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10 Dream of Ghost Meanings

Ghost dreams are more common and frequent than you think. And the reasons why you have these dreams have nothing to do with evil spirits or an unpleasant companion next to your bed.

In general, dreams with ghosts refer to emotions and circumstances of the past that have not yet been resolved. Disappointments from the past may haunt you, or you may feel regret for something you did long ago.

However, not all are messages from your subconscious. It is believed that people with psychic abilities can establish communication with spirits from other planes. This kind of dream is called a visitation dream.

This dream experience can be very disconcerting, but don’t worry, in this article, we will tell you everything you need to know to discern the true meaning of your dream.

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Spiritual Meanings of Ghosts in Your Dreams

1. Your past haunts you

Most ghost dreams represent loose ends in your life. There is something in your past that continues to affect you to this day. Emotions such as resentment, sorrow, envy, disappointment, or even some act of treachery can remain engraved in our souls and become unfinished business that haunts us forever.

If you are experiencing ghost dreams, your subconscious is telling you to deal with those pent-up emotions and let them go.

It is also a message for you to make peace with your past since it is not letting you live the present fully and at the same time it is harming your future.

Always looking back does not allow us to enjoy the present moment and prevents us from planning. If these dreams are repetitive, it is a warning sign, do not let the ghosts of the past continue to overwhelm you.

2. The fears are overwhelming you

Ghosts represent fears in your waking life. Your insecurity can be reflected in dreams with ghosts if you are an insecure person who does not trust your abilities or is constantly letting them go.

Dreams with ghosts also appear when we have an irrational fear of death or we are constantly thinking that something bad will happen to us.

Find your peace of mind, give yourself time to meditate, and understand that death is a natural process of life. It is useless to feel afraid of something that we do not know when it will happen.

We must prepare for that moment, but without fear, normalizing it as part of our human experience.

The purpose of these dreams is reassurance. They come to let you know that it is essential to change your attitude toward life. Trust yourself and have faith in everything that your abilities can achieve.

3. Evading responsibilities

You are constantly avoiding your responsibilities and you are not coping with the problems in your real life. Dreaming of ghosts shows your fear of dealing with unpleasant events.

But you should know that if your subconscious is speaking to you through dreams with ghosts, it is because you have reached a point in your life where your ability to avoid problems is generating uncontrollable situations.

You are letting problems accumulate and you do nothing to solve them. It is as if you put and accumulate things in a closet for not wanting to order your house. At some point, that closet will run out of space and the next time you open the door to hide your clutter again, it will all spill out.

Put a remedy to those situations that you are avoiding once and for all or it will be too late to fix it.

4. Deceit and Hatred

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Dreaming of ghosts symbolizes that you will expose people who hate you and wish you ill. You may also be the victim of some deception by close friends.

If you dream of ghosts and suspect that someone is being dishonest with you, take some time to analyze the people around you.

Being deceived by a friend or a loved one is always painful, but it is preferable to be aware of who is having a hypocritical and false attitude toward us.

It is better to have few but true friends than to have many without really knowing their true intentions.

5. Lack of clarity in your life

Dreams with ghosts also appear when we are not clear about our future or about what we want to do with our lives.

These situations occur when we undergo a big change and we are not sure what to do next. It can occur when we finish school and we don’t know what to do next, or when we have finished our university studies but we have realized that the career we study is not what makes us happy.

We can also experience this lack of clarity at the end of a relationship of many years and all the projects and illusions that we had with that special person will no longer come true.

The best thing is not to despair and takes some time for yourself. Connect with your desires or if you do not have a concrete answer, start a thorough search for what makes you happy and what you want from life.

Remember that life is not a competition and that everyone has their time and processes. The important thing is that we be honest with ourselves and always look for what makes us feel happy and complete.

6. Hidden Illness

Dreaming of ghosts is related to hidden or unknown illnesses. It can also predict disease in the future or is a warning message to change certain lifestyle behaviors, such as a poor diet or to end addictive behaviors such as tobacco or alcohol.

Take this dream as a loving warning from life to improve your health or to go for a medical check-up and rule out possible future illnesses.

If you maintain an unhealthy habit, this dream is telling you that you need to cut those bad habits once and for all, since not doing so will bring you serious consequences.

7. Big surprises for your life

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Some people think that only dreams with ghosts that have been your friends or relatives are good. This is not true. Dreaming of an unknown ghost that you cannot identify is a good omen for your life.

It represents pleasant surprises that will bring peace and happiness to your life. Get ready to receive news that will cheer you up. It can be from a new job, a trip abroad, or meeting a new love.

It could also be related to your financial status. Whatever it is, you will easily identify it because it will be an event or news that you did not expect. Take advantage of those gifts that life gives you!

8. You feel ignored

You may feel little valued at work or that your suggestions in the professional field are never taken into account. This dream is also related to feeling ignored in love.

If you had a recent affair with someone you met and they’re not returning your calls or texts, chances are you’re feeling ignored and rejected.

The best thing is to focus on people who do appreciate us and want to spend time with us. And if you are not taken into account in your work environment, perhaps it is time to focus your attention on another job, one where you are more valued and where your opinion has weight and relevance.

You do not have to give up right now, but the dream with ghosts can be a suggestion for you to start looking for places where you feel seen and recognized.

9. Sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon that happens to many people and is often associated with ghosts. This is because many reports feeling a presence next to them or even someone pressing on their chest.

The little control over our muscles is because during rem sleep, our muscles relax completely and when we wake up it takes a few seconds for our brain to return to being in control of our entire body.

The most important thing with these experiences is not to lose your cool and know that it is a matter of seconds to regain consciousness and all the faculties of our body.

These episodes of sleep paralysis can also be caused by post-traumatic stress. If you constantly experience this, it is best to consult a specialist.

10. Real visits

Dreams with ghosts for some people can mean real visits from spirits on other planes. They usually come to leave a message. Not all of us experience this type of encounter, but there is a percentage of people with psychic powers or sensitive to the supernatural who can communicate with beings from other planes.


Dreams with ghosts can represent past traumas, actual visits from loved ones, or a reminder to face your fears and insecurities in real life.

Remember to connect with your emotions and consciously analyze how you felt during the dream to have a clearer vision of what your dreams are transmitting to you.

Have you ever had dreams of ghosts? How it goes? We would love to hear about your experience.

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