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17 Dream of Tigers Meanings

Be it a friendly cub or an angry beast – it’s not normal to dream about tigers. Such dreams stay imprinted in your mind unless you figure out their true meaning.

It’s why we have dedicated this post to dreaming about tigers. We’ll discuss the symbolism of tigers in dreams, their spiritual meanings, and the interpretations of common tiger dreams. Let’s dive in!

17 Dream of Tigers Meanings1

What Does a Tiger Represent In Your Dream?

Tigers are ferocious animals known to rip everything into pieces. They don’t hesitate to attack their prey and enemies. But, at the same time, they are considered to be a symbol of royalty and glory.

So, depending on the context, a tiger can represent a lot of different things in dreams. Here are some common symbolic meanings of tigers:

1. Courage

Tigers aren’t afraid of any obstacles. It doesn’t matter whether they encounter lions or wild beasts. Their courageous, free spirit allows them to deal with every problem in the jungle.

Likewise, seeing a tiger in a dream represents the power and will to thrive in all kinds of circumstances. You can be unstoppable too!

2. Internal Strength

One of the many amazing traits of a tiger is its self-control. The creature has the ability to tear things apart, but it also knows when is the right time to do it. This delicate balance between strength and wisdom requires strong willpower.

In your life, this means learning how to control your emotions. People who have balanced emotions make decisions with a logical stance. Also, they handle difficult situations well.

3. Judgment

Tigers have outstanding judgment – thanks to their instincts and intuition. They can quickly identify whether the prey is worth the effort and time. With a single glance, they are also capable of estimating the accurate distance and speed required to attack the prey.

This ensures the survival of tigers in the wilderness. Similarly, these animals represent the need to improve your decision-making to strive.

4. Pride & Honor

As natural leaders, tigers have authority over other animals. Their sound decision-making and guidance abilities have earned them a position of respect in the jungle hierarchy.

So, when you see a dream of a tiger, it represents your prosperity and good social standing. People view you as the leader.

While this is a positive dream, it could also have negative meanings in real life. For example, people might be envious of your pride, or you have become arrogant.

5. Unpredictable

Tigers have great judgment, but they don’t let others know of their next move. They are quick, agile, and unpredictable in their actions. And so, a tiger dream may reflect the worries of your waking life.

Perhaps, too much is going on at the moment. You’re troubled by one problem after another, and this has caused unpredictability. The tiger in your dreams means you must take charge and overcome this situation.

17 Dream of Tigers Meanings2

What’s the Spiritual Meaning of Tigers in a Dream?

However, tiger dreams may have different meanings from the symbolism discussed above. In this context, the tiger dreams mean:

1. You Need to Overcome Negative Energy and Trauma

Since a tiger has immense courage and self-control, seeing it in a dream is a reminder of your inner strength during hard times. It’s a reassurance of your ability to overcome the negative energies or trauma in your life.

Maybe you’ve been feeling numb and toxic lately. Or, perhaps, you’ve experienced loss and betrayal. In any case, know that things don’t stay the same.

You’ve got the courage to handle these circumstances. You can strive, change, and become an enlightened version of yourself. So, don’t lose hope, and hang on!

2. You Have Enemies

A ferocious and angered tiger in your dreams can also represent enemies. It means someone is angered and may even be plotting against you. This can be someone from your workplace, neighborhood, or relatives.

It’s best to keep the guard up and interact cautiously with people. It’s also important to reflect on your actions and see what is making others angry.

3. Your Ego and Fears

Tigers are full of pride and honor. So, their superior strengths may represent your ego and arrogance in real life.

Alternatively, if the tiger makes you feel scared and worried in the dream, it can also symbolize your fears. This is a way for the subconscious mind to tell you that certain fears are withholding the joy in life. Take note of the details and figure out what these fears are.

4. Different Meanings Based on the Color of Tiger

Typically, a tiger has orange fur with black stripes. You should see the tiger in this form only. But, every now and then, a different colored tiger will pop up in your dream.

Here’s what this dream means:

  • White tiger represents courage, dignity, and good luck. You have the strength to take charge and lead.
  • Black tiger – represents fortune and good financial opportunities. You’ll soon become wealthy!
  • Blue tiger- represents powerful enemies and poor spirituality. You’re either about to encounter an enemy or need to work on your spiritual growth.
  • Red tiger – represents an upcoming danger or threat. You need to be careful!
  • Yellow tiger – represents the brighter things in life. You should let go of bad memories and habits and focus on optimism.

8 Types of Dreams About Tigers: What Do They Mean?

Now that we have discussed what the tiger means in the dream world. Let’s explore different dream scenarios and their interpretation!

1. Dreams About Tiger Attacking

Have you ever dreamt about an angry tiger chasing and attacking you? If yes, then this means there are enemies in your vicinity. People dislike you and may cause harm.

You need to be vigilant and careful. Be aware of toxic behaviors around you and distance yourself from envious people.

2. Escaping Tiger in a Dream

Sometimes, the tiger in your dream doesn’t attack and bite you. It chases you, but you’re quick enough to escape. This particular scenario is a message from the subconscious mind about your unresolved emotions.

There is something bothering you. It may be your weaknesses, life problems, or an unfortunate event. Whatever it is, you need to relax and sort yourself out.

3. Friendly Tiger Dream

If you had a dream of a friendly tiger, it is a good omen. You’re aware of your worth and value. You’re experiencing self-love, confidence, and pride.

All these positive feelings show that you embrace your talents and flaws. You’re comfortable with yourself, which is also a sign of inner strength.

Alternatively, if you see a pet tiger, it means that you are empowered. You’re in control and know how to take charge in difficult situations.

17 Dream of Tigers Meanings3

4. Dream About Tiger in House

Tigers entering your home in the dream signifies optimism and glad tidings. A good change is on its way to your life!

Perhaps, you’re about to get a job promotion or an outstanding result. Maybe you will experience an improvement in spirituality and become an enlightened version of yourself.

5. Seeing a Dead Tiger

A dead tiger dream has two meanings depending on the context. If the tiger dies in a battle or you kill it, this means your challenges in life will be soon over.

However, if the dream only shows a dead tiger or the animal dies without any apparent cause, it indicates harm and danger. You may have an external threat from someone unexpected.

6. Baby Tigers

If you saw tiger cubs in dreams, they probably radiated innocence and cuteness. But, what they symbolize is quite different. They depict growth and development.

It’s a sign that you should work on your self-improvement and strength. You may already have great capabilities, though they’re not enough. You can do much more like an adult tiger!

7. Sleeping tiger

The sleeping tiger is a reflection of your potential and talents sleeping away. It means you’ve great talents and thoughts. But they are not being put to use.

You’re letting your potential sleep and decline. It’s time to wake up, take charge, and strive for better.

8. Roaring tiger

The roar of a tiger is powerful and mighty. It’s impossible to miss the roar, even from a great distance. So, when you see a roaring tiger in dreams, it’s a sign that you need to take action.

There are obligations and responsibilities on you. Be it personal or work life – you need to avoid negativity and focus on goals.


Summing it up, your dream about tigers can signify both positive and negative aspects of your life. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman. The tiger dream interpretations would remain the same.

So, when you have a tiger dream, don’t panic and stress yourself. Get a notebook and write a detailed account of what you remember. Connect these events and feelings with your real life.

Do you see the link? Well, that’s exactly what needs attention.

Dreams are a way for the subconscious mind to communicate to your awake version. It reminds you of the things you keep suppressed inside. So, don’t ignore your dreams.

Instead, pay attention and love yourself. Everyone deserves it, and so do you!

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