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11 Dream of Praying Meanings

Prayer is a very important part of human existence especially as it relates to religion. Therefore, you can expect dreams about praying to hold meaningful interpretations both in the dream and in waking life.

Dreams about praying may denote a difficult time, you lost faith, you feel guilty, you feel powerless, you lack self-confidence or you need spiritual help.

Prayer dreams are often a reflection of your aspirations and intuitions. They symbolize the behavior and circumstances in your waking life, which is why they are subject to different interpretations. Read on to learn more about these prayer dream meanings.

11 Dream of Praying Meanings1

Symbolic Prayer Dream Interpretations

Depending on your fantasies and the circumstances in your waking life, there are certain interpretations of a prayer dream. Sometimes, these dreams have a strong positive omen but there are also cases with negative connotations.

1. Difficult Times

When you dream about praying in a dream, it can point to the difficulties surrounding you in your waking life. Usually, this dream has a negative connotation because it depicts that you are too relaxed, and rather than work against these obstacles, you only wish them away.

Like every normal person, you dream of a fulfilled life and hope for a clearer future. You tend to rely on the divine and hope that you can attain greatness in your chosen life’s path.

A common example is a dreamer who has an exam coming up and rather than read so they can pass, the dreamer would pray and hope to pass this exam and as expected, this will fail.

This dream helps to open your eyes to these mistakes so you can sit up and take the necessary actions to give you a better future rather than relying on the spiritual alone.

2. Lost Faith

Praying in your dream is a clear sign that you have lost your faith in the divine. Your spiritual life may not be as solid as it was due to the negative emotions that you feel.

Sometimes, it can feel like your prayers fall on deaf ears, which can frustrate you, making you doubt the ideologies your faith is built on. This issue occurs when you have prayed for what you want for so long, yet there is no positive outcome.

It is normal to feel discouraged when this happens, especially after you give all you can to your faith. This dream reminds you to be patient and hold on to your faith because all you have prayed for will come to you in due time.

3. Feeling Guilty

As humans, it is common to feel guilty after our wrongdoings. This is why we usually turn to God in prayers so we can seek forgiveness and absolve ourselves from this feeling of guilt. It usually happens after deep reflection and acceptance of our wrongdoings.

Your conscience pricks you and shows you the need for repentance which rids your mind of the guilt you feel. This dream implies that you wish to be forgiven after a series of bad deeds.

You know that you feel guilty after a bad deed because of the helplessness you feel right before you ask for mercy. This feeling, accompanied by dreams about praying points to the guilt that you feel in your heart.

4. Feeling Powerless

Humans commonly pray to God whenever they feel powerless. When you face obstacles that leave you helpless, you turn to the divine for help which reflects in your dreams.

You may have tried everything in your power to fix a certain issue in your life, and this is more common when it relates to a health issue. When you can no longer resolve these issues with human effort, you turn to God and prayers to help.

Suppose you find your life’s path at a crossroads and dreams about praying manifest to remind you that you have not exhausted all your options. You still have the divine to appeal to so you can resolve your issues.

11 Dream of Praying Meanings2

5. Low Self Confidence

During periods of insecurities in your waking life, you likely develop confidence issues in your daily life, which also leads to anxiety. This problem results from a lack of trust in yourself and your capabilities.

There are goals and aspirations you hope you achieve, but because you need more confidence to do so, these goals remain at a standstill.

You may be a hardworking and willful person, but because you believe so little in your abilities, you think any success you experience with the works of your hands has to be because a divine power helped.

While this is good for motivation, you should still learn to acknowledge your effort and hard work when your work yields results. It would be best if you did not doubt your potential because this can negatively impact your confidence and lead to insecurity.

6. Need For Spiritual Help

There are instances where you are surrounded by obstacles that you or anyone around you can’t explain. You may not know why these issues are happening or how you can resolve them, but a divine entity does.

If you happen to find yourself in situations like these, it is normal for dreams where you are praying to manifest. This is because your subconscious mind is crying for help and while you may not think of it, your mind reminds you through your dream about a solution.

Most times, you cannot share these problems to avoid judgment from people. The only one who can help is the divine entity and a prayer dream is targeted at reminding you where you can turn to for spiritual help.

5 Specific Situations in a Prayer Dream

Now that you can identify what a prayer dream symbolizes, you should know that specific details in your prayer dream can affect its interpretation. This includes where and how you pray.

1. Dream with Prayer Book/Mat

This dream interpretation is commonly applicable when practicing Islam because the religion uses such holy materials during prayer.

The meaning of this prayer mat dream is that you need to be aware of your wrongdoings. You may have made some errors that will affect your private life or your family life, especially when it is an error you made in public.

You are denying this error which is why this dream manifests to call your attention so you can fix your errors.

However, you are a knowledge seeker if your dream involves a prayer book. Your pursuit of knowledge makes you aware of any information around you, so you try to confirm that such information is indeed true.

2. Dream of Praying in a Mosque

When you dream about praying in a mosque, it depicts that you are not happy even with all you have accomplished in the past years. You are the type of person that aims very high and nothing other than the highest is enough success for you.

It is normal to lose hope when this happens which is where dreams about praying in a mosque come in. You are reminded not to give up hope now because, with enough hard work, dedication, and strong support, you can attain those heights.

3. Dream About Praying with Rosary

A rosary dream depicts success in your businesses and relationship in the waking world. You have made several plans for your future and all that remains is the result. If you dream about praying with a rosary, you can expect positive results from your plans.

This dream promotes good luck, making it a positive omen when your dreams involve praying with a rosary. This interpretation applies to Islam and Christianity because both use prayer beads while praying.

11 Dream of Praying Meanings3

4. Dream About Praying to Satan

Usually, these dreams have negative connotations but thankfully, they manifest as a warning so you can prevent whatever meaning they hold before it happens.

Dreaming of praying to Satan points to a challenging period for you both in your professional and personal life. There are people close to you that will betray you and leave you hopeless and disappointed, causing a period of insecurity.

Such challenges may result from bad decisions on your path. You must make sure you think about your actions thoroughly before anything to avoid ending up on the wrong path.

In cases where you are already facing such challenges, this dream helps you realize that dwelling on those issues will not change anything; instead you should forge ahead and try to create a better path for yourself.

5. Dream of Praying in a Church

This dream means you want to work on your relationship with God. This is common after repentance and shows that you are willing to do all it takes to get closer to the divine.

A dream about praying in church works with the effort you put into reconnecting with God. You are hopeful that your relationship will get better, so everything that draws you closer to God, like the bible and the church, is always on your mind.

Final Thoughts

Prayer dreams affect the subconscious mind and the waking life because whatever you pray for in the dream can manifest in the waking world. This is why it is advisable that you take heed when these prayers come as a warning.

Details in your prayer dream help you navigate its true interpretation. Here are some details to look out for.

  • Where did you pray
  • To whom did you pray
  • What holy item did you use while praying

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