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15 Dream of Period Blood Meanings

Dreaming about period blood can be unsettling and leave you with many questions. However, such dreams are not uncommon and anyone can have those dreams, regardless of gender or age.

So what does it mean to dream about period blood? Dreams about period blood can be symbolic of, for example, a transitional phase, manifestations, a desire to become a parent, secrets, and new beginnings.

The exact meaning depends on the dreamer, their life circumstances, hopes, and fears. Read on to find out what period blood in a dream means for you.

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Key Symbolism of Dreams of Menstrual Blood

Before you read the symbolic meanings below, it is important to know that how you interpret the dream will largely depend on how you perceive and feel about periods. Do you think menstruation is a normal thing or do you find it disgusting?

You also need to consider how you felt in the dream and when you woke up. Did you feel surprised, frightened, happy, or perhaps just indifferent? If your answer to these two questions is more negative than positive or neutral, the dream is more likely to be a warning dream rather than a good omen.

1. Transitional Period

Many cultures see menstruation as a time of purification, fertility, and growth. Therefore, the dream can be symbolic of a transition in your waking life. For some dreamers, this could mean pregnancy or becoming a parent in another way, for example through adoption.

For other dreamers, the dream will not relate to parenthood. Instead, it can be a sign of another significant development in your life such as starting university and moving out of your childhood home. For others, it can mean a change in relationship status or a move to a new city.

2. You Wish to Become a Parent

A menstruation dream can reflect your desire to become a parent. You may have spent a lot of money and time in the effort, but so far it has not been a success. The dream may be a sign that you need to concentrate on something else for a while as your anxiety about becoming a parent may be affecting your results.

3. New Beginnings

In the menstrual cycle, menstruation means the reproductive cycle starts again. This makes a dream of menstruation a potential sign of something new coming your way. it could be a new job, a new relationship, or a new home. Whatever it is, greet it with optimism and curiosity.

4. Breaking Free From a Toxic Environment

If you felt alarmed by the period dream, then it is most likely symbolic of an unpleasant life situation. You are caught in a toxic environment and this is causing you a lot of stress.

Your subconscious mind is alerting you to the fact that this environment is harmful to you. If you cannot bring harmony to the situation, you need to remove yourself from it.

5. Ongoing Problems in Your Waking Life

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Dreaming about periods may be a sign that you feel overwhelmed with problems in your waking life, The problems may be at work, at home, or with a friend. If this resonates with you, the key message is that you are neglecting your other relationships and missing out on opportunities when you focus so much on your problems.

The dream suggests looking at the problems from a different perspective and seeing if you can find a different solution. It may even be time to remove yourself from a situation that is causing you nothing but problems if solutions cannot be found or the other party is unwilling to cooperate with you.

6. Worry And Anxiety

If the dream brought negative feelings to the surface, the dream of period blood symbolizes your worries and anxieties in your real life. However, if you felt tense in the dream and relieved when the period arrived, this can be a positive sign. You are releasing your stress and letting go of suppressed emotions.

7. You Need to Improve Your Self-Confidence

In the past, for example, in Bible stories, women were considered unclean while they had their periods. Even now, in some cultures, periods are not openly talked about. If you felt embarrassed over the menstrual bleeding, this can be a sign of low self-esteem. You need to work on your confidence and learn to accept yourself as you are.

8. Shame and Guilt

Because periods have been linked with impurity and uncleanliness, your dream may reflect the shame and guilt you feel over something that has happened in the past. Often, these negative emotions stem from unaddressed issues from childhood. You need to identify the root cause of the feelings and release them.

9. Someone is Keeping a Secret

How do people in your circle of friends, your family, or your culture view periods? If it is something that is not spoken about, then your menstrual blood dreams may reflect a secret you or someone else is hiding.

If it is you, remember that truth will always come out, so it is better, to be honest. If you have nothing to hide, the dream is a warning sign that someone around you is dishonest and may plot against you. They may try to discredit you with lies for their advantage.

10. Look After Your Health

If you have not felt like yourself lately, the dream can be a warning about health problems and a prompt to look after your physical well-being. It may even be an omen of an illness you need to see your doctor about. For female dreamers, it can mean abnormalities in the reproductive system, which must be addressed.

Specific Period Blood Dream Scenarios

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While there is key symbolism attached to all period blood dreams, some dream scenarios have specific interpretations.

1. Very Heavy Periods

This dream is a sign of good luck coming your way. Heavy bleeding in real life can cause pain and suffering, and in a dream, it relates to your hard work to meet your goals. This dream means you can manifest the life you dream of as long as you stay focused and keep working hard. Your rewards are coming in the near future.

2. Very Dark Period Blood

A dream about very dark blood is a sign that you have trouble living in the present moment. Instead, you keep going over past events. Maybe you miss a happier time or you still carry old wounds and anger.

Holding on to the past, for whatever reason, will affect your life negatively and stop you from achieving your dreams. You cannot change the past or bring it back, so focus your thoughts on the present moment and build a better future for yourself and your loved ones.

3. Spotting on Your Bed Sheets

Menstrual blood stains are a sign that all is not well at home. If you are a parent, it could mean that you are worried about your child. Perhaps their health or their behavior is causing you concern. For other people, the dream can be an omen of dishonesty between partners, even infidelity.

Your subconscious is sending you a message that your instincts are probably right and you should address the situation before it can escalate. Be delicate and calm or you risk pushing your partner or child further away. You also need to remember that however much you want to protect your child, you have to let them make their own mistakes.

4. Menstrual Blood Clots

This dream is a bad omen and you should be very careful with your finances to avoid financial losses. You would be wise to spend less and save more. You also need to avoid any investment opportunities that could compromise your integrity and not be tempted by quick fixes.

5. Late Periods

Dreaming about late periods reflects your disappointments. You are not happy with how your life has turned out, and this is bringing a lot of negative energy into your life. You have not achieved the goals you set for yourself and now feel you have let yourself and others down.

Ask yourself why you did not meet those goals. Did you give up on them and if you did, why? Perhaps they were not your goals in the first place but you did what others expected of you. It is not too late to start over. Reevaluate your goals. This time, ensure they are something you want and feel passionate about as this will keep you motivated.


As you have seen, dreams about menstrual flow can have positive and negative meanings depending on your feelings about periods. The important thing is to give this type of dream your full attention and take action. This way, you can maximize the positive and minimize the negative outcomes in your real life.

We hope this article has helped you interpret your dream about period blood. If there is anything you would like to ask about these dreams, write your questions in the comments section.

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