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11 Dream of Natural Disasters Meanings

Natural disasters represent large-scale destruction, which is why when one dreams about them, it can be quite worrisome. We’ve put together this article to help you decode the possible meanings attached to dreams about natural disasters.

Dreams about a natural disaster could symbolize fear, feelings of being overwhelmed, impending changes, a personal transformation, or suppressed emotions. However, you should know that the exact interpretation of your dream would depend on the actual natural disaster that occurred in your dream.

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Symbolic Meaning of Dreams of Natural Disasters

There are several general meanings to dreams about a natural disaster. These meanings are symbolic representations of a natural disaster dream, but they do not signal the end of the world. Here are some symbolic meanings to look out for.

1. Fear 

When your sleep is constantly plagued with recurring dreams about natural disasters, it implies that you are afraid or scared of failing at something. Fear makes it feel like everything around you is crumbling and falling apart, this is similar to the effect a natural disaster would have.

This is why fear is categorized as one of the symbolic interpretations of a dream about natural disasters. In fact, many people with atychiphobia have been found to have dreams about such natural disasters.

We recommend that you take time off to relax and learn to live with the possibility that sometimes in life, plans will not go the way you intend. You need to live with that possibility and not live in fear of the unknown.

2. Overwhelming Feelings

Overwhelming feelings can be strong and deep and if you break, the outcome can be as troubling as the impact of natural disasters. You would feel the tension encompassing you, making you feel overwhelmed.

One of such overwhelming feelings that leads to natural disasters in your dreams is pressure and stress. It could be a case of you taking on responsibilities that you thought you could effectively manage; however, in the long run, you realize, the responsibilities are a lot to deal with, making you develop anxiety and feel completely overwhelmed.

Other reasons for feeling overwhelmed include financial issues or relationship problems. These issues could creep into your dream and give birth to dreams about natural disasters. 

To tackle this issue, you must keep your emotions in check so you do not explode, causing more problems for you and those around you.

3. Impending Changes

One positive symbolism attached to dreams about natural disasters is the bringing down of structures or authorities that prevent meaningful change. You would know that before any real positive change can occur, existing structures have to be brought down. Natural disasters are known to bring down structures in their path.

You may be in line for a big promotion at work or your career is about to take a positive turn. It could also be that your romantic partner may be planning on taking your relationship to the next level and this dream serves as a hint for such changes.

However, this symbolism is always positive, sometimes the impending change could be a negative one. It could be the reverse of the cases discussed above, For instance, your lover could be planning to break up, or your boss may be thinking of firing you. These sudden changes can be likened to how natural disasters can trigger so much sudden change.

The disaster dream is a clue about what is to come and you should be prepared for whatever comes your way in your waking life.

4. Personal Transformation

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After every chaos, it is normal that whatever comes after is an improvement from the former. Natural disaster dreams may tell you to expect a transformation in your personal life soon.

This dream can reflect on the state of your life. You are about to transform into a better person, but before this can happen, you have to go through a phase that might seem hellish.

You may experience loss during this process, but the outcome is usually a sight to behold if you can wait for the transition to happen. This is the start of a beautiful beginning, but only if you can persevere.

5. Suppressed Feelings 

Another symbolic meaning to dreams about natural disasters is that you have suppressed feelings. If you do not express yourself, your thoughts will find one way to come out and end up in a messy situation. Inactions like these lead to sorrow and sadness for various individuals.

Another chance is you may be suppressing solid emotions you have for someone, which can be either positive or negative. You should let your feelings be known to the individual so your mind can be clear.

Anger is one of such strong emotions, and if someone does something to make you angry, it’s better you air out your feelings and not suppress them. Remember to express yourself as much as possible because bottling your emotions will do more damage than expected.

Types of Natural Disaster Dreams and their Interpretations

More than just familiarizing yourself with general interpretations of dreams about natural disasters is required. Specific details in your dream will determine its interpretation, like the types of natural disasters. Here are the most common ones to learn.

1. Dreams of Flood

Flooding refers to a large body of water flowing uncontrollably on land. The most common interpretation of this dream is emotional issues that are now beyond control and have the potential to end you.

Not limited to the outdoors alone flooding can also happen in smaller spaces like your kitchen and bathroom. If your kitchen is flooded, it means there is grief and sorrow in your mind, most likely due to a recent loss. A flooded bathroom is an indication of sadness in your relationship.

Finally, flooding in your bedroom and living room means emotional issues in your romantic relationship, and if it is the whole house that is flooded, it points to emotional turmoil, which applies to your loved ones.

2. Dreams About Cosmological Events

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Dreaming about naturally occurring events like a meteor shower and comets or even a hitting asteroid is a sign of a positive change to come. It is a sign of a new dawn for you and those around you.

This dream also means it is time for you to transform and become a better version of yourself, so all you need to do now is prepare and wait for this change to happen.

3. Dreams Involving Avalanches

Waking from a dream with big balls of ice and snow breaking, especially when you are caught in this scene is a scary experience, but most times, it is a wake-up call. You need to check your anxiety because dreams kike this can point to this state.

These dreams represent emotions you have repressed and concealed finally coming to light. Some of these emotions can break you, so this dream warns you against repressing your feelings, so it does not destroy you.

4. Dreaming of an Earthquake

Earthquakes are a major shakeup when it comes to natural disasters because everything falls apart during this disaster and, depending on its magnitude, can be catastrophic. This dream represents your stability and tells you how shaky it is in real life.

In other cases, this dream forecasts the possibility of a catastrophe. For example, in August 2000, a dreamer had a dream about being trapped in a tall building, and suddenly, everything began to shake. This dream preceded the sad event of the World Trade Center.

5. Dreams About Erupting Volcanoes

The overflow of hot lava that burns and destroys anything in its wake is what we refer to as a volcano. Dreams about such a disaster warn against possible damage, especially when you cannot keep cool.

If you have pent-up anger against anyone, it is only a matter of time before you erupt or destroy any object beside you. This dream reminds you to cool off and let off some steam. 

In other cases, this dream depicts a steamy sexual relationship between you and your partner. You are willing to explore your sexual nature, which reflects well in your dream.

6. Dreams of a Hurricane

Your dreams may be plagued by a strong wind threatening to get rid of all around you. Usually, this means you are afraid of the possibility of this natural disaster, which is understandable given its destructive nature.

This dream also explains the nature of your stability and many times; you find that you are in a messy situation and because hurricanes always leave a mess, this reflects in your dreams as a messy disaster

Final Thoughts

A dream about natural disasters does not necessarily mean the end of the world. These dreams only serve as a way for your mind to make you aware of the events happening in your consciousness and subconscious.

Always remember that dreams like these deal with one important aspect of your life: your emotional state. As long as you can avoid an emotional upheaval, dreams like these will remain precognitive dreams.

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Laura, G. F

Thursday 18th of May 2023

hello I live in Alberta Canada and currently my province is on fire, there are several around Alberta and we have been close to evacuation a couple of times. That being said. My most common dream is about being in a wild fire. If you go on google and look up wild fire of Drayton Valley I'm not too far from there. my fiancée actually went there for work and left the same day as his first shift.

I looked at your natural disaster article but it doesn't seem to match what it happening. It's the same dream over and over again yet only a few changes at a time, like one day I'll be at my house. The next I'll be in my car and on the highway. It doesn't add up or make sense. Can you help me find the answer? I'm told its a message but to what exactly?