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6 Dream of Snakes in House Meanings

Snakes are a species of reptiles that can be found almost anywhere in the world. If you are walking in a field of tall grass and you hear a crawling sound from a bush, it could be a snake slithering by. Try to avoid startling it, as it may cause it to attack and bite you.

Most people are terrified of a snake bite as they assume all snakes to be venomous and able to harm humans. In fact, most snake species, like the garter snake, are not poisonous snakes. Besides a large boa constrictor, they are also not harmful to humans, as they do not bite unless injured or startled.

Due to their prevalence worldwide, many people experience snake dreams with different meanings and interpretations. But, what is the specific meaning of a dream about snakes in the house?

In this article, we will examine the indications of seeing a dream of snakes in your house, what it means for your life and what precautions you can take. Keep on reading to learn more about snakes in house dream symbolism.

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Dream About Snakes In House

Since snakes are such ubiquitous animals, they have been heavily involved in religion and folklore with many symbolic meanings. They are a prominent figure in the Bible as the evil serpent in the Garden of Eden, which showed Adam and Eve the temptation of the forbidden fruit. It was also a common symbol in Ancient Egyptian mythology, as well as in Hinduism.

In Ancient Greece, the snake was regarded as a symbol of healing. Asclepius, the Greek God of medicine and healing, carried a rod with a snake coiled around it, called the Rod of Asclepius. This rod is often mistaken for the Caduceus, a symbol of commerce.

Common dream interpretations about snakes include transformation and rebirth. Snakes change their skin a few times yearly, leaving the old ones behind. Just like these creatures, we should also look to change for the better and leave our old selves behind.

Snake dreams have been heavily studied by many famous psychologists, including Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. The interpretations given to snake dreams can vary significantly, with different-sized or different-colored snakes having diverse meanings.

A big snake is often a symbol of good luck, whereas a small snake can be a bad omen of negativity and bad luck. Similarly, a black snake is a sign of negative emotions like guilt, whereas a white snake is a good sign of positivity and purity.

Here are some of the most common interpretations of dream scenarios about snakes in the house:

1. Dream About A Snake In Your Current House

If you see a dream about a snake or a number of snakes inside your house, it usually indicates an imminent conflict with family members. You might have been recently fighting with your children or your spouse, and your subconscious mind interprets it as snakes in your dream. You might also be suspecting your partner of being unfaithful.

Snakes inside your home are primarily a sign of toxic people that live in the same home as you. These can be relatives that always criticize your life decisions or your partner. However, if you do not live with your own family, a dream about a snake in your house could be about another person that is making your life hard.

This person could be one of your roommates who is not doing his part of the chores or is being a general nuisance to live with. It could also indicate to your landlord if you are renting your house. Your landlord might be strict, grumpy, and not allow you to live your life peacefully. In any case, try to find which person related to your home is causing issues in your waking life.

Finally, the snake in your house could represent your frustration with your current home. You might be unable to support it financially and may struggle to make ends meet. You could also want to move out of your current home to find a new and better place to stay.

2. Dream About A Snake In Your Previous Home

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Sometimes dreams about snakes in a house do not have to occur where you currently live. You could dream vividly about being in your old house and seeing a snake inside. This could be a previous apartment you stayed in or the house you lived in as a child.

According to research, the house where we lived as kids signifies some of our core life attributes. It is where we developed a few of our basic beliefs and where we witnessed our first fears. Therefore, whenever you see a dream of an old house or old neighborhood you lived in, it usually has to do with the fundamental traits of your character.

A dream about a snake in your childhood home typically indicates an unresolved conflict with family members. Perhaps you had a massive disagreement with one of your parents or siblings when you were young, and you have not found closure regarding it. In extreme cases, it could also relate to a mental or physical experience you had because of a family member.

If you keep seeing dreams about snakes in your old house for a prolonged period, you may have some past, serious, unresolved issues. Your subconscious might be trying to get your attention. Consider your emotions when you see these dreams. Do you feel anxious, fearful, or sad? It might give you a clue regarding the problem and how to solve it.

3. Dream About A Snake In Another Person’s House

If you dream that you are in someone else’s house and see a snake, it could have a couple of different interpretations. The most common one is that you feel uncomfortable in your new environment. This could be your new workplace. Everyone has trouble adapting to a new work environment and new colleagues, and you might be struggling a bit more than usual.

If you just moved to a new city or even a new country, then this big change in your life might be affecting you mentally. It is never easy to be a stranger in a new place, but slowly and steadily, you will find your footing.

Your subconscious mind might also be trying to tell you that the specific person may be trying to sabotage you. Perhaps you have been suspecting them for a while but can’t believe that they would backstab you. Be careful, though, as appearances can be deceiving!

4. Dream About Snakes In The Bathroom

A dream about a snake in the bathroom usually indicates your inability to get rid of bad things that are ruining your life. There may be toxic people in your life who you can’t seem to let go of. These could be fake friends, a long-time love partner you feel too attached to, or even a family member who constantly argues with you.

It could also be related to your memories and emotions. Perhaps you were hurt by someone mentally before and have not yet moved on. Or, maybe, you have some bad memories from your childhood or early life that you want to overcome but feel unable to. Keep going, and you will eventually overpower them and become the best version of yourself!

5. Dream About Snakes In The Bedroom

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Dreams involving snakes in your bedroom usually concern your love life. Snakes are often viewed as symbols of sexuality, passion, and fertility. Perhaps it is time to find a new love partner and explore your sexual life some more. If the snake you come across is a red snake on your bed, then it symbolizes your deepest sexual desires.

If the snake on your bed is a green snake, it is often a sign of envy and jealousy. Maybe you or your partner question the fidelity of your relationship. Be careful not to allow this to grow, as it can lead to a toxic relationship.

Another interpretation of a snake in your bedroom is an invasion of your personal space. If you are an individual who prefers their own time and space, a snake in your private room might show that someone is occupying your private space.

6. Dream About Snakes In The Kitchen

While snakes are a symbol of change and transformation, a snake in your kitchen shows that you have problems with change. You usually have trouble adapting to new circumstances, and changes in your family give you additional anxiety. However, remember that change is essential if you want to grow as a person.

A dream about a snake in the kitchen can also indicate a lack of organization. You find yourself being constantly messy and unable to put things into a schedule, which makes you feel overwhelmed. Take a step back, relax and make one small step at a time.


All in all, snakes are so common in dreams that there are countless interpretations of them. Not to mention that what a dream means can vary among people. A certain dreamer might be very fond of snakes and view them as a sign of creativity and good fortune.

On the other hand, another person who is afraid of snakes might have a unique snake dream interpretation. They might consider snakes as a warning of deception, worries, dispute, or regret. In any case, when you try to interpret your dreams, remember that there are many different things that a snake’s behavior can symbolize.

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