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17 Dream of Haunted House Meanings

Many people enjoy watching the occasional scary movie about a haunted house, but haunted houses in dreams can be far from enjoyable experiences. They can leave you with a racing heart and a mind full of questions. Why did you dream about a haunted house? What does it mean?

If you are ready to find out what your dream about a haunted house means, you found the right article. In this article, we explain how to interpret your haunted house dream. So read on to find out more.

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What Does Your Dream About a Haunted House Mean?

Haunted house dreams are often reflections of our emotions and can relate to past trauma. They also reflect the work our subconscious mind is doing while we sleep, trying to make sense of our feelings, hopes, and fears.

Dreams often include aspects of the day’s events, so if you have watched a scary haunted house movie, your dream can be just a recollection of you watching the movie. However, dreams often have layers of meaning, so even if it is partly a reflection of your activities from the day, it is still worth diving into the deeper meaning.

1. Repressed Feelings

A dream about a haunted house can represent feelings you are not dealing with in your waking life. They are negative feelings such as frustration, resentment, and anger. Your subconscious is trying to bring these emotions to the surface so that you would address them. It will not be easy, but it will make you feel better.

2. Unresolved Matters

Your dream can be a sign that there are unresolved problems in your life that need your attention. They may be in the past or present life. If the dream refers to past issues, accept that you cannot change their outcome anymore and move on. If they are issues in your present, address them quickly before they become a burden.

3. Current Emotional State

Dreaming about a haunted house can reflect your current emotions. Your mind may be overwhelmed with anxiety and worry. There are so many things and feelings demanding your attention that you don’t even know where to start. Try practices that calm your mind and help you separate your feelings, for example, journaling or mindfulness could help.

4. You Have Insecurities

A haunted house in a dream can be a metaphor for the feelings of fear you have in your waking life. You might fear expressing your opinions and feelings, feel insecure about how you look, or maybe you fear you are a disappointment.

These fears are your creation. They are your limiting beliefs, which you need to let go of. Positive affirmations may prove helpful in releasing your limitations and improving your self-confidence.

5. You Desire Change

Dreams about haunted houses may symbolize you feeling stuck in your current situation. This is especially likely if there are chains somewhere within the haunted house. The dream is a reminder that it is not too late to change the course of your life. All that you need is the courage to do so.

Move, find a new job, or get back into learning. Do what makes you happy and motivated again.

6. Prepare For Bad News

Your dream may also be your subconscious preparing you for some bad news. This is especially likely if someone dear to you is suffering from a serious illness. Your waking self might be in denial about how serious the situation is, but your subconscious mind knows and wants you to be ready for all outcomes.

7. You Are Being Misled

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A haunted house dream can be a warning dream about a betrayal. You might already suspect that someone you know is not being their true self. It could be a colleague or a friend and you need to be on your guard.

8. Scared of The Unknown

A dream where you are standing outside, looking at the haunted house represents your fear of the unknown. This fear may have held you back in the past and stopped you from taking bold action to realize your dreams. Your inner self wants you to let go of this fear so you can live a more fulfilled life.

9. Financial Troubles

Dreams of haunted houses can also be a warning about financial troubles in the future if you are not careful. Perhaps someone has suggested an investment opportunity to you that you are not sure of. If your intuition is warning you against it, you need to listen.

Your Location Within The Haunted House

In some dreams, you may see the haunted house from the outside, in others, you may be inside the house. When you are inside the house, the room you are in is significant because each space represents a specific aspect of your life.

1. Attic

In real life, we put things into the attic that we do not need, but don’t want to throw away either. Therefore, a haunted attic represents memories that you have pushed aside, but now need your attention so you can move on. Sometimes, we need to let go of things to make space for something new and move on.

2. Basement

Basements are cold, dark places, and often in scary films a place to hide something sinister. In your dream, a haunted basement represents instincts or urges you have repressed.

Often they are something we feel other people would not accept. However, it doesn’t mean they are sinister, and it is time you allow those instincts and urges to see daylight.

3. Bathroom

The bathroom represents the inner self and clears your mind of negative emotions. Your dream means you need to release what is not beneficial to you. That includes letting go and forgiving past wrongs. Note that forgiving doesn’t mean you condone their actions, but it frees you to move on.

4. Bedroom

A haunted bedroom refers to intimacy and can mean that there are issues in your relationship. For others, it may represent aspects of yourself you are hiding and not ready to accept. The dream can also be interpreted as a fear of being exposed and feeling vulnerable since your bedroom should be your personal, safe place.

5. Closet

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People hiding skeletons in their closets is a very familiar saying and a closet in a haunted house means just that: hidden things. It may be that you are keeping secrets from someone or they are keeping secrets from you. Either way, remember that truth has a way of coming out however much we try to keep it hidden.

6. Living Room

Being in the living room is a sign that you lack personal space, It may be a physical space or people trying to get into your head and influence your decisions. Your subconscious is sending you a message to safeguard your privacy.

7. Kitchen

This location can mean that you are neglecting your creative or feminine side. For others, it can mean that you are not receiving the support you need from people around you.

Is this because you are not open to supporting from others or because you have surrounded yourself with the wrong people? Be honest with your answer and take appropriate action.

8. Familiar House

This is not exactly a location, but a very important dream. In this dream interpretation, who the house belongs to is key. For example, if it is a childhood family house, it means you have issues dating back to your childhood you need to address. A house belonging to an ex-partner means you have unresolved issues with them.

Ghosts And Monsters in Your Dream

  • Seeing or talking to a ghost: A dream about a ghost is often a sign of your grieving. While it may be the death of someone important, it may also be the end of an important relationship. Give yourself time to grieve.
  • You are the ghost: When you dream about being the ghost that has returned to haunt the living, it means you have feelings of guilt and shame over some unfinished business. To resolve it, face up to what you did and ask for forgiveness.
  • Monsters: The monsters in your dream represent your bad memories and negative emotions about past events, possibly trauma from your childhood. Because these events are not resolved, they still affect your decisions and actions in your current life.
  • Evil Spirit or a demon: this is a sign that you fear someone. It may mean that you have trusted the wrong person and now worry they will ruin your reputation by revealing secrets you trusted them to keep.


While some interpretations of a dream of a haunted house may seem negative, remember that your dream does not have to have negative consequences in your waking life. The outcome for you in your waking life depends on what you do next.

When you address the issues your dream about a haunted house brought to the surface, it can free you to move forward in life.

Hopefully, this article has helped you to understand your dream about a haunted house and what to do next. If you have questions about the dream topic, write them in the comments section.

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