your plans. Life is full of responsibilities that sometimes we really do not want to deal with. Those plans and responsibilities can be related to some decisions concerning our academic or professional life, for example.

However, it is possible that we want to postpone certain decisions because we are experiencing a period of uncertainty or we feel that we have no direction in life. Fighting these situations and emotions is difficult, which is why many people decide to take the line of least resistance, which, in this case, is, of course, falling asleep.

6. You Are Lonely

Dreaming about yourself falling asleep can mean you are feeling lonely, that is, the dreamer’s desire for someone to enter their life. Although modern life imposes such conditions on us more and more, human beings are not designed to spend long periods of time by themselves.

One of the places where almost all of us want to have a person next to us is our bed since we can fall asleep with them in peace and tranquility. The sensation of falling asleep with someone by your side is one of the best feelings you can experience.

But not everyone is lucky and able to have something like that in their life, which is the case with people who have this dream.

You Are Lonely

7. You Want To Feel Nothingness

Even though we dream every night, most of the time, we do not remember what we saw in our dreams, no matter how crazy the imagery is, which is why sleeping represents nothing for a lot of people.

It is not something good or bad, something pleasurable or painful, something worth remembering or forgettable – it is just nothing.

Due to the things and events we deal with during the daytime from time to time, we feel the desire to feel just that – nothing. It does not necessarily mean that we are doing poorly in life. No, this desire also appears in those for whom everything is going well.

But sometimes, we simply want not to want and not be, which is precisely one of the meanings of the dream about falling asleep. How strange is human psychology, right?

8. You Are In Need Of Some Rest

Real life can sometimes grip us so strongly that it is difficult to get rid of its claws.

Get up, take a shower, have a bit of breakfast, run to work, work long into the night, come home, watch an episode or two of your favorite TV show or series while having dinner, and the day is over. Day in, day out.

This fast way of life leaves consequences on each of us, even if we sometimes do not feel them right away. After all, we can always sleep a little longer during the weekend and continue going with our lives, thinking everything is fine.

But it is not. Our brain and body suffer. When they have had enough, they will start sending us a warning that we need to do something. In your case, that is a dream of sleeping, that is, falling asleep, to be precise. Listen to it because you are not a machine.

9. Something Is Going To Make You Calm And Happy

The sensation of falling asleep is a feeling we do not feel every night, even though we fall asleep every night. Or at least we should fall asleep every night.

But every once in a while, we catch that sensation just before we drift away into the realm of dreams. When we do catch it, we go, “It’s coming”, thinking of the dream. We feel tranquility, happiness, and relief due to the sensation itself but also because we know that we will soon fall asleep.

Because of all this, we can easily see that a dream about falling asleep can mean that something will happen to you in the near future that will make you calm, content, and at peace. Something simple and ordinary and yet so valuable as falling asleep.


Having dreams about falling asleep can mean a variety of things. For example, this mean can mean that you are content, bored, lonely, or need some rest. It can also indicate that you want to postpone something or do not want to deal with negativity.

Sometimes it can mean you do not want to feel anything. Lastly, it can indicate that something good will happen to you or that you are unaware of some things around you.

Did you have this dream? Tell us about your experience in the comment section. Or ask us something.

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