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9 Dream of Fish Out of Water Meanings

A fish out of water is usually described as someone who does not fit in with their current surroundings and seems to belong elsewhere.

Dreaming of fish out of water can be a powerful and symbolic experience that can hold a variety of meanings in our subconscious depending on the context and specific details of the dream.

If your dream journal is filled with fish dreams in general, then it might be a good idea to see if there is a common theme or pattern among them. For example, fish have always been a ubiquitous symbol in faith in culture, such as ichthys or “Jesus fish” found in Christianity.

We will explore the different meanings of dreaming about fish out of the water and the possible ways to interpret this particular, mostly positive symbol in our dreams.

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Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Fish Out of Water

1. You Feel As Though You Are Lost

Just like the expression we mentioned in the beginning, this dream could mean that perhaps in your waking life, you feel as though you are lost in an environment that does not suit you, or maybe you feel constrained as though you are in a cramped fish tank.

Perhaps you feel as though the circumstances of your current life bring you many unbearable worries and anxiety. You may feel like you have no comfort zone to return to and feel like all is lost.

It is essential to remember that this will come to pass with enough time and effort. You must find inspiration and determination from within and rely on your wisdom and intuition to get through this because prosperity might be around the corner.

2. A Change Is Going To Come

A fish ending up out of water is, of course, a significant change for the fish. But, it also is a sign from your subconscious that something is coming that will rock your world. You should be ready for anything, including disappointment or the opposite.

If in your dream, the fish somehow ended up outside of muddy water onto land, then that is a sign that your current situation might worsen if it is terrible. Likewise, something such as an illness might cause a problem for your financial situation if you are not careful.

If you dream of the fish swimming from muddy water into clear water, then that is a sign of good fortune and a new beginning coming your way. Still, you must make a conscious effort toward this new environment of abundance and opportunity.

3. One of Your Dreams Remains Unfulfilled

In many cases, it is thought that fish, in general, can symbolize our dreams, desires, and goals and that the water symbolizes our emotions in this situation. The fish ending outside its natural habitat represents a divergence between the two.

Our dreams and aspirations carry significant weight within our subconscious and give us courage in dark times, but in this situation, you may feel your goals are slipping away from your grasp and control as you will never attain them.

It is important to always remember not to let negative emotions discourage you from your dreams. And to not give up on them until the very end because, without our dreams and goals, we ultimately find it hard to be happy if we do not have or never fulfill them.

4. A New Member of Your Family Might Arrive Soon

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In many cultures worldwide, fish often carry symbolic meanings of fertility due to their ability to lay hundreds of eggs simultaneously. It is said if a woman dreams of fish in her dreams that, either she or that one of her friends can expect a pregnancy soon.

Depending on the type of fish involved in the dream, it can be interpreted as foretelling what the child will be like. A blackfish, for instance, symbolizes the birth of a strong baby boy, during a carp is the birth of an intelligent and talented girl.

5. Different Types of Fish and Their Meanings

The kind of fish you see out of water will be pretty indicative of what specific meaning such dreams carry. For example, some fish are generally considered an omen of good fortune and financial success, while others are usually regarded as signs of coming misfortune.

A dream of koi fish out of water is also considered a sign of good luck, fortune, pride, and friendship. Likewise, dreams of goldfish out of water represent financial gains landing perhaps right in front of your feet or even that a lifelong wish of yours will finally come true in the coming days.

Dreaming of sharks or, for instance, catfish out of water can be taken as a sign of our insecurities being released into the world for everyone to see.

6. You Need To Work on a Plan of Yours

Let us say that you have been dreaming recently about eating fish, and especially if it is a raw fish that you are eating, it is an almost sure sign that you need to iron out the details of a plan for the future.

Let us, for example, say you plan on traveling to another country. Make sure your passport, means of transportation, luggage, and finances are all entirely in order before you take the first step of the journey to avoid any avoidable setbacks and problems.

However, if in your dream you dreamt of a fish eating you, then that means that someone close to you does perhaps not have the best intentions in mind and seeks to add some hardship to your life just so they can feed their ego with your problems.

7. You Feel Like You Were Thrown Away

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You noticed that the fish cast out of water in your dream was dead before it even left the water, thrown away from its embrace like a piece of trash that does not even matter anymore, even though it used to once gracefully swim in the same water when it was alive.

If it was dead when you first noticed it, it symbolizes the part of your mind rejecting social interaction. For example, it could be that you feel you do not belong in other people’s presence or do not want to risk being hurt emotionally by others.

If the fish was still alive but injured, then the dream’s meaning can be interpreted as going through an emotionally painful period where you are just barely holding on.

8. You Are Desperately Trying To Maintain Something

In your dream, if you tried to save the fish by getting it back into the water, then that could be a good sign that there is something deeply important to you trying to save. It can be interpreted in several ways depending on whether the fish was alive.

Let us say that the fish you were trying to save was still alive. Then it could be taken as a sign that you are trying to save a relationship that might be in its last days, or maybe you are working on a project that is overdue or is not going anywhere, and you are trying to save it.

If the fish was already dead and you still tried to save it, then that should be taken as a sign that you have to let go of whatever it is that you are trying to save, be it a personal relationship or even a friend that you were trying to get out of a tight spot.

9. Your Family Will Need Your Care

Another commonly occurring dream is one where you are walking around a fish market. In many interpretations, this is a sign of good luck coming your way and that you will get an opportunity to manage and realize all of your goals.

This dream also has another interpretation, according to some. It can be seen as a sign that your family will need you to take care of them because of some coming misfortune.

If you notice that the fish you bought or all the fish in the market are decaying or rotten, it is not a bad sign, as many would first think. Instead, it is interpreted as you being able to make the best of a bad situation and still get something out of it in the end.


It is possible that dreams are simply a manifestation of our subconscious mind processing and interpreting our daily experiences and emotions. So you can see this as sort of an emotional revision at the end of the day that our mind does for us.

In this case, the dream might not have a specific symbolic meaning but could simply be a way for your mind to work through and process your thoughts and feelings. Ultimately, the meaning of a dream is highly personal and can be influenced by various factors.

It is helpful to think about your emotions and experiences in the dream as well as any other details that stood out to you to get a better understanding of their possible meaning and see if you can use them to better understand yourself and your experience at the end of the day.

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Wednesday 3rd of April 2024

Dreams about fish out of water can carry various symbolic meanings, depending on the context of the dream and personal associations. Here are nine possible interpretations:

Feeling Out of Place: Dreaming of fish out of water may symbolize a sense of displacement or feeling out of your element in waking life. It could reflect a situation where you feel like you don't belong or where you're struggling to adapt.

Lack of Support: Fish out of water could represent a feeling of vulnerability or a lack of support in a particular area of your life. This might indicate a need for reassurance, guidance, or assistance.

Struggling to Thrive: Just as a fish struggles to survive out of water, this dream could symbolize feelings of struggle or difficulty in achieving your goals or fulfilling your potential. It may suggest the need to find the right environment or resources to thrive.

Adaptation and Resilience: Alternatively, dreaming of fish out of water could highlight your ability to adapt and overcome challenges. It may symbolize resilience and the capacity to navigate unfamiliar or challenging situations.