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12 Dream of Wasps Meanings

Dreams are powerful, emotional experiences sent to us by our subconscious mind. Their mission? To reveal important things about ourselves and warn us about future events.

Though small, the wasp is one of the most insightful insects to dream about. Often they symbolize power, aggression, and community. But specific dreams about wasps can have even more meanings attached.

This article will explore 12 of the most common dreams about wasps. We’ll talk you through common metaphors, scenarios, and outcomes and highlight how you can apply these messages from now on.

Dream of Wasps1

12 Meanings of Dreaming about Wasps

1. You need to become more assertive in life

First and foremost, wasps are powerful insects to visit your dreams. They are apex predators in many environments, able to hunt, collect food, build their own homes and travel fast. They are assertive and confident insects.

By witnessing wasps in your dream, your subconscious mind recognizes that you have a killer instinct within you—time to embrace it and work on becoming more self-assured in your waking life.

Put yourself forward for new jobs and responsibilities. Take more risks—hunt for opportunities. And like the wasp, defend yourself when the time comes. You have the potential to thrive at the top of the food chain.

2. Someone in your life who is being spiteful

That said, wasps can also symbolize a threat in your life, especially if you are witnessing an attack in your dream. Because of their predatory nature, wasps signify jealousy, betrayal, and resentment.

Especially if you see them fighting against other insects, this behavior symbolizes someone in your life wishes you ill will. It could be someone in work, your social setting, or even a stranger you have yet to meet.

The good news is that, like the wasp, this person will find it hard to hide their intentions. A wasp can never truly hide its buzzing sound. This person’s aggression will soon reveal itself, and you can prepare yourself.

3. Your home is well protected

One of the more positive omens of wasp dreams is that they are symbols of protection and fortification. This is because they build nests and defend their home mercilessly from any evil or harm.

Seeing a wasps’ nest in your dreams can symbolize that your home is a safe environment. People avoid angry wasps whenever possible, and your home as a wasp nest is a repellent against hatred and hardships.

If your dream sees the destruction of the wasp’s nest, you should be careful of letting new people into your home – they may be untrustworthy.

4. Life is precious – make every moment count

As with all insects, wasps have a short lifespan, usually surviving until winter, when the cold weather kills them off. As such, they are reminders of how precious life can be.

Especially if you see dead wasps in your dream, you need to become more ambitious and motivated. Set some big life goals and take daily steps to achieve them. You can’t take the time you’ve got left for granted.

5. Don’t indulge in gossip or lies from others

Dream of Wasps2

The wasp is easy to detect by its signature “buzzing” sound. If you hear wasps buzzing in your dream but cannot see them, this can be a warning of gossip and back-biting.

No doubt, in your everyday life, you hear lots of different voices ringing in your ear. Often, these are negative voices; it’s time you zoned them out.

In the time ahead, especially at work and with your boss, separate your own opinions from others. Don’t entertain the envy or frustrations of others; in time, this “buzzing” could turn against you.

6. Take your health concerns more seriously

As small and insignificant as the wasp may seem, it is a fierce predator with a world-famous defense mechanism. A wasp sting can cause various conditions, including swelling, infection, and even anaphylactic shock.

If in your dream, you or a family member succumb to an illness after being attacked, the dream warns you of an impending health matter. It may seem small initially, but you need to take it seriously. The sting can highlight other problems.

7. You are undergoing a transformation

Death can be a scary thing to experience in a dream. But we must remember that death should not be interpreted literally in a dream; instead, it often symbolizes transformation, renewal, and rebirth.

Dreaming about a dead wasp can symbolize the “death” or the end of a particular part of your life. Perhaps you’ve ended a bad relationship? Or moved on from a past event? Or you’re changing the way you’re handling a problem?

Whatever the circumstances, these transformations are usually a good omen. Your life will improve as you say goodbye to old habits. Be on the lookout for a brand new opportunity to present itself, and go at it with full strength.

8. Settle any quarrels with loved ones

The wasp is a misunderstood insect. People often judge and demonize it on sight. There’s very little it can do to change opinions.

If you are at ease with the wasp in your dream, this may highlight misunderstandings and misjudgments in your close relationships. Perhaps there’s an ongoing family feud or problems with a romantic partner.

The wasp’s appearance challenges you to look at issues with a fresh perspective. You may find that there’s common ground between you and that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

9. Seek the company of like-minded people

Dream of Wasps3

Although not as warm and friendly as their cousins, the bees, and a wasp will still form a tight-knit community with other wasps to build nests with, nurse their young, and ensure their survival.

A swarm of wasps has two meanings to interpret, depending on how you feel in the dream. Firstly, if you feel optimistic about seeing so many wasps flying around, this can be a metaphor for your need to find your tribe, i.e., people who understand you. Despite their vicious instincts, wasps all hunt, build and live in harmony with one another. Perhaps you need that in your life right now.

On the flip side, like any swarming insects, wasps flying can feel overwhelming. If your dream scares you, and you’re running away from their stings, it warns you that you’re hanging out with the wrong crowd. The people around you are toxic, and it’s time to forge relationships with new people shortly.

10. Be on guard with your mental health

If you repeatedly dream of wasps and are filled with negative emotions at their sight, this can signify that you will enter a difficult period in your life. Unfortunately, there may be some setbacks, including mental health problems.

Wasps are persistent creatures who never know when to leave. They will often fight to the death. For this reason, they are potent symbols of self-sabotage and self-destruction, depression, addictions, and compulsive behaviors.

In order to free yourself from the wasp’s control, you need to eliminate the root cause of your frustration. Break the cycle, and stop repeating past mistakes. Make time for yourself and practice mindfulness to gain better clarity over your thoughts and emotions. Only then will the relentless attacks stop.

11. You haven’t reached your potential yet

Dreaming of a queen wasp can be a potent metaphor for control. Wasps follow a strict hierarchy within the hive, with just one queen to lay eggs and control the community. She’s easily recognized with a longer, slender body.

Dreaming about a queen dying could signify that there will be new management in your life: a new boss or a new leader in some capacity.

That said, there’s no reason the new leader can’t be you. If you feel drawn to the queen wasp, this represents you’re a competent, confident person who thrives under challenging circumstances. Perhaps it’s time you put yourself forward for promotion and show your superiors what you’re made of.

12. Be wary of a vengeful person

As threatening as a wasp’s buzzing is, it can follow through on its aggression with a powerful sting. Even in death, their body has reflexes that allow them to attack repeatedly to inflict as much damage as possible.

Especially if you kill a wasp in the dream, be careful of the aftermath. This dream symbolizes that you may have hurt someone in the past, and they are seeking revenge. It can also represent your need for retribution – perhaps you’ve been wronged in the past. You might need to find ways to get your own justice to finally move on from the situation.


Dreams can be mighty experiences. And although we think of big, high-action dreams as holding the most significance, sometimes the smallest creatures have the most powerful message for us.

Often, to dream of wasps is to dream of your relationship with other people, your behavior, misunderstandings, and hostility. The wasp can warn you to be on guard from attack or represent your feelings towards getting justice over being wronged.

By reflecting on the wasp and appreciating its visit, you can begin to learn ways to correct your path ahead. That said, the wasp also holds many positive meanings that you need to acknowledge. They are caregivers, community-driven insects that symbolize teamwork and perseverance and could represent good fortune soon.

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