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8 Dream of The World Ending Meanings

The world is going to end right before your eyes, and there’s nothing you can do about it, so you just accept your fate, close your eyes shut, and wait for the events to unfold. Nothing happens – you open them, but wait… you’re back in bed? So, it was a dream, after all.

Such dreams about the end times can prove to be a real scare and definitely the worst thing you can experience.

Despite knowing that your dream of the world ending wasn’t real, you simply can’t get rid of the anxiety. Is there more to the dream than you think?

8 Dream of The World Ending Meanings1

Why Do We See Dreams?

According to the renowned psychologist Calvin S. Hall and in light of Carl Jung’s dream theory, dreams are the brain’s way of translating repressed wishes or underlying feelings. These occurrences have hidden meanings in the form of symbols and elements from daily life.

This is referred to as the part of the cognitive process which thinks while you are fast asleep.

Likewise, Jung believed our dreams tend to offer an important perspective for personal growth or resolving issues you can’t seem to get your finger on.

Similarly, Professor G. William Domhoff suggests that dreams with abstract or unclear messages often root in one’s emotional state at the time. Hence, your dream about the world ending probably means something!

Dreams About the End of the World: What Do They Mean?

There are several ways the world could end for a person; Therefore, the meaning may vary as well. Here are some common interpretations of what your end-of-the-world dream means:

1. You are going through emotional turmoil

There is probably a lot going on in your life, and the problems keep topping up before you can get the chance to resolve any of them.

Maybe you are dealing with a massive shift in your life while carrying the weight of past relationships. To add the cherry on top, the new manager at your workplace just assigned you a pile of work.

Often, in these situations, one tends to bottle up emotions because there is no time to show grief over the difficulties when finding a solution has to be your priority. The stress of it all can cause great distress to the subconscious mind.

In these situations, dreaming about the apocalypse is quite common. You need to take some time out to invest in self-care. Meditate and let out the negative energies through breathing exercises.

2. You are experiencing a spiritual awakening

Spiritual awakenings mainly indicate a transformation of self and prior existing belief systems; You develop a deeper connection with your inner self and begin to experience the world on a more realistic level.

This is often referred to as the opening of the third eye, where most of your existing ideologies on how the world must work get dismantled, and you can make a better judgment for yourself.

This shift may result from losing a job, facing difficulty in adjusting to a new job, moving out from the comfort of your parent’s house, or breaking off from a toxic relationship and moving on to a new relationship. Some of you might even be discovering spirituality for the first time!

Events that lead to a transition from your existing lifestyle can make you prone to anxious thoughts and result in dreams about the world ending.

8 Dream of The World Ending Meanings2

3. You feel stuck

Often you can end up dreaming about the apocalypse due to feelings of despair when all you can see is a dead end in front of you.

Perhaps you work a 9-5 job and find your everyday routine really boring and a little too exhausting. It appears that new opportunities are far out of your reach, and you might never get out of this cycle.

The entire thought of living a mundane life eating you up. So, you go to bed one day, and boom, there’s a zombie apocalypse in your dreams!

4. You need a detox from the mainstream media

Recently, there has been a huge rise in the themes about the apocalypse, post-apocalyptic world, and rapture in all kinds of media lately.

Movies and shows about the zombie apocalypse or alien attacks are a hot favorite, no matter which culture you belong to. And, with the launch of streaming sites like Netflix, excessive consumption of such content has been made super accessible.

So, let’s just say the end of the world is the talk of the town. There’s no doubt the constant influence of such negative imagery might affect your mental health as well.

Different Meanings and Interpretation Based on Dream Scenarios

Multiple people all over the world experience this type of dream, and each experience of the apocalypse is different from the others. Mentioned below are some of the common ways the world may end in dreams and their meaning:

1. Rapture

Dreams about rapture are mainly associated with religious beliefs and your connection with your faith. Most people interpret such dreams as a divine message from God or even some kind of revelation.

Although rapture is a Christian belief, however, talks of its theme exist in several other religions like Islam. Here rapture is linked to the judgment day where the weight of your morals will either send you to heaven or hell.

So, if you had a dream about doomsday then perhaps you must be experiencing an imbalance in your sense of judgment. Perhaps even heavily questioning whether you are making a moral decision or not.

Such fear of judgment may be stemming from your community or maybe you are a judgmental person yourself, which in turn is making you self-critical as well.

2. Zombie Apocalypse

Even the thought of being stuck among a bunch of mindless man-eating corpses will send shivers down anyone’s spine. The meaning behind such dreams is no fun either.

Dreaming about a zombie apocalypse indicates that you are deeply unhappy and you feel suffocated by your current place in life. Perhaps your job or startup that you were passionate about isn’t working out the way you imagined.

It can also indicate you are not satisfied with the treatment you are receiving from the people around you. Maybe you have had enough of getting bullied or keeping with a toxic partner.

8 Dream of The World Ending Meanings3

3. End of the World by Natural disaster

This theme is self-explanatory, the element of nature has always been depicted as strong and peaceful unless there is a tip in the balance which then leads to an unfathomable catastrophe.

If you had a dream about the world ending through a natural disaster then it’s most likely to be due to your current emotional state.

  • End of the World by a Tsunami or Flood

Tsunamis and floods indicate overwhelming emotions, depression, grief, or sadness. There is a possibility you are emotionally going through a rough patch but trying to mask it up so you can avoid dealing with such feelings.

This state can include grief over a loss, guilt or regret, and stress from a traumatic incident.

  • End of the World by a Fire

Fire is a symbol of anger, rage, and passion, an energy that cannot be controlled. Maybe you are facing a turbulent situation and you are worried it might lead to an even worst-case scenario.

This feeling might also be coming from active news media consumption, and due to empathy, your mind is feeding off the negative energy.

4. Surviving the End of the World

This sort of dream is rather a positive omen. It shows your inner strength and steady nature, that you can deal with anything that comes your way.

If you survived the end of the world in your dreams then you are bound to succeed in whatever obstacle you are facing right now.


All in all, watching everything you once loved destroy is definitely a gut-twisting experience but at the same time, it can explain a lot about your current behavior and inner battles.

If you are having such dreams then consider yourself lucky. This is your brain’s way of alerting you that there’s something deeper going on within your mind which requires immediate attention. And only you can interpret what it really means the best.

Got any queries about what is the meaning behind your dreams?

  • Note the symbols and reoccurrences
  • Look for common meanings

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