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10 Dream of Trees Falling Meanings

A dream about a tree falling is obviously symbolic, but the actual meaning behind the feat often eludes us. We understand that trees hold strong spiritual meaning, but they cover many areas so it can be hard to pin down.

Usually, a dream about a tree falling hints at changes in your life, but there’s no strict positive or negative interpretation of this. It could be anything from taking a hit to your sense of security to finally understanding your own emotions.

The best way to discern spiritual meaning from this dream is by considering the traditional meanings of trees and applying them to your personal life. You should always interpret dreams through the lenses of your personal journey, although it’s more difficult with dreams that foreshadow the next stages of your life.

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What Does It Mean When You Dream about Trees Falling?

A dream of a tree falling often relates to changes surrounding:

  • Feelings of hope or strength
  • Personal growth
  • Power in your life
  • Stability

Unfortunately, these dreams often turn positive symbols into negative meanings. For example, an apple tree symbolizes a strong male figure that prioritizes his community and family, but a dream with an apple tree that falls warns of his demise.

You may be traveling in the wrong direction in your life, or you shelter harmful thoughts that interfere with your rightful path in life.

A dream of a tree falling is usually a wake up call. You must respond to these dreams appropriately to reach better times.

1. People Close to You Are Conspiring Against You

If your dream involves external forces that cause the tree to fall, such as someone with an ax, there’s a chance that people close to you are conspiring against you.

The tree represents your power and stability, and others in your life are planning or acting in ways that compromise these things. They seek to knock you down a level, likely because they cannot reach the heights that you are at.

They may be jealous of the abundance you have earned yourself or the affection that they fail to receive. Pay attention to your intuition during this time to learn who plots against you and to stand firm in the behaviors that keep you strong.

2. Your Low Self-esteem Is Stopping You from Reaching Your Goals

Sometimes, the dream points the blame at your inner thoughts. Instead of external factors trying to tear you down, you are allowing sickness to spread on the inside and cause rot.

A dream that involves a palm tree often relates to your confidence, but when it falls it proves that you lack the confidence needed for certain decisions or to hold your position in life.

These feelings of confusion, self-doubt, and uncertainty will lead to your own downfall.

3. You Will Enter a Period of Difficulty on Your Life Journey

A dream of a tree falling may foreshadow a period of difficulty that you cannot escape. Unfortunately, our life on Earth isn’t always what the heavens want for us. We must face trials and periods of pressure to become stronger.

View these lessons as a temporary fixture in your life, but understand that your responses have lasting impacts on your life.

Another detail to keep in mind is that failure is not forever. A tree may fall to the ground, but it eventually facilitates new growth by returning its energy to the earth.

Your dream of a tree falling may hint that you need to give back before you can experience new growth in your life.

4. You Are Searching for Love and Strong Connections

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A dream of an oak tree that falls highlights your search for love and strong connections in your life.

You may feel like your solitude or lack of a social life interferes with your growth and stability. We are not meant to exist on our own, and eventually this isolation leads to sadness and sorrow.

Make sure you do not allow these emotions to take control of your life. Remember that you are the only one who can make up your tree’s trunk, but you can also branch out to create a network of individuals you can count on.

5. There Are Foundational Changes on the Horizon

A dream of a tree falling may not foreshadow difficulty, instead hinting at major changes in your life that will completely change your current trajectory. These are not easy to tackle, but you cannot remain rooted in place if you want to continue moving forward.

Trees often provide shade to help us sit comfortably in our life, and when they fall we quickly realize that changes must be made to remain comfortable. A dream about a tree falling is not the end of the world, but you should prepare to view things differently in your life.

This will not be a seamless transition, and you’re unlikely to see the rewards of your labor anytime soon. Recognize that effort is rewarded and hold strong in your faith as you continue through life.

6. You Need to Look at How You Spend Your Energy

A tree will fall if it spends more energy than it takes it. You may pave your own path of destruction by charging full speed ahead with little concern for your personal well-being.

Make sure you are taking time to rest and take care of yourself. Feel your spiritual and cultural self, as well as those parts of you that yearn for new knowledge and social connection.

A tree can survive for a time even after it dies, but eventually it will fall to the ground, bare-branched and empty inside. You owe yourself more than becoming an overworked, undernourished husk.

7. You Desire Escape from Your Current Reality

A dream of an evergreen tree that falls highlights your desire to escape reality. Pine, cedar, and other evergreens often stand strong, but when they fall in a dream it means you have grown tired of your current situation.

You may be close to giving up and skating through life, but it’s better to dig into your personal strength and pass over this brief moment of stale life. Better things are always on the horizon, and you will soon stand strong and tall again.

Take time to reflect on what exists in your life, what is necessary and what actually brings you harm

8. Past Issues and Unexplored Parts of Yourself Hinder Your Growth

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Sometimes, dreams about trees falling highlight issues you’ve been holding onto that have harmed your foundation. Sometimes trees do not recover from past trauma that they have experienced, and they eventually find themselves on the floor from these issues.

Likewise, past issues and unexplored parts of yourself can really engage your brakes the moment you start to take a stride. It’s almost like the best parts of your life highlight disparity, and you need to overcome these obstacles before you can really take advantage of anything.

A dream of a coconut tree falling in particular hints that you have bridled your emotion and shut off parts of your subconscious. You have done this to achieve your goals, but it now hinders your personal growth.

Take time to process what you’ve had to overcome and what you’ve failed to feel. This may be the only way to heal the parts of you that interfere with reaching your promised future.

9. You Are Torn Between Personal Goals and People Pleasing

Dreams in which a tree falls on a house symbolize the conflict between your personal goals and your people-pleasing tendencies.

While some people consider people pleasing a bad thing, there is a degree of merit for those who can consider others. Things like empathy and selflessness are admirable traits, but they shouldn’t overwhelm your sense of self-preservation.

A tree falling on the house sparks the internal discourse needed to address different aspects regarding how you interact with others. These include:

  • Prioritize human connection over spiritual health and guidance
  • Ignoring your instincts
  • Failing to identify those worthy of your trust

Balancing your personal goals and how much you give to others requires strong emotional and situational awareness. You must stand strong in your convictions to determine where your energy goes.

10. You Need to Guard Your Finances

While trees usually symbolize personal strength and integrity, they may also signify your financial situation. We put a lot of faith into money, but the reality is that our financial situation can change at the drop of a hat.

A dream of a tree falling may warn that you need to take care when making financial decisions. Now may not be the time for a risky investment or major purchase.

Furthermore, you may soon enter a period when you cannot live as frivolously as you did before. Guard your finances until you reach stable ground once again.


A dream about a tree falling does not mark the end of an era, but rather a large difficult change that we must face to grow properly. It does not negate our strength or knowledge, but urges us to wield our strengths until we come out the other side.

Remember to balance your spiritual health and objective viewpoint when handling these situations. You need both emotion and reason to survive in this world, and it’s too easy to lose one or the other when facing a major challenge.

Have you dreamt about a tree falling recently? What happened in your dream, and how do you think it ties to what’s going on in your life?

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